320 – 1st St. NE, Unit 302

We managed to dodge the bullet again with these over-night temperatures because when I left for work this morning, it was hovering around 35 degrees which was a bit too close for comfort when considering if it had dropped a degree or two lower, my tomatoes and peppers would’ve frozen. Hopefully there’ll be no more close calls like that until the end of our growing season. It seems everyone I’ve talked of late has been insisting we’ve been having too much wind and cold for this time of year. The combination of global warming and climate change has certainly up-ended what was considered normal.

On my way to work, I stopped and did another filling-up of my gas tank, and each time the pump prints out a receipt, I look at it and think, “I’ve never in my life had to pay this much for gas.” Oh well, all those who’ve been living on tight budgets, are gonna have to start making more sacrifices when it comes to what little disposable income they have left at the end of the month.

Perhaps our Country will start investing more in public transportation like many other Countries have already done. As far as I’m concerned, we’re way behind when it comes to affordable and reliable public transportation, because when I was traveling Europe a number of years ago, their trams, buses and trains were always on time and easy to access. Believe it or not, Mason City once had electric tram routes that traveled from the Downtown into residential areas. There are still streets in our City which have those tracks buried under their existing paving. There are very few people living here that know that those trams were not just restricted to our Downtown, which at the end of the day, makes a person wonder if we’ve progressed or fallen backwards.

Most of my morning was spent working on existing sale files, along with getting some preparations made for the listing of a condo that’s come available over at Prairie Place on 1st which is located at 320 – 1st St. NE, Unit 302. It just happens to be a corner unit on the 3rd floor.

Of all the various units available over at Prairie Place on 1st, I’d say that floor plan is my favorite, and being on the 3rd floor, offers fantastic views along with added privacy. Another plus about being on 3rd, is the deck having a roof over it which offers more protection against the elements. With the extra windows that unit has, I’m sure whomever purchases it, will enjoy its open and natural light-filled floor plan.

I had some accounting to get completed and errands to run, and while out and about, I noticed all the scaffolding and lifts placed at two of our multi-storied historic buildings. With the costs of materials and labor going thru the roof, I’m sure there are going to be some hefty bills being handed to their owners once they’re finished. Just today I got a call from a client who’s having some plumbing and electrical work done, and when told how much their bids were, I just about fell off my chair. Unfortunately, we’re going to be seeing more people opting-out of making any updates to their homes and buildings, and mostly because of these noticeably higher prices.

In spite of having a relatively good night’s sleep last night, I was sure feeling the aches and pains from yesterday’s extra physical labor. I’m still in dis-belief I managed to get that much done in one day. I must’ve been having one of those “I’m possessed” days.  Hopefully I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

Two full hours of my afternoon was spent getting that Prairie Place condo signed up, its photos taken, and finally the placing of my for sale sign. I did encounter several of the residents in the community room, so I sat down and had a nice visit with them. Having been a number of months since I was there, I was happy to be back in their midst. They really are the nicest group of people. In case you know anyone who might be interested, I listed that roomy 2 bedroom 2 bath unit for $253K, so please pass the word along, and don’t forget to tell them there’s heated underground parking included.

One of the residents who lives in a unit with the exact floor plan, invited me in to show what they’d recently done with their unit. I was wowed when seeing the new quartz countertops they’d installed, along with the high-end flooring in all the rooms except the bedrooms. Their unit now looks like something out of a decorator’s magazine.

I had two separate conversations today with several people whom I’ve known for a number of years, and both times, we somehow ended up talking about certain people we’d crossed paths with who make a habit of tearing down others in attempts to make themselves appear better or more knowledgeable.

One of them passed away some years ago, and I’m sure up to the time he’d drawn his last breath, he was making everyone else’s lives miserable, and mostly due to his constant chipping away at the integrity of others. The few times I was forced to listen to him, I walked away thinking he was only trying to camouflage his own ignorance and misgivings.

The other is still in our midst, and in spite of the many people he’s managed to get to drink his “Kool-Aid”, I can still remember the first time I met him a very many years ago, and at the time I mentioned to one of my colleagues how much he wanted to be center-staged by coming up with endless conspiracy theories which I considered laughable. To this day, I can’t believe how un-productive some can be their entire lives, yet the moment they get the chance to deride another, they’re at it with a vengeance. To this day, I make a point to avoid seeing him, let alone talking to him. What a waste.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Be curious, not judgmental.

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320 1st NE #302, Mason City
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