Botox And Silicone

Due to the added amount of desk work I’ve been having to contend with, I’m finding myself well on the road to being an even earlier morning person, and after receiving some text messages well after the hour of eight last night, I’d say my tolerance of such interruptions is getting lowered to the point where I’ll likely be placing my phone on mute. It truly amazes me when finding people sending out text messages that late instead of at a decent hour. It’s making me wonder all the more if some Realtors consider me at the bottom of their lists of people needing to be contacted during business hours. I’m thinking if they’ve suddenly found me not responding, perhaps they’ll get me contacted earlier. We’ll see.

When looking at the three flea bites I received almost two weeks ago while in a vacant house which some not so clean tenants had vacated, I’m hoping after one more week they’ll be cleared up. It absolutely amazes me how most people who’re bitten by fleas have little or no reaction to their bites, but not me, because when I get bitten, raised welts appear which seem to take forever to heal. Mosquitos bite me on a regular basis, but I certainly don’t have such raised sores from them. Because I know others in my bloodline who have the same reaction I do, there’s no question I have a genetic pre-disposition and subsequent radical reaction to their bites. I did try to do a little research on why that is, but for some reason, the information given was pretty sketchy.

With it being the last day of the month, I had bookkeeping and banking to get done before the first of the month arrived, along with getting a sold file fully readied for my mid-afternoon closing. I couldn’t believe how many files I’d touched before the lunch hour arrived, and since I needed a break, I drove out to Burger King to grab a Whopper Jr. which is becoming my preferred lunchtime snack.

Now that the interest rates have dropped back down to five and a half, there seems to be more buyers out there who’re “yell-bent” on buying a home more sooner than later, which is why we’re getting multiple offers on homes, and after looking at this weeks reported sales and the prices some of those homes sold for, I’m still insisting that if they only had a three or five percent downpayment, they’re already upside-down on their mortgages and don’t even know it.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to mention to all of you that I’m working with a buyer who’s more than willing to purchase a home that’s in terrible shape as long as it’s priced accordingly, so if you know of a house which you think is beyond help, please don’t hesitate to call or send a text message because my buyer is legit and definitely looking to buy a project home or two, so put the word out.

I had to do a walk-thru on a home that was just vacated by tenants and belonging to one of my clients, just to make sure it was in the same condition it was when I rented it for them. To my surprise, it was in relatively good condition including the kitchen appliances having been “weakly” cleaned. There was one broken kitchen cabinet knob they’ll be charged for, along with replacing batteries in smoke detectors and burned out light bulbs. One thing that really gets me, is seeing how little tenants pay attention to lint traps in dryers, because when I pulled the tray out in that home’s dryer, it was loaded up with lint. Good way to start a fire don’t you think? I personally check the lint trap in my dryer each time I place a load in it, and only because it’s a knee-jerk reaction. Yes, I think today’s parents are much to blame for the way in which their children take care of the basics of a home.

My mid-afternoon closing went smashingly well, and since I’d not met the buyer, I was delighted when discovering he’s a music teacher. We shared a few stories about students and adults who “think” they can hold pitch and follow time. Of course we both had a good laugh about how some just can’t get it in their heads that a little vibrato goes a very long way, while also adding, “Vibrato is like salt and pepper where a little bit goes a long way.” He seemed to be quite the nice chap and for sure I wished him the very best in his new home. Being a first-time buyer, I could sense the build-up of his excitement.

I couldn’t begin to tell how thankful I was that there were no hiccups on that transaction other than my having to high-tail it down to Hampton on a near moments notice yesterday to get transfer documents signed by the seller. But, as I said yesterday, I was glad to have been able to see for the first time, the tiny town of Chapin. Believe it or not, Sheffield’s school district used to be called, Sheffield-Chapin School District. Now it’s called West Fork Community School District which also includes Rockwell, Swaledale, Thornton and Meservey. My how those school districts are continuing to contract and merge. I feel sorry for some of those students who’re living out at the edges of that district when knowing how early they must have to get up to catch their school buses. When thinking about it, the same thing is happening with our mainstream communities of faith. Look at how many churches there are now that belong to “clusters”, just so they’re able to share expenses.

I took a few moments to read the international news today, and delighted to read that the Russian troops have decided to exit Snake Island which they seized at the beginning of their invasion. They gave the weak excuse that they’ve decided to allow ships of grain to now pass that key geographical island. But of course the real reason is because every time they try to build transmission towers and off-load heavy artillery, they got pounded on by the Ukrainians.

Putin is now challenging the physiques of other world leaders because he can go shirtless, and of course he can because he’s likely got himself loaded up with Botox and Silicone. Yes, vain aging men have been known to have such things done to themselves.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Be true to your work, your word and your friend.

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