Going Into Battle Against the Orcs

Our weather is making me feel like we’re caught in a “Groundhog Day” scenario where it’s repeating itself day after day. The rain we received last night was more than I was expecting, especially when seeing the creeks and waterways filling. When looking at the weather forecast today, it looks like we’ll be rainless tomorrow, but then back at it again on Saturday. While walking out of my office to get in my car this afternoon, I got a good powdering of sawdust from a power saw a guy was using to cut a piece of plywood in front of the building next door to me, and when I looked at what he was doing, he was completely clueless that the wind was carrying it in a cloud in my direction, which was yet one more example of how some in our general public have few if any boundaries. I have no clue why he wasn’t sawing out at the back of that building.

With it rapidly approaching the end of the month, I had some accounting and bill-paying to get done, along with checking on several listings and placing a sold sign on one of my sales which is coming up to close in a little over a week. There were also more than the usual drop-ins which helped to keep me from looking for something to do.

My early afternoon showing was at a home which some buyers I’ve been working with wanted to see, so I got it arranged and met them there. It was a relatively good showing, and while there, I proceeded to give them some ideas on what they could do to make it more inviting. Since they’ve been long-term clients, we had a good catch-up chat while there. As chance would have it, another Realtor was just leaving when I pulled up, and when noticing she was backing out into the street almost directly in front of a car that was passing, I held my breath, and fortunately the other driver managed to swerve around her. She certainly must’ve had an angel watching over her when that happened.

While out, I ran into a guy I know who was walking his beautiful brindle boxer, so I stopped to pet her while visiting with him. I went on to say how I’ve always loved boxers because of how energetic they are, which is why they’re considered the “Peter Pan” of dog breeds due to how nimble they are. I still say they also remind me of rabbits because they seem to hop instead of run.

I was shocked when he told me he has her trained to flip light switches on and off, close kitchen drawers and cabinets, fetch her leash and a number of other things I considered almost unheard of, but since I know him well enough, I’m certain he was telling the truth. I’m sure it took a great deal of time and patience to get that beauty trained. For sure, the first thing he taught her, was to get her broken of that dirty habit of jumping up on people. I’ll never to this day understand why people with dogs, don’t train them to stop jumping up on themselves and others. I learned a long time ago, it’s all part of wanting to be in control, which is why I’ve never had a dog that didn’t get broken of that dirty habit. My encounter with that boxer was quite an uplift for me this afternoon.

My mid-afternoon appointment for my buyer’s final walk-thru went very well, and after we were finished, we headed over to the closing agency and finished it up. The buyer who’s a first-timer, thanked my numerous times over the course of working with her, and all I could say was, “It’s been my job, and also a pleasure working with you.” Truth be told, she got a very good buy on it considering how our market has been spiking. I told her today that if she did a little decorating, she’d make some quick money on it if she decided to sell.

I’ve been getting more annoying text messages from Trump Jr. of late which I block, but of course his promoters are likely using many numbers to get those goofy messages out.  What I really don’t like about such messages, are the intense words like, “You’ve got to read this!”, or “We have to stop this NOW!”, and all those other intense words which are supposed to get a person to click on their link. No thank you very much.

Later this afternoon, I had a phone call from an old acquaintance who’s slowing moving in the direction of possibly listing her home. I figured sooner or later she’d be looking to sell after her husband passed away, and mostly because her home is far too big for one person to be rattling around in. I answered all her questions, made a few suggestions and offered to do a walk-thru when she was ready. I did assure her that if and when she does decide to list it, and our real estate market is as strong as it is now, she’ll get a very good price. The amount she believes it’s worth, is about $30K under what I’d say it is, even not having looked at the interior. Yes, that’s how marketable her property is.

Early tomorrow morning I’ll be meeting with the seller of 36 S. Illinois to do a price reduction since we’ve had a number of showings on it, but no offers. He hasn’t decided how much, so we’ll have a good visit about it in the morn. Gosh, I can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet, but we certainly have some finicky buyers out there with fat checkbooks but little vision. Hopefully the reduction with spur some good interest to where we get it sold soon.

Just these past days when reading the news feeds out of Ukraine, I’ve noticed some of the Ukrainian soldiers referring to the Russian troops as “Orcs” which was the name given to those evil hybridized elves in the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” which was written by J. R. Tolkien. Most don’t realize that his fiction was centered around the international struggles taking place in the world at the time, so when the Ukrainians say they’re going into battle against the orcs, they’re considering the Russian troops nothing more than evil mutated elves following their sinister leader’s orders. A fitting name.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Opinions cannot survive if one has no chance to fight for them.

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