You Get What You Get

When expecting another repeat of a gray and wet day, the sun did finally appear from behind the clouds late this afternoon, so if the clouds do stay away, perhaps we’ll have sun the entire day tomorrow. When visiting with a farmer friend of mine this morning, I was told that his fields aren’t even close to being ready for planting, and mostly due to the cold and rain we’ve received. I fully agreed because several days ago I was walking in a lower area and discovered how spongy the grass was underfoot. It’s a good thing I didn’t walk any farther because I would’ve been tracking mud back into my vehicle.

My morning was mostly filled with accounting and bill-paying which always seems to arrive back on my plate more sooner than later. I didn’t have many interruptions which enabled me to get it finished all the more quickly, and then off I headed to the post office to get them in the mail. While out, one of my clients called and asked if I had time to drive over to his project house and have a look at what he’s done so far, and since I was already on that side of town, I drove over.

When I got there, he was working on getting some new flooring installed in several rooms which used to have the most disgusting carpet which should’ve been ripped out years ago. The flooring he’s installing is that new type they have on the market which requires no glue except at the doorways and around the perimeter. What impressed me the most, was how thick and pliable it was, which helps to keep it from creating those gaps you’d normally find in that older laminate flooring which I’ve always hated. He had one room almost finished and without a doubt, it looked 100% better.

He gave me the the grand tour and by the looks of it, there won’t be that many weeks before it’s completely finished and ready for the market. The main reason he wanted me to stop, was to help him with color choices for the rooms. Since I’m definitely not a fan of the grays, I suggested using a more neutral pastel, and run with it throughout the home with the exception of the kitchen and bath which would require a color that would compliment the new countertops. Yes, it’s coming along quite well, and for sure I complimented him over his good work thus far. I’ll be excited to see it when it’s finished. On my way back to office, I stopped at a drive-thru and picked up a small burger for lunch. I was a bit surprised they weren’t that busy, and likely because there was a misty rain going on.

After lunch, I headed out to my early afternoon pre-listing appointment, and when I pulled up, I was greeted by one of the family members whom I’ve known for a good many years. It’s always uplifting when good people can pick up where they left off after months and years have passed.

I was given the full tour of the home, and after making my mental notes, we sat down and had a good long visit about our market conditions and pricing. I’d already pulled some recent comparables, but I did tell them I’d have to pull new ones the day I arrive to list it should they decide to sell. I assured them it would likely sell quickly and for a good price because of its condition and location. They’ve taken good care of it over the years and it shows.

Just before leaving, I soulfully announced that our get together would end up being the highlight of my day because they’re just darned good folks. One of the relatives that was present, happened to be a woman I went to school with many years ago, who always gives me an uplift. While driving away, I was a little sad we hadn’t crossed paths more often, but I have to remind myself that neither one of us are social butterflies.

Shortly after arriving back at office, a client of mine called and asked to see a property, so I phoned the listing agent to schedule a showing for tomorrow morning. She asked about looking at several others, but unfortunately they’d already gone under contract. What gave me an even bigger shock was checking the available homes in the price range of $200K thru $350K which showed only six properties still available which in years past, would’ve been triple that number. Oh well, we’re still in the midst of this buying frenzy which can’t be sustained forever. I will say that if the interest rates jump a full two percent, we’ll be seeing the prices starting to drop. I feel sorry for some of these people who’re taking new jobs here and want to buy because in this market, you get what you get, and that’s it.

With some free time to spare, I sat down and sent a long email to a dear friend of mine who lives out East. I received one from him about three weeks ago, so I figured it my time to write. He’s quite the private person, so getting some news from the other side of the fence, is likely a treat.

I read an article today which made perfect sense about Putin’s “supposed” health issues that have been noticed by those who watch his televised meetings. One of the pundits believes he’s just working the crowd by making them believe he’s got serious health issues which would mean he’ll not be in office that much longer, and in turn would settle them down by giving them hope he’s on his way out. After thinking about it, I believe that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s quite the clever little evil monkey. I’m still holding my breath as to what he’ll be telling his fellow Russians come May the 09th.

Tonight’s One-liner is: What a person takes in by contemplation, gets poured back out in love.

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