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It would’ve been a near perfect day if the wind wasn’t at it again, but I guess we gotta take what’s handed to us. After seeing all the farm equipment out in our fields, the farmers must be thinking they’d better get their crops planted before the next rain. I haven’t yet looked at the 10 day forecast, so they possibly know something more, and likely because many of the big farmers subscribe to more detailed and sophisticated weather reports. I was once told the name of the company, but didn’t make note of it.

My morning showings went well, so we’ll see if I get a call from the buyers either tomorrow or Monday. Since it was a second viewing, I felt the interest was still there, and possibly greater because we lingered a little longer than the first.

On my way back, I stopped at a moving sale and purchased a few things I really didn’t need but I thought they’d make good future gifts. While there, I had a nice visit with one of the relatives who grew up in one of our surrounding towns, and since she’d moved away about 15 years ago, I got a real earful regarding how our community has changed for the worse since she moved away. Having seen the same de-evolution as she has, there was much agreement between us. The one question she asked was, “Why is this happening?”. With her opening that “door” for me, I got up on my soapbox and gave a handful of verifiable reasons which I’ll not mention tonight. What was good about that encounter, was getting a confirmation from someone looking at where we are today versus twenty or thirty years ago. The intensity of her remarks were certainly coming from her heart which meant she’s internally angry over what’s been happening to our City.

I’ve spoken about this before, but I think it’s time again to remind everyone that many of those who hold great power in our City, aren’t from here, and it’s been like that for a long time. Just think about how many City Administrators we’ve gone thru over these past 25 years, and all of them were non-native North Iowans. If you’d take the time to ask others in key positions, you’ll be surprised when finding they’re not from these parts, and when it’s time to retire or move onward and upward to a better paying job, they’re out of here.

The reason I mention this, is it going all the way back to the concept of planting deep generational roots which instills in them the concept of “long-term planning” which would benefit all instead of the loud-mouthed few who always seem to get their way. Sounds a lot like politics doesn’t it? Well, I’m sorry to say it is. One of the quiet powers that be has mentioned more than once the fact that there will be a day of comeuppance. Don’t even get me started on Southbridge Mall, the arena, thebridge to nowhere, and the ghost hotel.

After my last appointment, I changed into my work clothes and went out and mowed grass, and after that was finished, it was back in the garden to get some seedlings planted. I now have about half of them planted, so perhaps tomorrow I’ll get the rest of them in the ground. I forgot to mention that I had a wild hair to grow some specialty popcorn and sweet corn which will be quite the novelty if they produce well.

While out and about yesterday, I stopped and took some photos of blooming trees and flowers which I’ll be sharing with all of you starting with tonight’s. I’m absolutely amazed at how quickly everything is greening-up. I took a close-up of a Redbud blossom which was one of thousands on one of the biggest I’ve seen in a while. Most don’t realize they do prefer growing under the canopies of much larger trees which is why many of them die from being overly-exposed to the sun. I keep reminding people to do their research before planting trees and shrubs.

When I got back to office, I changed clothes and sat down at my piano and practiced for about an hour. Since I’ll be playing over at St. Paul Lutheran tomorrow morning, I thought it best to get some practicing in beforehand. I have a sneaking suspicion my accompaniment won’t be up to par, and mostly because of several more difficult pieces I was given to play on their pipe organ. Unfortunately both their organ and piano have fallen noticeably out of tune, so I’ll have to say something to the person in charge of getting such things done.

After reading some of the bald-face lies coming out of the mouths of those spokespeople for Putin, I’ve come to the conclusion that they must be members of their National Library of Lies which they frequently visit. I can actually see them in my mind where they step up to its bank of card catalog that’s categorized by topics, opening the respective drawer, and pulling out the room and stack number where they can find information which would dis-credit any truth spoken on a subject. You may think I’m crazy saying such, but when you think about it, their responses are too well rehearsed, which means they’ve done their research in their “Library of Lies”.

Early this morning I read an article written by a man who was talking about what may happen if Putin is removed from office which I’ve already thought about, but he went far more into detail.

According to that article’s author, when a new leader of Russia does come to power, it’ll be out of that same brainwashed circle of hybridized KGB underlings of Putin, but what will make it worse, is that they’ll be even more radical because they’ve known nothing different. Unfortunately, there was never an age of Enlightenment in Russia which means they’ve got generations of catching up to do.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whenever buying books, make sure to buy time to read them.

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