Worthless Knee-Jerk Greetings

When I looked at the temperature Downtown this afternoon, it was hovering around 98 degrees, and with today’s wind, I’m sure all of the moisture in the budding trees and plants was getting quickly dried up. I’m still in disbelief it’s this hot so early in the season.

Nearly my entire day was filled with getting emails and phone calls returned, documents filled out and emailed to the respective parties, bill-paying, banking and the list went on. Fortunately I wasn’t out in the heat as much as yesterday, and glad for it because I’d already had enough of it.

I had a little side job to do with getting another small saucer filled with my home-made ant killer because there were about fifty of them eating on a dead bug outside the front door of my office this morning. Those nasty creatures seem to be more than active this year, and likely because it’s been so cold up until this week, and yes, ants love the heat. As chance would have it, two of my callers today mentioned having similar problems with ants this year, but theirs was worse because they’re getting inside their homes.

The recipe I used is as follows:

Take 1 part boric acid, 1 part creamy peanut butter, and 1/2 part hot water and thoroughly mix until the boric acid powder is fully blended into the peanut butter.

After it was all blended, I scooped it on an ice cream lid and placed it where it wouldn’t be disturbed by man or beast.

I’ve not had one problem with them since they died-off from last year’s poisoning, but since the general public walking past my office, often throw their food wrappers and un-eaten edibles in the City waste bin nearby which doesn’t get dumped but only once a week, which makes for a perfect feeding ground for multiplying ants. This is exactly why I took today’s proactive step to keep them killed-off. Just remember, almost all ants eat what we eat, so if you have ants in your home, then it’s best to keep all available food sources out of their reach. Most people who have pets, often forget that ants will be in their un-eaten dishes of food once their lights go dim.

I’ll never forget walking into an elderly person’s home some years ago and noticing ants crawling around his kitchen waste bin and counter-top. They were so little, his poor eyesight didn’t notice, and when looking closer, I followed their trail along the back of his countertop, across the baseboard, and under his kitchen door which lead to his attached garage. I’m sure wherever that anthill was, had to have been a good 30 feet away from his waste bin. Talk about being regimented! You could see to distinct double lines of them; one going in the direction of the bin, and the other heading away.

Speaking of ants. Sometime in the late Fall several years ago while walking in an un-tilled meadow which looked as if it hadn’t seen a plow or disc in a generation or two, I began noticing earthen mounds which must’ve been a good foot and a half tall which were randomly scattered about thirty feet from each other in all directions. Well, curious me got a closer look, and wouldn’t you know, those hills were created by ants, and thank goodness I wasn’t out there in high summer because I would’ve likely had them crawling up my pant legs. One summer day back when I was a teenager, I encountered a similar hill, but only a little smaller, and believe you me, those ants were aggressive. The few that did get on me were biters, so you can only imagine how fast I ran from that hill. I’m just glad we don’t have fire ants up here in the tundra because they’re pretty much restricted to our Southern States.

With closings coming up in a little over a week, I had do some racing to get transfer docs prepared and emailed to out-of-State sellers who’ll have to print them out, meet with a Notary Public and then get them in an overnight back to my office. With the way our deliveries have been since the pandemic started, I didn’t want to be fretting over not having them back by the time our closing date arrived. Of course when sending such un-familiar forms, I make sure to be as narrative as possible in my emails, just so they don’t miss something requiring a signature or initial.

Late this afternoon I crossed paths with someone I really didn’t want to see because of some long-ago dealings with that person. I did everything I could to remain the perfect gentleman, but deep inside I so much wanted to be a little wicked by bring up some past transgressions. I quickly found the years had not been kind after getting a better look. The one thing that really gets me, is whenever such people say to me, “Oh my friend. How are you?” Believe me, over the years there’ve been a good hand-full of back-stabbers who’ve used that line on me. Such worthless knee-jerk greetings need be kept to themselves, and whenever someone insists you’re their favorite, make sure they mean it, because if they don’t, you must quickly run in the opposite direction.

Tomorrow I have a scheduled appointment at 6:00 p.m. at a home which is an hour’s drive from here, and by the time I do get home, my tail is going to be dragging. These far-away showings are beginning to grow old. I’ll have to take my camera with me in case I find something photo-worthy.

If you’re planning on watering in this heat, make sure you do it very early in the morning because you may be doing more damage than good. I can’t believe it’s gonna be Friday.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.

Joe Chodur

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