The Last Family Matriarch

The rain we received in the night was certainly unexpected because the last I looked, there was zero percent chance of rain. Of course that little shower made for all the more humidity the rest of the day.

After arriving at office, I busied myself with getting documents printed out and emails returned. I also had several early morning appointments with clients who had documents to sign. After all my little to-do’s we done, I noticed it already nearing the hour of eleven which was the time I was to meet a contractor at a property to repair a window in a building some filthy monkey had broken in the nighttime. While standing there watching the work being done, I couldn’t help insisting how angry it makes me whenever seeing people purposely damaging the property of others, as well as the imbecilic ideas for making money whenever breaking into vacant homes and ripping out copper pipes and wire, only to make a few bucks from an “underground” scrap dealer. I will never as long as I live, understand why they refuse to go and get a job instead of risking arrest and jail time.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s some sort of “high” they get when knowing they got away with something, which brings to mind something I was told by a person who has contacts with that side of humanity. He said, “Tommy tells everybody he knows, that he’s never be caught stealing and likely never will because he’s got the gift of knowing when and where to strike.” Well, little Tommy met his match when unbeknownst to him, his breaking in was all being filmed on high-resolution video cameras. A warrant went out for his arrest, and not too many weeks later he was snagged. Yes, even with thieves, pride cometh before the fall.” You just can’t keep from insisting such dark characters are nothing more than a waste of natural resources.

After lunch, I headed back to my computer and began working on a broker’s opinion I promised to have completed this week, and after about two hours of additional research and then putting it into a letter format, I addressed two envelopes and sent them to the Post. The comparable sales I had were similar in location and size, but the sale prices were all over the map which made it more difficult to create a number I could stand behind. There was another jaw-dropping recent sale of a home I showed to a young couple before it sold, and while inside, I found myself walking around the entire home and pointing out all the visible and hidden flaws of that lip-sticked pig. All I can say is, there’s one heck of a lot of buyers out there who know nearly nothing about quality, structure, design and function. Knowing how steep and narrow that staircase was, I’d like to be a mouse in the corner when the new owners start moving furniture upstairs. Oh well, they’ll someday learn from their mistakes, and unfortunately the hard way.

My mid-afternoon appointment was to meet with the owner of a home who’ll be moving out of State in the near future, so I drove over to get a good look at it before making any sort of educated guess as to what it’s worth. After being given the full tour, I shared some comparable sales I’d pulled when at office, and then went over them with her. By the time we finished up, we agreed on a list price, so hopefully I’ll have a new listing posted this coming weekend. Because it’s move-in ready, I’m going to remain confident it’ll sell right out of the gates, and believe me, it’s light years better than those lipsticked pigs that’ve been selling for embarrassingly high prices.

While at office with a client, we ended up on the subject of relatives who live far and away from our fair City, yet think they’re fully in the know when it comes to the daily workings in the lives of relatives they’ve not visited in years. After hearing her story, I’m all the more convinced that such happenings take place in almost every family which doesn’t fully manifest itself until the last family matriarch or patriarch is dead. What I’ve found the most remarkable, is the selective memory loss, along with the re-making of past events which are often turned upside-down for their own benefit. My last words on the subject were, “Fully forgive them, walk completely out of “their” lives, and remain steadfastly indifferent going forward with your own.” She paused a moment and then said, “Hmm…it sounds like a plan. I’ll have to give it a try.”

I have another appointment tomorrow to possibly list a home that’s being readied for sale, and hopefully if they’re far enough along, I’ll be able to get it listed before the weekend. I did have it on the market for a short period a number of years ago, but they decided not to sell it about a month afterwards, so I took it off the market. This time around, they’re determined to get it sold while our market is still active. I dare say I’ve not had a home listed in that district which I couldn’t get sold, so I’ll have to keep my batting average up there.

Before heading home, I just had to stop at the garden center to see what bargains they had today, and of course I couldn’t help myself when seeing how greatly reduced their prices were, so it looks like my garden area is going to be expanding a little bit more to make room. As many times I’ve tried to grow celery, it’s never made it, so several years ago I did some extra research on growing it, and finally came to the understanding it requires heavily composted soil which helps to keep the soil moist enough during their entire growing season, so I purchased several four-packs at discount today, and maybe this time around they’ll grow to normal size so I can sample the taste of home-grown organic celery. I’ll have to keep you posted on whatever success or failure I have with it.

When reading a short article about the crazy form of journalism they have in Russia, has caused me to believe that it’s not all about telling the truth, but rather the amount of money they make from their State sponsors. It kinda reminded me of Tucker Carlson.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of a heart.

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