They Took A Hefty Loss

I’m beginning to think many of us have resigned ourselves to these cold, windy and gray days. If and when summer does arrive, we’ll be having to rapidly adjust ourselves to the heat. You can be sure I’ll be enjoying every pleasant day that happens to arrive. Someone told me today that our farmers are likely going to have a late planting season because the soil is still too cold to plant their crops.

Most of my day was spent close to office with file preparations, emails and letters to be written. The few times I did go out, I was quickly chilled by that cold northwest wind. I can’t believe I’m still having to wear my winter wools.

Well over an hour was spent handwriting a letter to a dear old friend who wants nothing to do with computers, and since she’s very hard of hearing, I found it best to write instead of calling. Many times she’s mentioned how much she enjoys reading them, and since it’s been far too long since I last wrote, today was my day to get it done. It ended up being three long pages of all the things that’ve happened since my last communication. After I finally finished it and walked it over to the Post Office, I decided there’ll be more hand-written letters sent out of my office, and mostly because many of our older generation consider the handwritten ones more personal, which I fully agree.

I received another “bot” call today from one of those political parties which I normally never answer, but for the first time in years, I picked it up, and all the while the “bot” was talking, I kept speaking over “it” saying, “Stop calling this number.” Believe it or not, it finally realized I didn’t want them calling when it responded, “We’ll add you to our do not call list and hung up.” We’ll see.

A woman called today saying I was referred to her by a professional, and asked if I would be interested in selling her home because she’s decided it’s now too much for her to take care of. Because of her busy schedule this week, we decided on next Monday for me to stop out and give her home a walk-thru. Because of how popular her neighborhood has become, I’m sure if it’s priced right, it’ll sell quickly. I’m excited to see it.

While visiting with a professional today, I found myself taking a stroll down memory lane and talking about the silly things we used to do which would be unheard of in these times because they required more skill and perseverance. I’m sure many of you roller skated and ice skated in your youth, but not anymore. If there’s ice skates involved in our present day, it almost always has something to do with hockey. I ice skated a great deal when young, but never played hockey. If I were to guess, I’d say I actually roller skated more because if the weather was bad, we’d skate in the basement of our home. When comparing my activities when young to those of today’s youth, you’d think I was dropped off from another planet.

We’re still getting showings on 36 S. Illinois, and several of the recent ones are showing interest, so perhaps it’ll be the next one under contract. If only this weather would straighten out for those eager buyers. They claim it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow which will at least be 20 degrees warmer than today.

While paging thru a very old abstract of title, I happened to notice a great number of entries back in the 1930’s which was the height of the Great Depression. I could almost see in my mind the amount of stress those people must’ve been under, and in spite of their many attempts to keep their home from being foreclosed on, it finally happened. I noticed their interest rate was a whopping eight percent, and when the bank finally re-sold it, they took a hefty loss. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

As much as I’ve tried to explain, most in our general public don’t realize that our real estate markets are cyclical, so if you buy in a high time, you’re less likely to build equity very fast if at all. When thinking back on those hard times, the homeowners who suffered the least, were those who purchased in neighborhoods that always seemed more insulated against those swings, which is why it’s always good to know the histories of a community’s districts.

A friend of mine forwarded me the video of Zelinsky’s televised session of his prayer which too place in St. Sofia Cathedral in Kiev. Wow, that was the first time I’d seen the interior of that 1,000+ year old church. Those frescos and sky-high ceilings appeared magnificent. I’m glad I watched it because for years, whenever that city was mentioned, the first thing that would come to mind, was the commanding presence of that cathedral. Let’s hope Putin’s army doesn’t get any devilish ideas and start bombing it.

Putin keeps saying that Ukraine was never a country, when in fact, Ukraine was in existence long before Russia was ever considered a sovereign nation. We can all tolerate the stretching of truths and those little lies being told, but turning the truth completely upside-down and get millions of people to believe it, is downright remarkable. Well, that’s what happens when information is monopolized by a maniac.

I have a closing coming up towards the end of this week, and as of now, we’ve got everything readied for it. My buyer’s exceptionally excited over getting herself moved in before Summer arrives. Considering how these prices have been spiking, she got a good buy and knows it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.

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