Acute Case of Home-Sickness

I certainly wasn’t expecting to see so much water in the streets an creeks while driving to work this morning, and from what I’ve been hearing, we received somewhere in the area of about two inches overnight. That burst of showers is definitely going to be making the weeds and grass grow all the faster. Get ready for another run at mowing this coming week.

Pretty much my entire morning was spent putzing around office and then placing a phone call to one of my colleagues, just to have a good chewing of the fat over recent happenings in our Country and the world. We both come from different areas of the State, as well as in possession of a few opposing political views, but what I appreciate about him, is that we both walk away from such debates without feeling as though we’d never want to speak to each other again. I guess in these times, I’d say that’s quite a feat since most are now so polarized that if we don’t share like political views, then we suddenly become apostates of sorts within those tribal circles. I don’t know how this all got started, but I sure wish it would stop because I’ve always been a firm believer in debate because it helps to create middle grounds where everyone’s satisfied, or so we should believe.

Around two this afternoon, I went out and took all the photos of my new listing at 26 – 12th St. SE, and then headed back to get them uploaded and then sent out into the cyber-universe. It came as no surprise when later receiving text messages from several agents wanting to show it tomorrow morning. Considering how few “move-in condition” homes there are on the market, it won’t surprise me if it sells quickly.

With a little time to kill, I sat down and sent a long letter to a friend of mine who lives out of town who writes once or twice a month. I usually always have something to write about, and since we share similar interests, there are always those worthwhile’s to talk about.

After I sent that email off, I decided to call several clients of mine who’ll be listing their property with me tomorrow afternoon. The reason for my call, was to see if they would care if I went out and got all my notes taken an measuring done, just so I wouldn’t be taking up any more of their Sunday downtime.

They were in agreement, so off I drove, and when I got there, I noticed they were still de-cluttering for tomorrow’s photos. After getting all the measurements and notes taken, I stepped back for a good look and said, “I can’t believe how much better your home looks now, and with that said, I won’t be surprised if we’ll have multiple offers on it once the buying public sees it.” It just happens to be one of those homes you just don’t find available, and when they are, they’re usually snatched right up.

Truth be told, I hope there ends up being multiple offers on it because I couldn’t think of two people more deserving. I lingered far longer than I’d expected, and mostly because we were having some really good discussions about our City and today’s political climate. As I was driving away, I came to the conclusion that we’re more like-minded than expected, which is likely why I enjoy being in their company.

Even though our outside temps weren’t as high as yesterday’s, the high humidity from last night’s rain had me perspiring every time I was out of doors, and while out, I checked on my strawberry plants and sure enough, there were about a half-dozen already ripe, so they got picked, washed and then savored. Oh my goodness! Those were the first real honest to goodness all-naturally grown strawberries I’ve had in decades. They were noticeably sweeter and definitely in possession of a more intense flavor. I can’t wait until next year because there’ll be all the more to pick once that bed is established. Wow. I’ve done a little more research on strawberry growing, so I’ll be prepared for next year. The variety I purchased are day-neutral which is what I prefer because it’s not like I’ll be growing them for re-sale, but should I have enough next year, I’ll be making some strawberry jam out of them. When young, I was quite the fan of toasted home-made bread smothered with butter, chunky peanut butter and strawberry jam. Yes, I was quite the little piggy back then.

I mentioned last night about seeing a car like my grandmother’s, and every time I see one like hers, many memories come to mind, and yesterday’s was about the first time I was ever away from home at the ripe young age of 5 – 6, which was supposed to be for the entire night at my great aunt’s home which was an hour’s drive away. Well, it didn’t happen that way because just as I was being prepped for bed, I suddenly came down with an acute case of home-sickness. Well, my crying created such a fuss, my mother and grandmother were called, so around ten o’clock that night, they both arrived in that car to take me home. Of course yours truly had already fallen asleep which created quite the embarrassment on my part. I still remember myself propped up between those folding seats and watching the shadows created by that old car’s headlights. To this day I still remember how little if any annoyance my mother or grandmother had regarding my case of home-sickness which was a great inconvenience for the both of them.

The reason I speak of this, is a reminder to parents that children are not to be treated as adults because they’re sensitivities are more intense during their formative years. Every time I hear some parent chastising their little one for something children normally do, I’d like to get in their faces and say, “Stop it! Don’t you realize they’re not anywhere near being considered adults?” Believe me, I’ve seen it happen many-a-time, and when I do, I have a strong jolt of empathy for those tykes. Shame on those parents.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Children feel free to explore when their basic needs are met.

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