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It was a pleasant early morning drive to office with the sun having already risen and the streets nearly void of traffic. Of course there are always those hospital workers trying to beat the stoplights on Hwy. 122 as they’re coming in from either Clear Lake or farther. I always thought it would be interesting to find out just exactly what the percentages are of Mercy Hospital’s employees that don’t live within our City limits. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they’re higher than anyone would imagine.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with getting a listing file in order for an appointment I had mid-morning with a seller who’s in the process of moving out of State. Since I knew the owner would be on the road starting tomorrow morning, I wanted to make absolutely certain I had everything readied for signatures.

There were some calls that had come in after hours yesterday which I promptly returned, along with phoning my dear friend whom I’d not spoken with in days. I was glad to find all being well with her, and even happier she’s getting her mobility back to where she can come and go as she pleases. We always have a nice chat about gardening, along with my sharing recent happenings which become laughable after the initial shock has worn off. Yes, it’s always good to bounce thoughts off to another, just to confirm we’ve not lost our common sense.

It was approaching the hour to list that home, so I grabbed my file and headed out. I could see a half-block away the yard full of furniture and a moving van with its ramp down with people carrying boxes up into the truck. Just looking at the scramble to get things loaded was making me tired just watching them.

When I got inside, the owner was waiting for me, and since I knew they were under a time crunch, I proceeded to go over the listing documents and then have them all signed and initialed. Before leaving, we agreed that I wouldn’t be taking any photos or posting the listing online until they were completely out, and it sounded like the home would be fully vacated by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Just to give my readers the heads-up, the home you’ll be seeing posted tomorrow as another new listing of mine, will be located at 26 – 12th St. SE which is one heck of a home for the money because it’s truly in move-in condition.

First of all, it’s located in our popular south-east side. Its many features include, three big bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths, new flooring, new paint, updated kitchen and bath, along with all the mechanicals having been recently updated. One special feature is the big 3/4 bath on the main floor which is dual-purposed as the laundry room. For sure that feature is going to be a draw for buyers. The exterior has permanent siding, a fenced, yard, and a party-size deck at its rear. The only drawback is there being no garage, but there’s more than enough room to build a three-stall and still have a large enough area for a garden or playground equipment. We have it priced at $120K which is right in line, or a little below what similar properties have been selling for, so put the word out and help me get it sold. Before leaving, I soulfully wished the owner a safe journey and an enjoyable transition into a new chapter of life.

After I returned to office, I got all the documents up-loaded, and them entered and saved its features into my computer, just so I’d be ready for photos and then send it out into the cyber-universe. When thinking about the whole “package” of that home, I won’t be surprised if it sells quickly because it would meet any of the government standards for either FHA or VA loans which many are going with these recent years.

By the time I was finished, it was the hour I had to go and meet several of my blood relatives for lunch up at the Blue Heron. Thank goodness I managed to get there just in time because they would’ve thought I’d forgotten about them again.

Believe it or not, today was the first time I’d stepped foot in that bar/restaurant since it first opened. The place was nearly packed, but the wait staff was still prompt and pleasant. After we got our orders filled, we proceeded to return to our walks down memory lane, as well as share some recent happenings I thought worthy of relaying. One of my relatives has a infectious laugh which caused me to laugh even more. Shortly after we ordered, I was surprised when seeing another one walking in the door which made for all the more family chatter.

When our orders arrived at table, I was pleasantly surprised to see my Cobb salad on a plate where they’d separated all the ingredients to where a person would eat one at a time, or mix it all together which I’ve not seen in a very long time. The last time I was served in such a manner, was when I was traveling around Middle Europe. The food was good and the prices were fair, so I hope we end up there another time for our little get-togethers.

Before leaving, I had to laugh when saying I’ll be writing about one of the cooks wearing a cowboy hat, shorts and a long chef’s apron, as well as my almost getting a ticket for being parked at a curbside where there was supposed to be a “No Parking” sign. Thank goodness that’s all I got was a warning. I will say, the highlight of my day was that luncheon with my three jovial relatives. Yes, it was that fun.

While on my way home, I happened upon an old Chevrolet two-door sedan very similar to one my grandmother used to drive which triggered a memory I’ll soon share you all.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

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