A Down-Hill Slide

Well, as much as we were enjoying the wind-less and mild days, it all had to come to an end when the high temps accompanied by wind arrived. I’d say it wasn’t fit for anyone to be out in the sun for any length of time because the heat index was likely over a hundred degrees when mid-afternoon arrived.

I did get myself up and out earlier this morning, and only to make a few stops before heading to office, and one of them was to get my car filled up with gas. I know everyone and their dog is complaining about the gas prices, but there’s really nothing one can do about it other than make whatever financial adjustments possible, just to keep our budgets balanced, which is why I’m afraid many of our bars, restaurants, and non-essential service providers are going to be facing some struggles ahead, and only because more sooner than later, the general public will realize they can’t spend their way out of this inflationary period. Like the old ones used to say, “As long as you have a roof over your head, a steady job and enough to eat, that’s really all that matters.”

After finishing up with my normal morning office routine, I took a peek at the online Globe Gazette, and while reading thru the obituaries, I happened to notice the one for that eight year old boy from Forest City. One of my colleagues called last week asking if I’d heard the rest of the story regarding his death, which I didn’t. After I was told that he was out cutting asparagus in the ditches and when coming up out of one, he slipped and fell on the knife he was using, and the horrible thing about it, his knife went thru a vital organ and he died. I was almost in tears when I was told that, and then again when reading his obituary this morning.

I can only imagine the grief that entire family is going thru right now, and unfortunately, such horrible happenings tend to follow their lives for years and years. I learned decades ago that whenever a parent loses a child, it takes more out of them than if it were the other way around. One such grieving parent once said to me, “Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children because it’s part of the big scheme of life where children bury their parents.” Yes, I can fully understand what those parents are going thru right now and my heart goes out to them.

With it having been weeks since I checked up on a home that’s getting readied by one of my clients which may possibly be for sale in the future, I called and asked if I could stop by, which he was glad to hear. When I got there and looked at the recent improvements, I’d say he’s got a good month or more before it’s finished up. Luckily the big ticket and tedious items on his list are done, so it should be a down-hill slide from here on out. I did make a few suggestions on several unfinished items which I think he’ll follow-thru on my advice and do it.

On my way back, I stopped at Burger King and grabbed a Whopper Jr. which is always the perfect hunger-stopper which lasts me up until my evening meal. Please don’t think me a cheapskate when saying that nutritious little burger only cost $2.56 which is a bargain considering how much a person would spend at one of our restaurants offering Noon meals. When I get them back to office, I usually do a little doctoring-up, just so they taste more like a burger from a boutique bistro or street vendor.

After I had my “flame-broiled” burger, I changed into my work clothes and headed over to my storage area and dug out some things I’d promised to give my dear one months ago, and the only reason it took me so long, was my crazy idea that they all needed to go in one load. Well, when I put my seats down in the back of my vehicle, I was able to get everything over to her garage in two loads. Of course she was very thankful, and most certainly they’ll be put to a much better use than gathering dust in my storage room year-over-year. I’m getting more of the mindset that if there’s something I don’t need and someone else can use it, then it’s gonna be theirs because I’m very much against mindless hoarding.

Since I’d gifted several “edibles” to a colleague of mine a few days ago, he was thoughtful enough to deliver several dozen fresh “yard eggs” which came from the flock of chickens he’s raising. If they’re anything like what we were eating on the farm, I’m going to be in seventh heaven because I’m very much into eating eggs as long as they’re coming from chickens that are free to run in dooryards. My litmus test for them is, the more orange the yolks are, the more flavorful they end up being when cooked. I couldn’t have thanked him enough for his little act of kindness.

While out placing sold signs today, I happened to notice someone sitting in the passenger side of a car being driven by a woman, and after getting a good look at the person, I suddenly realized it was someone I personally knew. I actually had to do a double-take because of how old and rickety he appeared. I’m pretty sure he saw me looking, so there was likely some chattering about me as they continued on their way. After getting my brain wrapped around his having radically changed in looks, I’m now pretty sure he’s got some major health issues going on which must’ve got a death-grip hold on him because it hasn’t been that long ago since I’d crossed paths with him. So sorry for him.

After seeing today’s rate-hike notification now being six percent, I’m growing all the more concerned we’ll be heading into a slow-down in real estate sales, and especially when seeing the 30 year mortgage rate having gone up a full percent in less than a month. Ouch!

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about.

Joe Chodur

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