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The cool north wind was a welcome relief from the high temps and humidity we had to endure this past week. It was just a wee bit nippy out early this morning, but after the sun climbed higher, it was just fine.

Being another Sunday morning, I headed for my darkened little corner to get my contemplative session completed. It took a little longer because I made a special intention for someone who’s at death’s doorstep, and only in hopes that it would be a painless crossing-over. After having first-handly experienced the long and painful suffering my father went thru, I’m very much not into seeing people suffer needlessly.  Of course his passing was long before Hospice took hold in our area along with all the palliative medications that are now available. The last time I was around someone in a Hospice setting, I personally thought the staff had placed that patient on a fast track to the end, which surprised me because I always thought they were there to alleviate pain instead of accelerating the death process.

Having set aside this fine morning to get some gardening done, I didn’t get as much accomplished because of all the interruptions I was getting from agents wanting to show my new listing at 26 – 12th St. SE., and of course business always comes first, so I went ahead and set those appointments for them. There’ve been four showings on it today, and another one scheduled for tomorrow. Several of the agents mentioned their buyers having interest in it, so we’ll see what happens. Yes, it is a very nice home that need absolutely nothing done to it other than perhaps changing a few room colors. It’s open floor plan definitely makes it more desirable for our younger crowd.

I did call it quits shortly after the Noon hour, just so I could get all the information loaded into my computer for my new listing located at 142 Lakeview Dr. here in Mason City. I have to make sure I mention Mason City because Clear Lake also has Lake View Dr. street names. When writing my public remarks on that listing, I couldn’t help saying that I’d rather forget about Clear Lake’s “on the water” high prices, and focus more on Lake Cona Toma.

The geographical location of that home is what puts it a cut above many of those existing homes because there are very few windows facing north, and nearly all other windows facing south which offers the “long” view of that lake. Most don’t realize until it’s too late, the fact that a person really wouldn’t want to be on the south side because that north wind in the wintertime can be downright evil. When looking at Clear Lake’s “shore homes”, the really expensive ones are on the north shore with all their decks, windows, and patios on the south sides of those homes. I can personally attest to the fact that if you’re over on the south side of Clear Lake at a lakeshore home during the winter, that wind and snow makes a person feel like you’re in the Arctic Circle. No thank you very much.

142 Lakeview Drive’s open floor plan allows all the more natural light to enter in, and while I was there taking photos this afternoon, I mentioned more than once how much I loved the natural light and panoramic views of the lake. There’s one appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and possibly another because I just recently received a text from an agent wanting to show it. If any given buyer is into big bedrooms, the master bedroom is downright huge which also offers its own private deck. How cool is that?

After returning to office, I proceeded to get some research done on a home I’ll be listing tomorrow afternoon. There were definitely enough comparable sales, but their end-sale prices were all over the map. I think what I’ll have to do, is take the most “like” three or four, and do an average on them which should put me close enough. After going thru those 50+ comparable sales these past 12 months, I was reminded once again how maniacal some of those buyers were when pulling their triggers on highly-priced and overly-lipsticked pigs. Oh well, nobody stuck a gun to their heads to buy them, so it’s all on them.

Since I don’t plug myself into music or medias while I’m out in the garden, and only because I just let random thoughts float thru, and if one catches my interest, I expand upon it. Well, I think I mentioned something before about the way the “old ones” used answer their landline phones, and wouldn’t you know, I could here a number of those people answering my phone calls and saying what always sounded to me like, “Mmm…Yello.” There was a customer I had a number of years ago whom I worked with for many months, and every time I’d call her, she’d answer, “Mmm…Yello.” Of course I’ve heard it even more so back when I was a little brat, which has now got me wondering how that got started. Surely you’ve heard others answer their phones like that. Once in a while when I’m in my Schnickelfritz frame of mind, I’ll answer my phone in such a fashion if it happens to be one of my relatives who lives out of State. I always get a good laugh out of it.

Without question, this week is going to have me a-hoppin with listings, sales and closings, but as I keep reminding myself, “You gotta make hay when the sun shines.”  I may have to take a drive down to Franklin County, as well as Winnebago County these next couple of days, and only because I’ll be needing signatures on original documents.
Next week, I’ll be over to Hancock County for my final walk-thru of a closing that’s coming up.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I’m from a healthy long-lived tribe, and our minds improve with age.

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