A Risdon Key-tag

Another warm one arrived today, and when looking at the my car’s outdoor thermometer just before Noon, it was registering 90 degrees. Ouch! At least it didn’t feel as hot as it did earlier this week, and likely because the humidity has gone down compliments of the wind blowing on a near daily basis. It seems just about everyone has got something to say about how much windier these most recent years have become. I kiddingly say once in a while, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians are to blame for it in some way or another.” Their honed abilities of denying just about every brutality they’ve committed in Ukraine, is giving them all the more practice.

I was out very early this morning to help with the moving of some building materials which had to be removed from a garage and into a storage area because it was in the way of a person who was hired to do some work, so it went into another storage area until it’s put to use in the near future. It didn’t take as long as I was suspecting and likely because there were enough hands to make little work.

When I arrived at office, I proceeded to get my new listing at 702 N. Jefferson posted online, and it wasn’t but an hour later, one of the other Realtors was texting me to find out if it was still available. For it being the first day on the market, there’ve been three late afternoon showings on it. I was expecting more activity, but it’s only the first day. I believe once the exterior is painted and hopefully soon, there’ll be more activity once I take new exterior photos. That home would be a perfect fit for a first time buyer, but I keep reminding myself that most of them want everything done.

I received an unexpected call from a dear friend which allowed time for us to get caught up on the happenings in each other’s lives. I still can’t believe we’ve known each other for well over twenty years. My how time passes quickly. I still remember the first time I met him because I was up on a ladder doing some painting on a home. I’m now wondering if he remembers that late afternoon.

The morning went flying by so fast that I ended up getting caught in the Noon rush at a drive-thru, and today’s being Burger King. The line was so long, I decided to park and go inside to grab my take-away. Of course while I was waiting for my little Whopper Jr., a past client walked in who now lives in Emmons. I sold his home for him here in the City because he decided to take a job in Forest City which was closer.

Emmons is an interesting town geographically because a smaller part of it is in Iowa, and the main section is in Minnesota. Of course my client ended up moving to the Iowa side, which gave him a Northwood mailing address, and what makes it even more crazy, the Iowa side is within spitting distance of the Worth/Winnebago County line. Can you imagine how confusing all of that would be for people living in or near that town? My client gave me a good laugh when saying, “There’ve been plenty of days I’ve believed it high time to take a little stroll to Minnesota.” How funny is that?

After having my little burger lunch at office, I proceeded to work on another file which is coming up for closing in a week’s time. I put all the numbers together and emailed them out with a note that I’ve yet to’ve received the opinion of title, as well as the original transfer documents. It’s going to be another close call, and mostly due to the back-log at our abstract offices. There’s no question I’ll have to drive to Hampton before that day arrives, just pick up the necessary signed documents. Oh well, it’s all part of serving others to the best of our abilities.

I had to do some digging for a customer of mine who’s interested in a home that’s near his, and after I finally manged to get the phone number of the seller, I found out he’d already made an agreement to sell it to someone else, and of course no Realtor was involved. When told how much he was asking for it, I just about dropped the phone because without even seeing the inside, I’d say he’ll be leaving a good $20K on the table. My only response was, “Please take my number down, and if that sale goes sideways, I’m almost certain I’ll have a cash buyer for you.” I’m sure after he got off the phone, the wheels started turning and now wondering if he sold it too cheap. My how the vultures can find such sellers. I swear they’re out driving up and down streets on a daily basis in search for their next “prize trophies”. It’s just one more example of how some think they’re saving a dime, and end up losing a heck of a lot more. Of course there are many out there who think they can switch professional “hats” when believing they’re able to step into another’s field of expertise. Oh how often I witness it on a regular basis.

Tonight’s photo is of a giant safety pin which had been rolling around in the bottom of a drawer for heaven knows how many years until I picked it out yesterday, cleaned it up, and then did a little research on it. It’s called a Risdon Key-tag and up until today, I never would’ve dreamt it was used by sailors to pin their laundry bags closed before being sent to wash. I still have no idea what that numbered “key” was used for, because the only mention, was it being a “machine locking” key. They’re selling them on Ebay, so if you want one, go for it. Now that I have it all cleaned up and polished, I’ll soon be putting it to use. I can’t even begin to wonder how many years it’s been since that little gem has seen the light of day. Don’t you love finding such quirky things and end up discovering their original uses?

When reading today’s news regarding Ukraine, it sounds like the fighting in the Donbas is getting more intense by the day, so please continue praying for a Ukrainian victory over those Russian devils and their mercenaries. Putin has got to go.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Once you attempt legislation on religious grounds, you open the way for every kind of intolerance and religious persecution.

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