A Fool And His Money

Another pleasant day arrived, and while driving to work early this morning, I was reminded that we’re rapidly approaching the summer solstice because for as early as it was, the sun was up and shining brightly. It always makes me sad once we’ve gone past the longest day of the year when getting a daily reminder that our daylight hours are growing shorter. Oh well, there’s nothing we can do other than enjoy as many of them as we can before those long and dark nights arrive. Being the natural light worshiper I am, it’s likely why I’ve never like Terry Redlin’s prints because he focuses too much on creating “twilight” settings which I find a bit on the depressing side. Truth be told, I was once gifted a Redlin as a going away present when I left my job at a local bank, and after having it hanging far too long, I decided to gift it to a client/customer who was very much into his prints. I’m not sure who was the most happy about it being off my wall and into someone else’s home. For sure, I didn’t have even the slightest of regrets.

For some strange reason, the baby robins that were in the nest near the back door of my office, decided to take flight out of their nest as soon as I walked up to my back door, and of course I had their parents taking dive-bombs at me when likely thinking I’d done something to their babies. I think there were four of them, and when seeing the many directions they went weakly flying off to, I’m sure their parents were having fun trying to located them so they could be fed. Mama and Papa were still buzzing me even as I was locking up for the day. I’m gonna hope they’re not going to be pestering me for days, and if they are, that empty nest is going in the dumpster.

Speaking of dumpster, someone must’ve pancaked a rabbit in the back alley early this morning, so instead of leaving it for those disgusting crows to find and tear apart, I grabbed some rubber gloves and a plastic sack, went over quickly shoved it in that bag and tied it shut, and then threw it in the dumpster. Just for your information, rabbits are lousy with fleas during this time of year, and for sure I didn’t want any of them jumping on me, which is why I made it a quick pick-up and dump. I was a sort of surprised the crows hadn’t found it, and likely because they were too busy running off with fresh out of their nests baby birds. Yes, they are evil birds in more ways than one.

Part of my morning was spent visiting with an elderly couple who’s seriously thinking about selling their winter home in the Sunbelt, and since they’ve been getting all the many mailings from those vulture “We Buy Houses for Cash” companies, I made sure they were fully informed about the pit-falls they’d encounter when doing business with the likes. They thought about using the Realtor that sold it to them, but they’re having reservations about using him this time around. I strongly advised that no matter what Realtor they used to sell it, they absolutely must have supplied to them recent comparable sales which would aid them in coming up with a fair market price. I also suggested they get an opinion of value from at least two independent agents. Since I’ve worked with them in the past, I assured them that our visit would end up as being the highlight of my day, which it did. While driving back to office, I was reminding myself that there are some very pleasant seniors living in our midst.

The owner of 814 – 9th St. SE stopped in today to sign a price reduction, so I can now officially announce that it’s priced at $42,500 which I believe for the right buyer, is a heck of a buy. That’s all one would have to do, is drive up and down the street it’s on and realize it’s by far the cheapest home in the neighborhood. Like they’ve always said, “Buy the cheapest home in the neighborhood and you’ll never go wrong.” The nuts and bolts reason for saying that, is a person buying won’t have to worry about over-improving for the neighborhood.

Once again, I nearly fell off my chair when seeing a rickety home I’d shown several times which I would’ve run quickly away from, sold for far more than I ever would’ve expected. I’ll have to do some digging to see who purchased it because whomever it was, is going to have a future trail of tears. No matter where I looked while showing it, all I could see was a complete gut-job and a starting over. Even the exceptionally weak foundation footings were questionable enough to where I would’ve went running in the opposite direction if I were a buyer. Seeing that sale made me think of the old saying, “A fool and his money are soon to be parted.”

I went out and checked on a home that’s supposed to be getting some work done on it before it’s listed, and from what I was seeing, it looked about the same as it did when I was first there, which means I’ll be placing a call to the owner early tomorrow morning to see what the hold-up is. Considering how hot our market is right now, I’d be on a burn to get it readied if it were mine.

It seems every day we’re hearing about these random shootings in our country which has me really concerned over what’s causing it. In the back of my mind, I continue to have my theories as to why such things are happening, and that being those crazy online forums and chat rooms in the social medias which people allow themselves to get sucked into. Whether we want to admit it or not, the core social fibers that keep us all together, are becoming all the more frayed. Those radical groups are able to empower the weak because of their growing numbers which is in the least, very troubling.

I read an article that Time Magazine put out today which talked about how it’s becoming all the more likely Russia will lose the war in Ukraine, and only because Putin was delusional when thinking the Ukrainians would welcome his troops with open arms.  Any way you look at him, he really is a nut case that needs to go far, far away.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason.

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