4 Bittersweet, Mason City, IA

Once again, if the wind wasn’t blowing so hard, it would’ve been about as perfect a day one could expect in North Iowa. Let’s hope we do get the rain that’s been forecasted because I officially have everything in the ground except for the baby Magnolia trees which are still have in flats. I haven’t yet planted them outside because there was three more of them that came up. I’ve decided to plant them in the ground surrounded by a wire enclosure for their first year out. I’m not sure how fast they’ll be growing, and I suspect they may have to stay there for two seasons before I have them permanently placed in the Fall. I really am quite excited about growing them from seed. I will have to train them to grow more like small trees instead of the short bushy ones we see growing around our City. Several years ago I happened to see one in a small town that looked like a tree which created a more striking appearance when in bloom.

Most of my morning was consumed with getting docs signed, photos and measurements taken on my new listing located at 4 Bittersweet here in Mason City. I would say it’s one of the most impressive homes I’ve listed in some time, and for sure if there are buyers out there looking for quality, combined with abundant square-footage, it’s all there and more.

First of all, it’s located on the east-side of our City which has always been a popular district, along with the private cul-de-sac it’s situated on. Secondly, the yard is larger than you’d expect because it sits on nearly a half acre with flowering trees. Lastly, there are five rooms that could be dedicated as bedrooms or office areas which is exceptionally popular with all the more people we have who’re working from home. It was custom built for the previous owner and it shows because you can tell there were no short cuts made. Of my many favorites with the home, it’s the grand open staircase leading to the second floor which wowed me the most. Now if any of you know someone looking for a home of its caliber, please have them give me a call.

My late morning appointment at office was with a gentleman who had to stop by and sign all his transfer documents on the home we sold for him. Every time he’s at office, he’s such an uplift because of how pleasant he is, along with sharing stories about happenings from years ago. Unfortunately he recently lost his wife of many years which has created a hole in another heart of our elderly population. I’ll be meeting that kind soul one more time tomorrow afternoon when he stops by to pick up his proceeds check.

I did receive a call from the buyer I was showing Saturday morning, and unfortunately it was a “I’m gonna pass.”, which has sent be back on a burn to find something more suitable. I’m getting more of the mindset in this market where I’m saying, “I know what you’re looking for, but it hasn’t hit the market yet.”, which is why I’m checking the new listings more often than I’d done before the pandemic arrived.

Most of my afternoon was spent running errands, delivering title instructions, and making the final preparations for tomorrow’s closing. While out, I stopped at Fareway to pick up some paper towels for the office, and while I was being checked out by one of my favorites, I couldn’t help asking, “Why haven’t I been seeing more of you.” Well, it just so happened she’d purposely cut her hours, just so she can spend more time with friends and family, along with doing more sewing which is her favorite hobby. After she told me that, I then said, “Well at least you’re not working yourself into an early grave like most people do.” Her absolutely precious kick-back was, “Oh no, that’s what husbands are for.” Too funny.

The tenant in the building next door to me had workers there the entire day which is now making me wonder what else she’s doing with that double storefront, because there was sawing, hammering, and carrying in more materials which appeared to be for display purposes. She must be doing everything she can to generate new business, so let’s hope she makes a go of it.

Parts of the Downtown was blocked today with the City workers going around and placing more of those sculptures on those giant limestone blocks which they’d randomly placed. For more reasons than one, I’m still exceptionally thankful they didn’t place one of them in front of my building. Early tomorrow morning I’ll have to walk across the street to get a good look at what they placed on that slab of stone.

We’re going to have a full moon tonight which will likely be a repeat of last because for some reason, I never seem to have a good night’s sleep during this lunar cycle. As I mentioned before, there’ve been more than one all-night store worker saying how much more bizarre their customers get during a full moon. I’ll be checking our local news tomorrow morning to see if there was another crazy happening in the night.

I was in a home today which must’ve had an infestation of squirrels because there were black walnut shells in its attic. I bristle every time I see such because of the amount of damage I’ve seen done by squirrels and raccoons that’ve gained entry. For sure, they’re easy in, but devils to keep out. I’m sure it’s the scent they’ve left which keeps them coming back to claim their man-made territories. I remember an old gent mentioning a number of years ago, having discovered a mother raccoon with a batch of babies hiding in his basement which must’ve come down his chimney. For sure that would’ve sent me flying because mother raccoons can get pretty aggressive when protecting their young. I’m sorry to say I don’t have the least bit of remorse whenever seeing squirrels or raccoons pancaked on our highways.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We forfeit three quarters of ourselves in order to be like other people.

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4 Bittersweet Mason City
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