Junk In The Trunk

At last we finally had a remarkably beautiful day arrive which was long over-due. The streets and sidewalks were busy with pedestrians and vehicles the entire day. Of course the “carnies” and the vendors have taken over Central Park and the parking lots next to City Hall. It seems every year they drag those same old rides here that look like they came over on the Mayflower. There’s no way you’d get me to ride on one of those things. Of course being the bloated village that we are, we’re likely stuck with those rickety carnival rides which hop-scotch around to all the towns and villages across our Central States and beyond. What a life those people must have where they’re living like caravan dwellers 12 months out of the year.

First thing this morning I had to stop and grab my sold sign on a home I’d be closing this afternoon, and then headed over to check on a vacant home before arriving at office. Even though I was out very early, I could tell it was going to be a fine day because the wind wasn’t blowing like it had been for days on end.

One of my mid-morning duties was to attend a funeral of a relative of mine who just so happened to pass on her birthday which one normally doesn’t find. I got there just as they were ready to process down the aisle, so I snuck past them and plopped myself down in a side-aisle seat.

All thru the Service I was working at keeping myself from becoming critical over the music that was being played on an electric keyboard in the choir lot. I thought to myself, “Hmmm…They’ve got a very nice organ in the choir loft, and likely a 60K grand piano up front, and yet playing a cheap electronic keyboard that sounded like it belonged in a elementary school’s practice room.” What made it even worse, the young man who was song-leading was being drowned out by the female playing the keyboard whose voice wasn’t “choir quality”. Oh well, whomever made those choices must’ve been having a “bad hair” day.

Since the funeral was so long, I had to immediately leave as soon as it was over because I knew I was going to be late for an appointment I had scheduled to show a home. If I’d known it was going to be so long, I would’ve scheduled it later.

Fortunately I was only a minute or two late, and of course the buyer was already there waiting, so I hurried up to the door and got it unlocked for him. Just before we walked in, he said, “I’m having a bit of trouble seeing because I got something in one of my eyes.” Of course curious me asked, “Were you working on something metal?” When he said he was, I sternly said he needed to have it checked by an eye doctor more sooner than later because if it was a small piece of metal in his eye, that could create a huge problem for him. I proceeded to tell him about another who got something metal in his eye that had to be removed, and ever since, that man always wears goggles when working with wood or metal.

The showing went quite well, and hopefully I’ll be getting a call from him for either a second look, or perhaps to have me write an offer on it. The home just so happened to be the fixer-upper I listed yesterday. I believe it would be a good fit for him because he’s fixed up a number of homes in the past which were sold for profit. By the looks of him, I’d say he doesn’t let a blade of grass grow under his feet. Before he left, I shook my finger at him and said, “Now you go and get that piece of metal out of your eye.” I must’ve hit a chord with him earlier because he said that’s going to be his next stop.

Because I wanted to share my sympathies with a few of my relatives who were at that funeral, I headed back to the church where they were having a funeral lunch for those in attendance. Fortunately I was able to have a few words with two or three of them, and then grabbed a little sandwich and a scoop of potato salad which ended up being my lunch. It came as no surprise there weren’t that many people at that funeral, which is yet another example of how times have changed where there’ll be a great number at the decedent’s viewing which normally takes place the late afternoon before, but come the next day, their numbers are greatly reduced. Yes, times have certainly changed.

My afternoon closing went very well, and happy it did because my sellers were very much worrywarts about getting it sold from the time I listed it, which always puts me on edge whenever I have anxious sellers because I always tell them that I worry enough for everyone involved. When we start piling-up worries over something, they somehow cause negative effects. Oh well, everyone’s happy it’s sold and closed and that’s all that matters.

I had a late afternoon visit from a client who just wanted to stop by and ask how things have been. We had a nice long chat which covered many topics, and the one which gave him a good laugh, was when I shared a short conversation with another professional some time ago regarding how evocatively both women and men are dressing in these times, and during that conversation I learned what the slang “junk in the trunk” means. Yes, we both got a good laugh over it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred.

Joe Chodur

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