36 S. Illinois Ave., Mason City, Iowa

My goodness how our weather did another 180 degree turn today. Wow! Believe it or not, the afternoon temperature Downtown was slightly over 90 degrees, and of course with the strong southerly blowing, every time I went outdoors, I felt like someone was blowing a hot hair dryer in my face. Good-bye Spring and hello summer. You can bet everyone’s getting their outdoor grills prepped for the coming weeks and months.

It was quite the see-sawing day with me because there’d be slow times where I was looking for something to do, and then latter, there were near-immediate tasks requiring my attention. For the most part, it was a good Monday, and hopefully these coming days will produce a listing or sale.

I did go back out to 36 S. Illinois Ave. to take new exterior photos since the previous ones were taken when the skies were gray on a nearly daily basis, so today’s ended up looking far better to the point where I decided to use one of them for tonight’s photo. For sure that home has been under the radar, so hopefully there’ll soon be an acceptable offer in the works. The quality of construction on it is the best I’ve seen of late which is another reason why I’m surprised it hasn’t yet sold.

One of my clients who’s been following my web pages, mentioned today that he’s come to the point where he actually enjoys giving them a good read on a near daily basis. I couldn’t help asking him what it is that keeps him coming back. Well, he said it’s something like a real-life soap opera where there’s a main character or two, and each episode follows the day-to-day routine of those people. All I could say was, “Wow. I didn’t think I was writing about anything as racy as what’s in today’s soap operas.”  “Oh, you know what I mean.” he replied. I guess I’ll have to take whatever compliments that come my way, even if they are a little sideways.

While out, I stopped at East Hy-Vee’s temporary greenhouse, just to see if they had anything interesting. I felt sorry for those people taking care of if because today’s wind was continually tipping over pots and tearing leaves. There were pots of “Mother in Laws Tongues” which were tall and healthy looking, but I had to pass because they reminded me of those a long deceased relative used to have one, so I kept on walking because there was no need to have something in my office which would trigger unpleasant memories. I’m sure all of you have had similar thoughts whenever encountering something that would resurrect long-forgotten experiences.

I was back at getting more “stuff” sent to either the trash or shredder this afternoon, and after finding a 1958 City Directory, I had to stop and take a gander. Well, that quick look lasted well over an hour because my curiosity was continually being prompted when looking at addresses and streets I recognized.

For example. Do you remember me mentioning something some months ago about that new liquor store that’s located at 1104 N. Federal once being a grocery store? Well, it was confirmed today because in 1958, the occupant of that store was “Rushing’s Super Value”, and later mentioning it to one of my older clients, he didn’t remember there being a grocery store there. Isn’t it hateful at times when you end up being right?

I’m still waiting for a townhouse or twin home to hit the market because I do have a ready and able buyer, so if you even think you know someone that’s moving in the direction of selling, please let me know.

One of my clients who’s out of town for a few days, asked if I would run out and check her home, so I took a quick drive over to her residence and had a look. All was well, and while walking out, I spied a clump of blooming tulips which demanded a photo, so if I think of it, I’ll share it tomorrow. For me, the yellow tulips are the most uplifting. While driving back, I couldn’t help noticing a good many daffodils blooming in large beds in a person’s yard out on the west side of our City. Unfortunately Spring flowers do not like this abnormal heat which means they’ll be even shorter-lived this season.

While on the phone with a dear one today, we ended up talking about how spoiled many in our younger crowd have grown, and mostly due to their having been sheltered too much by their every-giving parents. We both agreed that many of them have no idea what it’s like to endure real-life struggles. What’s unfortunate about it, is how much harder it will be for them to live thru real bumps while traveling down their roads of life. One example happened today when a client’s tenant called in a tizzy because her central air wasn’t working. I listened, took notes and agreed to make contact with a service person, and all the while I kept thinking, “Really? You’re bent out of shape when it’s really not that hot out, and especially knowing that house hasn’t yet warmed up to today’s outside temps.” Yes, it does take some extra work to keep my trap shut whenever hearing such frantic complaints.

I was surprised yet not, when reading that Putin didn’t declare an all-out war on Ukraine, and only because he’s been continually saying it’s a special military operation, and if he changed horses in the middle of the stream, that would’ve given the general public in Russia, all the more reason to question all the lies coming out of his mouth, along with what’s being told them by his inner-circle. Of course they had to televise interviews with several young ones who’re all for de-Nazifying Ukraine. My how ignorant Putin’s managed to keep the Russian masses. Some day, it will all be revealed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary on it.

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