Very Good Bones

Another damp and cold one again today, but at least we started getting sun-breaks late in the day which will hopefully mean we’ll have sunshine tomorrow. When visiting with a dear friend of mine this morning, we both agreed that these grand swings in temperatures isn’t good for man nor beast. Hopefully it’ll straighten out so we can have a slightly normal summer.

Most of my morning was spent getting my new listing located at 814 – 9th St. SE signed, measured-up, photos taken and disseminated out into the cyber universe. I spent a little more time giving that home a good looking-over, and when finally ready to leave, I was convinced it would make a good “flip”, or a project house for one of the rare few who can see upside potential. There’s no question it has very good bones.

There happens to be a trap door in the back entryway which when opened, leads down a stairway to an excavated area where the furnace and water heater is located. Of course it needs a new furnace, an update in wiring, and a good re-shingling. The siding is aluminum which I would pressure wash and paint.

I was surprised to find a normal stairway leading to the 2nd floor which could be used as a third bedroom or storage area. The kitchen is larger than normal, and likely built that way to make room for the washer and dryer. Personally, if I were looking for something to make a few bucks on, I would buy it, and only because of its good bones and great neighborhood. There’s no question it’s the most inexpensive home on the block which means a person could make endless improvements on it and still be under its neighborhood market value. We’re asking $49,500 for it, and just so you know, there’s no active listings other than this one in our MLS which are priced $50K and under. Yes, this is today’s market with our lower-priced homes. I already have two appointments to show it tomorrow, so if you know anyone looking for an “instant equity” project, please have them give me a call before it’s gone.

Because I was completely consumed by getting today’s listing posted everywhere, I completely forgot about a luncheon appointment I had, and didn’t remember it until my two visiting relatives showed up at the front door of my office only moments after I returned from my last errand.

You can’t imagine how embarrassed I was about it, and since they didn’t have my cell phone number, one of them called my office while I was out instead of my cell, so today I made sure both of them had it for future reference. Thank goodness I did have time to sit back and have a good chat about those long ago and far away “old days”.

Since they don’t get any of our local news, I gave them all the scoop regarding the deaths, recent health issues and various other happenings in my extended family. I was getting a bit wickedish when talking about some of the things that have been going on which generated a roomful of laughter. Well, if you can’t change the past, the best thing to do is to laugh about it, just to keep one from crying. I happened to notice the palm of one of their hands, and to my surprise, I discovered a Simian Line which I then had to share what little I knew of them.

According to palm readers, they’re a rarity because only about six percent of our world’s population has one, but if a person has one on both hands, it’s even all the more rare. I personally know of only one person who has one on both hands, and I’d say she’s very interesting to say the least because her insight is off the charts to the point of being borderline clairvoyant. Just for example, she’s the one who vehemently insisted that when we invaded Iraq, there would be no biological weapons of mass destruction to be found. After it was confirmed there were none, I so much wanted to call her and ask, “How did you know?”, but I didn’t because I knew I’d get an earful.

Shortly after I posted my new listing, I started getting calls on it which ate up part of my afternoon, but came as no surprise when knowing there are still a whole heck of a lot of buyers out there. One of them who must’ve been calling from out of town, was asking me just about everything that could be asked about the home, the lot and the neighborhood. I mentioned to one of them that once it’s fixed up, it would make a great second home for anyone who’s wintering in our Southern States. Since it’s not that big, the maintenance on it would be at a minimum, especially when knowing there are no public sidewalks needing to be shoveled.

I have a pretty full day scheduled for tomorrow, and not sure if I’ll be able to attend a funeral that’s taking place in the morning. If I’m pressed for time, I’ll just drop my card off at the church and call it good since I never knew that family all that well even though the decedent was a blood-relative of mine. I have to keep reminding myself that extended families don’t stay connected like they did generations ago, and especially when family reunions started falling out of favor.

I didn’t have much time to catch up on the news today other than checking on the happenings in Ukraine. When finding as every day passes the Ukrainians holding their ground, along with re-gaining lost territories, becomes one more nail being placed in the coffin of Putin and his puppet government. It didn’t surprise me when reading his “inner” circle is secretly creating a short-list of his replacement should he either abdicate, which I’m confident he won’t, or takes a dirt nap. Hopefully the hard-liners will be pushed aside and a more democratic-leaning government will emerge. No doubt it will take generations to rid their society of their totalitarian mindsets.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Simplicity is the glory of expression.

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