Many Missed Opportunities

It was another beautiful day out again today, and fortunately it didn’t get above 80 degrees which made it seem less hot because there was a cooling breeze coming out of the west.

My first priority of the day was to call a buyer who wanted me to show him two homes this afternoon, but unfortunately both of them happened to get sold before we could get in to look at them, which is why I had to cancel. I thought one of them would certainly still be on the market because it needs so much work, and as I’ve mentioned before, most of today’s buyers back away from anything that’s not in move-in condition.

Since my entire day ended up being free, I placed a few phone calls to close ones, made a run to a bank, and then changed into my work clothes and headed out, and today’s first project was to get a sick and very woody lilac bush cut down because it’s been diseased for quite some time, and not worth trying to get it healthy again.

It was a bigger chore than I thought because it was almost as tall as a small tree and filled with dead branches which always have a tendency to scratch, and of course yours truly ended up with two of them. I only wish whomever designs those leather garden gloves, would make them long enough to protect wrists. Oh well, I got it down, chopped up and hauled off. Most people don’t know that lilacs are not to have growth stems coming up out of the ground any larger around than a quarter, which keeps them healthy and continually sending out new shoots. I’m convinced the reason there are so many sick lilacs in our City, is because they don’t keep those woody stems cut out.

After that was finished, I headed to the garden containing my new strawberry plants and asparagus. I’m still in a bit of shock after seeing how well both rows of them have been doing. I’ve already picked at least two cups of the most tasty strawberries, and that row of purple asparagus is now looking more like 2nd year growth instead of 1st. With them doing so well, I decided to spend a good two hours getting them completely weed-free, and since I planted them in a bed which was tilled up for the first time, the weeds and were already becoming a nuisance, but by the time I was finished, it was looking good.

It was long past lunchtime, so I headed to a take-away and grabbed a small burger and headed back to office where I chugged it down along with about a half liter of water. I did take a good break before setting my sights on my next project which was yard mowing. I’d debated on doing it because it really wasn’t that long, but after I got half of it done, I was glad I did because it went much faster than if it would’ve been longer. With the hour getting late, I quit for the day when knowing I’ll be able to knock the rest of it out sometime tomorrow which will be a good thing because I think we’re supposed to be getting some rain on Monday.

When I got back to office, I noticed an email had come in from an agent who showed 36 S. Illinois this morning, and asking about a clarification on several items on the seller’s disclosure and since I knew the answer, I responded back. Just to make sure I relayed the correct information, I called the seller, and he confirmed what I wrote to be true.

About fifteen minutes later, I received an offer on it from that agent, and since it wasn’t anywhere near asking price, I called my seller, and after visiting with him about it, he made a counter-offer to the buyer which I made note of and then sent a text to the selling agent. I waited around for a response until I figured it was going to be awhile, so I went back to my free-day putzing.

Shortly after I arrived home, I received a text from the agent saying the buyer accepted my seller’s counter-offer, so I sent a text back asking that I get an amended offer emailed to me so I’d be able to forward on to my seller for signatures and initials. Hopefully everything will get signed before the weekend is over. As far as I’m concerned, that home sold below market, but as long as the seller’s Ok with it, then so am I. That’s one heck of a well built home which is another example of mid-century quality. Since the buyer is going to have inspections, I’m not going to post it as a pending until they’re finished with them because I’ve seen too many missed opportunities with homes sales that didn’t get past inspections because of some silly issues with those homes that caused the buyers to bolt. I’d love to find out how many of those that bolted, later wished they hadn’t.

I mentioned to one of my friends today about that shirt-less guy walking the sidewalks of our Downtown, and if it be true, she said she’d heard he arrived here several months ago in search of better housing and social services which meant he must’ve come from out of State. There must be something else going on with him because by the looks of his physical size, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hold the back-end of a Volkswagen up while someone changed its flat tire. Yup, he’s that big.

Early this morning I received a sad email from a friend of mine who lives out East who was talking about a funeral she’d attended for a family member. When I heard of the “passing” I knew there’d be some undercurrents manifesting themselves. It’s always unfortunate when hearing about someone dying from physical health issues they’d created themselves. I’ve come to the conclusion we can’t let the blame game affect us because such mindsets have likely been on self-destructive paths for decades. No matter how much someone tries to help others, they’ll never get “fixed” until they decide to fix themselves. Too sad, but true.

Tonight’s One-liner is: True and accurate journalism is what we need to make democracy work.

Joe Chodur

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