The Dirty Circles of Money

In spite of it being warmer, the wind was back at it again today, and as the day rolled on, it seemed to be picking-up speed. Without even bringing it up, I happened to run into a past customer and while visiting with her, she also mentioned her never recalling a winter and Spring as windy as these two seasons have been. Yes, we had a cold April last year, but definitely not this much wind.

While visiting with one of my business neighbors down the street who lives on an acreage in Mitchell County, also relayed all the damage that was done to a big building on a neighboring farm. She said her and husband have got to get out in their grove and pick up all the metal siding that had blown across their field. We both agreed that it’s getting pretty scary when having that horrible storm in December which spun-off all those tornados, and then several weeks ago, another similar happening. That doesn’t sound good at all when thinking they were just a little over three months apart. Yikes!

Before getting myself immersed in today’s real estate work, I placed an long-overdue call to one of my dear friends. All has been well with her with the exception of having to deal with this cold weather like everyone else has. We even shared the layering of clothes we’ve had to do to keep the chill from entering our bones.

The both of us were on the same page when discussing how few in our general public actually know how to cut costs in difficult times. It’s almost commonplace with the many young who’re either having food delivered via Door Dash or buying all those pre-cooked meals in the freezer sections of our groceterias. Just take a closer look sometime at the number of various freezer compartments there are which contain numerous shelves of every brand and type of pizza imaginable. I can’t remember the last time I had even a slice of pizza, which would likely make me a true outsider. To me, all that stuff is nothing more than couch-potato food.

We also talked about it not being a surprise at all if it would somehow be confirmed that our Creator has a hand in setting all the many wrongs to right, and especially all of these totalitarian regimes we now have in our world. The respect for the lives of those beneath them is non-existent when seeing them being pushed into battles for no reason. We as a Country had best take stock of our lives, and be ever-thankful we’re living in a democratic society, unlike the generations who’ve been born, raised and then died in a Country like Russia. It’s no wonder they’re so sub-subservient because it’s now in their DNA.

Unfortunately I had to cut our visit short because I had a business call come in which I had to take. I’ll have to give her another call more sooner than later, because it’s always refreshing whenever I can visit with someone who speaks without filters. She makes me laugh whenever mentioning how clever I can be when writing about some person or happening in a “roman a clef” fashion. Yes, I do get some backwash from it once in a great while, but you’d think those people who “thought” I was writing about them, would be thankful I didn’t name those real people and places. Right?

While walking thru a home on an inspection today, I couldn’t help remembering the jaded histories of an extended family that lived there a number of years ago. Since I was alone in that vacant house, I couldn’t help whispering, “Well, I hope your walls don’t start talking to the new owners, and if there are any trace energies remaining, I think it best if you pack your bags and head for the hills.” Since I am a believer in “entities” which for some reason choose to linger, I’d be doing all my research on a given home’s history of occupants before buying it, because I’ve had more than my share of things happening to me in homes which I knew nothing about until I started digging into its past. I’d say the top three I’d certainly run from, are those where there’d been a suicide, a murder or long-term metaphysical abuse.

I had to run over to a home of clients to get another document signed, and while visiting with them, we somehow got on the subject of our Globe Gazette. They’re still getting the paper, and when hearing how expensive it is on a monthly basis, I just about lost it. I couldn’t help telling them about my small collection of newspapers from the year 1945 which I’d shared photos of, and in the fine print I could read the price was five cents, and if you do the math, that would equate to $1.52 per month, and that’s if you had it delivered every single day of the year. Whenever seeing that newspaper in a convenience store stand, it always appears the size of a “pull-out” from an old Sunday edition. Of course they no longer print a Monday edition which doesn’t make any sense to me. Just for kicks, check on today’s prices of their home delivery rag.

I had to laugh yesterday when a friend of mine was telling me about his being questioned by his daughter and friends while driving in his car in our Downtown, and it all started when they were driving past the “Bridge to Nowhere” and his daughter asking, “What is that?” Well, making a long story short, even those teenage girls thought it was the biggest waste of money. One of them added, “There’s a stoplight only steps away they could use to cross that street.” I was reminded once again how our youth can be more realistic at times, than grown adults, and likely because they’ve yet to be pulled into the dirty circles of money, control and power.

Speaking of power, I’m hoping a few of you take the time to read some of the recent articles regarding Putin’s rise to power. The very long one I read today was quite illuminating. There’s no question he’s likely the richest person on this planet and is hell-bent on keeping it hidden.

Tonight’s One-liner is: War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.

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