Systematic Cold-Blooded Murder

Thank goodness the temps finally dropped a good twenty degrees from what they were these past two days because I wasn’t the least bit prepared for it. Now if I can get my garden seeds all planted this weekend just so everything is in before the next rain, I’ll be set for the season.

Pretty much my entire day was filled with following up on emails, making corrections on title work that was emailed to me, showing several properties, and getting phone calls returned, and one of them happened to be from someone I’d worked with several years ago who ran me all over North Iowa for weeks, and then decided to stay put, but the big insult was a year or so later, listing and purchasing from one of my competitors without even bothering to give me a call. Today’s call was short and very matter of fact because as the old saying goes, “Once they’ve visited Paris, you’ll not be able to keep them on the farm.”, which is another way of saying, their loyalties are non-existent.

It looks like I’ll be working real estate tomorrow because I already have two showings scheduled for the morning which may spill over into the afternoon, and as much as I wanted to get some mowing done, it looks like it’ll get pushed to Sunday. I’m not worried if it ends up being another day’s growth longer.

I’ve been getting some static on my office landline these past several days, so I took a deep breath and placed a call to Centurylink. Of course I had to go thru the voice-prompting which is annoying enough, but after being connected to a robot, my temper began to grow to the point where I’d had enough because “he” wouldn’t stop asking me to be more specific about my problem. Well, yours truly raised his voice to a near scream and continued to repeat, “I don’t want to talk to a robot. Connect me with a human in customer service!” The robot kept interrupting me when I was yelling at it, so I would then interrupt “it” by yelling, “Shut up!”, and then went back to demanding to speak to a customer service person. Well about the third time around it worked. Ugh!

Before hanging up after I got the repair order, I said to the guy, “I can’t tell you how annoying your robot is, and just so you know, today was the first time I used the words “Shut up” in a very long time.” He actually agreed, and went on to say he’ll not allow himself to be assimilated into the minds of such machines. Good for him.

After getting rattled by that robot today, I’m even more against corporations cutting employees and replacing them with robots, and only for the reason they can make more money. Just yesterday I warned an elderly lady about getting too tied to her smart phone because it’s making her and everyone else too dependent on computers. Look what’s happening in Europe now with their being overly-dependent on Russian oil. I’m sure many of those leaders remember being duly warned.

I’m planning on getting new photos taken of the interior of 36 S. Illinois once my seller has the rest of the furniture out this weekend, so hopefully it’ll be a sunny day on Monday. I know it’s going to sell, but as always, I’d rather have it more sooner than later. I may also suggest there be some rooms re-painted to a lighter color because there are too many in our younger generation who can’t even envision rooms being different colors.

I received a call from one of my friends who lives in Southern California saying their median price of homes out there are now averaging a million dollars. Can you imagine what some of those people who’ve decided to re-locate here must think when they see our prices? I’m sure they’re having the mindsets of being in a candy store offering everything they like at a 75% price reduction. Whenever I see a home sell way over asking, I later find the buyers having re-located here from elsewhere. Heaven help us if we have a major down-swing in real estate because there’ll be all the many who’ll be grossly upside-down on their mortgages. Ouch!

Yesterday I had an interesting chat with a woman who owns a Sphinx cat, and since my curiosity got the best of me, I had to hear all about it. I found out they’re very loving, non-temperamental, love sitting in windows to warm themselves and of course they don’t shed because they’re hairless. She showed me a photo of it on her cellphone while it was sunning itself in a window. I also found out they’re very expensive and hard to find. That was quite the interesting visit over her hairless cat. Too funny.

I read an article today about Russia’s use of those “prohibited” cluster bombs in Ukraine, which are the same ones they used in Syria. I was nearly brought to tears while watching a video of one striking a residential area and the aftermath of death and destruction. The Russian commander who’s been ordering those, needs to be punished to full the extent of the law. No matter how you look at it, what he’s done to those innocent civilians, is nothing less than systematic cold-blooded murder.

My one hour drive to a small town this evening to show my customers a home that was just listed, certainly made for a very long day. It’s been months since I’ve been on the clock that many hours. I did get several photo-worthy shots, and about all I could see while driving over, were endless open fields, wind turbines and farmers in their fields. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere near those monster turbines. You can be sure I was glad to be finally home and settled for the evening.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Everyone complains about their memory, but nobody complains about their judgement.

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