The Parking Lot Of Dollar General

When knowing it was going to be a hot one today, I managed arrive at office even earlier, just so I could get my clothes changed and back out to get some much-needed mowing done before it turned wickedly hot, but of course I was interrupted enough times to where I ended up wasting a precious early morning hour.

After I finished up, it was nearing the hour of eleven, and by that time, it was already over eighty degrees. You can bet I was thankful to have everything in need of mowing, done before it really got hot. There was one little chore I had before heading back to office, and that was to go and pick up a microwave/vent fan at a clients home who’d called over the weekend to tell me it was ready for me to pick up. They’re doing a complete change-out of appliances in their kitchen, so I agreed to take it off their hands and either put it to use or re-gift it. While loading it up, I could tell it was a newer model which must not have had the bells and whistles they were used to in their previous home. After getting it onboard, I thanked them again and wished them all the best. They really are exceptionally nice people.

On my way back, I did stop and buy a small burger at McDonald’s before returning to office where I had a quick lunch and then changed back into my Realtor clothes. I knew I was going to have a busy day because I was getting phone calls and text messages from buyers and sellers while out mowing, which caused more loss of time because I had to stop and answer them.

It ended up being a pretty good day because two more of my listings ended up under contract, and wouldn’t you know, shortly thereafter, I was getting calls on them from other Realtors and buyers. For some reason it seems to be happening all the more where I just get something sold, and shortly thereafter, there’ll be unhappy buyers and their agents thinking they should’ve been given a chance. As much as I try to make them understand that if another buyer steps up to the plate, there’s no waiting for others to make up their minds.

While out mowing, I did stop and take the above photo of a blooming lily. Yes, summer has certainly arrived because when they start opening their blossoms, you know it’s here. One thing I also noticed which concerned me, were several large peony bushes that didn’t finish blooming. I dare say I’ve never noticed anything like it, and the only thing I could think of, was possibly the heat having triggered it. In spite of how high the Northern European countries are on the globe, they’re also experiencing heat waves similar to ours. This climate change is getting me all the more worrisome, and especially not knowing how many more changes there’ll be in the very near future.

I’m sure all of you have seen the news regarding the flooding that’s taking place in India and Bangladesh where it looks like there’ll be millions displaced before it subsides. So here we are a day away from the Summer Solstice of 2022, and living in a world where there’s a major war going on in Ukraine, all the more millions of people likely going hungry or starving due to Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ships carrying wheat, floods, heat waves and social unrest on just about every continent. It sort of makes you want to ask, “What’s next?” I don’t dare ask for fear of being told something even more tragic.

In spite of it being a new National Holiday, it was pretty much business as usual around town, but what surprised me the most, was seeing the City garbage trucks out picking up at curbsides. I didn’t even check to see if the courthouse was open, but I did know there’d be no mail because those workers are under a Federal umbrella.

Can you believe that in six months and five days it’ll be Christmas Day? I believe what makes it seem so odd, is the fact that we really didn’t have much of a normal Spring because of that cold wind and below-normal temps which pushed back the blossoming of normal Spring flowers. Just yesterday I happened to notice a clump of iris that was sending out it’s first flower which hadn’t yet opened. I’d say they were a good week or two late.

We’ve been getting more showings on 36 S. Illinois since its price was reduced, and when I happened to look at the most recent sales, there was a ranch out on the Southwest Side which was considerably smaller and had only a single stall garage and sold for $165K. After looking at its photos, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that 36 S. Illinois is far superior in every way. Wow. I’m wondering what those buyers are being told when they’re looking at those homes because there’s no way I would’ve paid that much. After seeing another grossly over-bought sale today, I couldn’t help saying to a colleague of mine, “A fool and his money will soon be parted.”, and believe me, I’ve said too many times since the pandemic arrived. Some day it’ll all be revealed as to what the driving force has been for them to be jumping into to bidding wars over properties that were over-priced to begin with. I said to someone just recently, “I believe perfect world in a transaction is when knowing the seller got a fair price and the buyer believing similarly.” Don’t you think that’s about as good as it gets?

I got a little creeped-out when I was walking down the back alley of my building around noontime and hearing a middle-aged woman screaming at someone or something while walking across the parking lot of Dollar General. I couldn’t help watching her from afar because she’d stop, look around, start screaming, and then walk a little farther where she’d start it all over again. She glanced my way once which prompted me to turn because I was afraid she’d give me the evil eye. Believe you me, I dare not even begin to share what I’ve been seeing and hearing since these hot days arrived. Very troubling.

Tonight’s One-liner is: All empty souls tend toward extreme positions.

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