Happy Mother’s Day 2022

Another chilly gray day arrived accompanied by an on-and-off light rain which I was expecting more of, but at least we had some. So here we had another broad swing in temps where yesterday it was in the high 70’s and today it barely reached 55, and then tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 80’s. Wow. Of course we had to have a strong wind again today.

I got to office a little earlier than normal, just to make sure I had time to get my contemplative prayer session completed, and of course I’ve continued to send spiritual petitions for the welfare and safety of the Ukrainians. It seems every day we hear about some of the most evil war crimes being committed by those Russian soldiers and their mercenaries, and of course I have to contain my fury towards them for what they’ve been doing to women, children and the elderly. The photo I saw online of a 65 year old Ukrainian woman whose house was bombed which forced her to be holed-up in a rickety old car for five days with nothing to eat and only a bottle water. She mentioned something about her fears are no longer present after living thru such an experience.

What I can’t seem to get my brain wrapped around, is how indifferent many have become regarding what’s happening not only in Ukraine, but around the word. It’s almost as if they’re of the mindset that if it’s not happening in their backyard, then it means nothing to them. So many in our midst are so much about themselves, they’ve lost feeling and/or empathy for others, which creates even more psychological islands.

Have you noticed of late how much more guarded our silent majority have become? Well, it’s because they can’t bring themselves to agree with those who’re hell-bent on getting them to believe in their self-promoting causes. I’ve especially noticed it with our seniors, which comes as no surprise because that’s all they want is to live out the remainder of their days in peace. Every time we turn on the news, we hear more of those jaw-dropping comments being made by those who’re looking for attention, and almost always, they’re either alt-right or alt-left thinkers. Whatever happened to all those middle of the roaders? Well, they’re still out there, only all the more silent.

Before this morning’s rain arrived, I was out getting those Marigold plants in the ground, along with the splitting of a flowering perennial and replanting the “splits” in a more conspicuous spot. They’re quite beautiful when in bloom. I also transplanted some hardwood seedlings which will take a few years before they’ve grown to noticeable heights. I know it always takes longer, but seedlings that are grown here and then transplanted, always seem to do better in the long-run.

The remainder of my day was spent getting a number of “to do’s” accomplished which couldn’t be done until the weekend, and since I was on a bit of a burn, there were more taken care of than I’d expected considering how unpleasant it was outdoors. I also had time to get more branches shredded from all the storms we’ve had which make for good weed barriers in the garden. I know there are many who go out to our landfill to get mulch, but I don’t because I’m fearful of bringing something home that would spread disease. I’ll never forget the time when a nameless person gifted me a flowering vine to have in the front window of my office, and not a month later, I had thousands of little white flying gnats living on that vine and spreading to my other plants. Don’t think that wasn’t a chore getting rid of them, and as much as I liked that vine, I had to get rid of it because of those tiny devils.

Happy Mother’s Day 2022 to all you mothers out there, along with my hopes you had a wonderful day, and even if you’ve never had children of your own, I’m sure each one of you can remember how many times in your life you’ve been a mother in one form or another. Many of my clients and customers whom I’ve done business with over the years, know fully-well how much I can be a bit of a mother hen with their transactions. Sometimes I have to remind them of it just before following up on something they should or shouldn’t be doing.

I got an earful today from someone who’s been having a problem with garter snakes, and as much as I tried to convince him they’re harmless because they’re more afraid of you than you them, my words fell on deaf ears. I then went online to see what’s on the market, and did manage to find that Ortho sells a snake repellant which has a high rating, so I text him back the name of it. Garter snakes don’t bother me in the least bit, but all of those venomous ones would have me running for cover. Truth be told, I’ve unknowingly run over enough of them with my lawnmower over the years. When doing a little more research on Garter snakes, I didn’t realize they’re preyed on by fox, raccoon, opossum, birds of prey, and even chickens. When I saw chickens, I’m sure they meant they must go after the little ones because I can’t envision a chicken taking down a full grown Garter snake. I’ll never forget the time I lifted up an old landscaping timber and shocked to find a family of Graham’s Crayfish snakes which scared me far more than I did them. Even now after mentioning it, the goosebumps have arrived.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Putin’s going to be announcing to his crowd of supporters tomorrow. I can’t imagine how many lies he’ll be telling while addressing them. He’s been very clever over the past twenty years he’s been in power, in getting his citizens brainwashed via all the propaganda he’s been feeding them. The way he’s manipulated them thru the medias, is quite remarkable. Someone recently mentioned that whatever does happen, it’ll be years before the general public in Russia will know the full truth about the war he started with Ukraine.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Joe Chodur

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