Soft-Boiled Yard Eggs

Another Sunday morning arrived which meant my first duty was to head off to my quiet corner and get my contemplative prayer session completed before I even thought of doing anything else. Unfortunately many in our world, and especially the Chinese and Russian Communists, only concern themselves with their metaphysical health while completely dismissing their “soul” health. Some of the greatest of minds have said, “Once humanity has completely turned away from believing there’s a higher power, is when the human race will be on a fast track to extinction.” Certainly we can begin postulating on what it will be that triggers such extinction. I personally have my own thoughts about it.

After my prayer session was over, it was time for me to head over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and get a little practicing in before their Services started. I did run thru several classical pieces just before they began, just to get them in the mood. I usually do a head count prior, and after getting them counted, I was pleased to find their weekly numbers are slowly growing. Good for them.

All went well with my organ playing, but when I stepped down to play their Communion hymn on the piano, I found myself stumbling on several measures which rattled me at first, but after getting used to another keyboard, it sounded just fine by the time their Communion was over. That little “happening” was my message that I’m now growing more comfortable than ever with their organ. After that episode, I’ll have to play their piano a little more often, just so I’m comfortable with it. As we all know, all keyboards, along with every other musical instrument, has a different “feel” which has to be taken into consideration. In spite of their piano being the same brand as the one I practice on at my office, they’re still noticeably different. On my to-do list, is to get mine tuned because it’s long over-due for one.

After their Services were over, I headed downstairs to grab a half cup of coffee to go, and while there, I was thanked multiple times for the good job I did this morning which I didn’t consider that remarkable. I did stop and have several short chats with those I know a little better. Just about every time I’m there, there’s one or two of them that’ll ask me when I’m going to start singing for them. Ouch. I’ve already told them that I can sing and play, but it takes far more practicing on my part to where I either have to have the words fully memorized, or the music because I’m not good enough to be visually bouncing from song line to accompaniment. Unbeknownst to them, I am already working on one which I consider quite moving, and only because both the melody and the lyrics create a noticeably beautiful combination.

Once back at my office, I changed into my work clothes and worked in my garden for about two hours until it was time for me to call it quits, head back to office, change back into my street clothes and head to a scheduled showing. I’m glad to’ve had that scheduled because the temperature was already above 90 degrees and I certainly didn’t want a repeat of yesterday because every muscle in my body was aching when I rolled out of bed this morning. Getting those oak trees cleaned up was more of a pounding than I was expecting.

As I turned the corner to show that home, I found it being the precise time I was to meet him, and wouldn’t you know, he was already there waiting for me, so I quickly parked my car and got the home unlock for him. When he said something about it being in better shape than he was expecting, was my confirmation he arrived much earlier, just so he could get his exterior inspection done.

After he got a good look at it, we talked about all the possibilities it had. I reminded him that because of the neighborhood it’s in, there’d be not much to worry about over-improving it. Before he left, I asked if he’d like to see my new listing at 631 – 6th Ct. SE, and after giving him a brief description of it, he was ready to follow me there.

I wasn’t the least surprised how taken he was by the quality of construction of it, and since he was making the same suggestions about improvements, I couldn’t help saying, “Looks like we’re preaching to each other’s choir.” Yes, that was another good showing, which has me pretty much convinced it won’t be on the market much longer. I’d say we’ve already had 15 showings on it since I posted it online this past Friday, which is a remarkable number, so let’s hope it’ll be gone in less than a week.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and when looking at the prices in the produce section, I was beginning to have sticker shock. Just for example, they had Bell peppers on sale which were in two-packs and priced at 2 for three dollars. Yes, you may think that was a fair price, but even from a distance I could see they were half shriveled from age. I’m still shocked at the price per pound of various cuts of beef, along with seafood. I still question why chicken wings are so much more expensive per pound than the rest of the bird. Our general public must be really into chicken wings because there can’t be any other reason for it. Chicken is chicken. Right?

I forgot to mention my having had several of the yard eggs that were given to me, and all I can say, is they’re definitely much more tasty, along with the yolks being larger and more on the orange side. During my formative years, I can assure you I’ve had breakfast eggs served in many different ways, and my all-time favorite which calls for more precision, are soft-boiled yard eggs. Just talking about it right now, sends my taste buds back to quieter and gentler times. For years, I’d be eating three eggs with buttered whole wheat or rye toast, and when there were fresh tomatoes, there’d be slices to go with. One of my well-read “old ones” once said, “You must think you’re royalty due to how you favor soft-boiled eggs.” Truthfully, I never even knew that was their preferred until I did a little investigating. For sure, today’s “royalty” is into more exotic breakfasts.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Of the things which nourish the imagination, humor is one of the most needful, and it is dangerous to limit or destroy it.

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