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I don’t think we could’ve had a more pleasant first of July with our temps being tolerable and a light cooling breeze coming from the north. With the soil fully warmed up and the sun close to the earth, the gardens and flower beds are going gangbusters with their growth. I couldn’t believe how my cucumber plants have suddenly kicked into rapid maturing. I can’t wait to enjoy homegrown cucumber salad which includes onions and sour cream. Yummy.

My first stop today was to meet a Mr. Fix-it at a property which was vacated yesterday and a new tenant moving in today. Regardless what nearly every tenant says, they almost never leave their units as clean as they found them. I will have to admit the tenants did give it their college try, but there were a few little things they broke which had to be replaced, so before giving them their deposit back, that repair bill was deducted from it. Just as I was walking out of that home this morning, I once again said, “You know, I could definitely see myself living here.” I think what really gets me salivating over that home, is the solid oak grand open staircase and complimenting ornate floor to ceiling pillars. I dare say I’ve not been in a home as small as it is, containing so many built-ins which are original to the home.

My first appointment to show a home happened to be in Clear Lake, so I skedaddled over there early enough, just in case there’d be heavy traffic, and glad I did because the number of vehicles on Highway 122 was staggering in numbers, and since I’m pretty familiar with that town, I managed to drive right to the home. Of course the buyers were already there waiting, so I parked and headed toward the door containing the lockbox.

After about my fourth try in getting that box to open with the code that was given me, I called that office’s secretary to find out if she’d given me the wrong one-day code. Well, that didn’t help because she wasn’t working today, so she promised to call me back after talking to her boss who just so happened to be that home’s listing agent.

The next call I got was from that broker, and after giving me a lame excuse saying she didn’t know I was showing it this morning, and then proceeding to tell me it had sold earlier this morning, made me all the more disgusted. After hearing those lines, I abruptly ended the call. I then turned to the buyers and told them exactly what happened when I called that office yesterday afternoon, and what I’d been told this morning. I remained a gentleman, but internally I was seething because of the amount of time that was wasted. You can imagine what must’ve been going thru their minds because it had just turned the hour of nine. Hmmm…kinda makes a person wonder doesn’t it? There’s a special area of my brain I call my “elephant section”, and only because whatever I place there, is hard-coded into my memory into perpetuity, and for sure today’s episode ended up there. I’m sure my buyers will remember it as well. Good for them, and if what I’d been told was a fabrication, then karma will be back out on the prowl.

When I returned to office, I had a number of calls and emails to take care of, and afterwards I proceeded to work on several recent sale files which have buyers on them who want to close as soon as possible, which prompted me to get title work started today. With Monday being a holiday, I figured it best to get them moving along.

The remainder of my afternoon was mostly spent on first of the month accounting along with visiting several banks. Because I sometimes like to make those entries while seated up at the front desk, I found today’s foot traffic going past my front window to be almost jaw-dropping.

There were two different times a very large, and I mean LARGE young man, would walk past with his shirt off, shorts on that were purposely dropping far below his belt line which was exposing his posterior crack, but the worst of it was seeing his frontal upper torso which so large, I’d say he was beyond the point of needing a man-bra because I dare say he’d be spilling-over. You wouldn’t have believed it unless you’d seen it with your own eyes. Wow.

Just these recent weeks I’ve been noticing a young man rapidly walking in an almost goose-step fashion and always looking strait ahead as though he was on some sort of live or die mission. Now if North Federal happened to be a short walk to the casino strip in Las Vegas, I would have understood why there was a woman walking past who was an appropriately dressed prostitute.

After getting a few glances at today’s carousel of characters, it’s no wonder there are so many of those senior citizens living in The Manor, seated out on those benches and taking it all in. I can only imagine what those grannies are whispering to each other after seeing such sights. I would’ve loved to hear what they had to say about that exceptionally large young man exposing too much of his flesh in broad daylight. We could go on for days about all those with their “Look at me.” mindsets. I’m beginning to wonder if shame even exits in these times.

I had every intention to get some church music practicing done this afternoon, but every time I went to go sit myself down, either the phone rang, I’d get a text message or someone walking in the front door. That’ll be one of my duties early tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders.

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