Uyghur Detention Camps

It was a bit warmer out today, and likely because the wind wasn’t as strong as it’s been day after day. From what I’ve been reading, we’re going to be getting rain in the night and likely all day tomorrow, which is why I worked very hard at getting all my errands run today instead of waiting until tomorrow.

From the time I arrived at office, I busied myself with getting several closing files readied for tomorrow. The one that was supposed to close next week, was moved up because the buyer was pressuring the selling agent and bank to get it closed early, and likely because he’s in a rental unit and wants to be out before the end of the month, so yours truly raced to get everything prepared on the seller’s side, just so he could close early.

The other file that’s closing tomorrow, has sellers who live very far away, and getting things emailed and over-nighted back to me in time was a nail-biter. Wouldn’t you say it was a close-call when saying the package arrived shortly before Noon today, and our closing is scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning? Yes, those two files had me racing which I don’t like because as I’ve said for many times, the more rushed you are, the more likely you’ll make a mistake.

I have several properties to do walk-thru’s tomorrow for sellers who’re planning on listing their homes, and if it’s going to be raining, I’ll have to wear some shoes that won’t get waterlogged. One of the homes I’ve been familiar with since I was a child, but never inside which is going to be one interesting tour. I have a feeling it’ll be a very big “stepping-back” in time.

Late this morning I had to meet some buyers out at a home to do their informal inspection, just so they could take measurements, along with getting a better “feel” for what sort of changes they’ll be making. That full hour viewing gave them all the information they were needing. Knowing them, once they’ve made their own improvements, that home will be even more attractive than it already is.

Late yesterday I received a call from a client who’s getting ready to have her home painted, and since she’s very much “grayed-out” by all the other gray homes in the block, she proceeded to ask me what color I’d paint it if I owned it. Since it’s a decorative two story with the upper half siding being more noticeably different, I suggested painting it a light sage on the lower portion, and a darker complimenting sage on the upper, and then trim it out with a soft white. I had to laugh when she said one of her relatives also mentioned painting it sage green. Once in a while I’d see that combination of colors, and would always find it most attractive.

Before it got crazy at office this morning, I placed a call to my dear friend whom I’d not spoken with in weeks. I was sorry to hear this cold weather has been hampering her mobility, but at least she was in good spirits. I had to bring her up to speed on recent crazy happenings which were more than laughable.

After sharing some messages I’d recently received, we both agreed that those many “all about me” people in our Country, are growing in numbers. I couldn’t help adding that many of them have too much free time on their hands which they use to taunt others because they’re continually being tormented by their core jealousies. My advise to all who’re enduring such nonsense from others, is to simply close all relationship doors and walk in opposite directions because trying to convince or appease, becomes nothing more than an exercise in futility.

As busy as I was today, I only made two small mistakes and one oversight, and luckily I caught them after doing my reviews. I internally knew I was going to make a few because I’m usually far ahead of the game to where I don’t have to rush, and since I’m not used to rushing, I figured there’d be at least one.

An out of town Realtor showed 36 S. Illinois late this afternoon, so hopefully it went well and there’ll be an offer coming in. We’ve only had one offer on it which comes as a bit of a shock considering how quickly the ranches have been selling. I’m thinking the school traffic in the morning and afternoon is what’s holding the buyers back, but truth be told, it’s only for a short time in the early morning, and again right after school is out. We also must remember that when the Summer break arrives, there’s nothing noticeable going on over there.

I hope all of you go on BBC and read that article, and then look at the faces of those poor people who’ve been imprisoned in those Uyghur detention camps. How can people be so evil to where they think it’s just OK to detain all those many thousands for the only reason being, they’re of another faith. Heaven only knows how many have been tortured and killed since they started going after that ethnic group. Let’s hope the leaders of the Muslim world start sanctioning China for what they’re doing to them. Every time I see a photo of Xi, that look on his face tells me he’s got many hidden agendas.

That meeting in Davos had some heavy-hitters in attendance, which included Kissinger who made a few remarks about Ukraine giving up territories to Russia, just so that war would come to an end. You can imagine the kick-back he got from Ukraine, along with a number of other dignitaries. Like they’ve said, “If you give Putin and inch, he’ll take a mile.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I fully embrace reality and dare not question it.

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