Before Jumping In Bed With Him

Well, the wind was back at it with a vengeance again today which I’m chalking up as another glaring example of climate change. From what I’ve heard, we’re supposed to have wind like this again tomorrow. It’s going to be an interesting summer if these winds persist because that’ll mean our crops are going to need more water to sustain them from the drying wind.

With it being another Sunday morning, I made sure to get my contemplative prayer session completed as early as possible because I had my list of “to do’s” requiring my attention. Rest assured, I prayed very hard again for the suffering people of Ukraine, so if there’s nothing more a person can do, prayer will still have a positive impact. Can you believe that war has been going on now for sixty days? With the continued supply of arms they’re receiving from us, along with those being supplied by other democratic countries, I’m sure every bit of it is being put to good use.

Nearly my entire morning was consumed with getting rid of piles of branches and logs that were a product of these many windstorms we’ve had since winter arrived. I still have a large heap of smaller branches which I’ll be converting to mulch for my garden. While out under tall trees in this wind, I found myself looking up more, just to make sure a branch wasn’t going snap and fall on me. Yes, I’m beginning to get a little paranoid about big branches being snapped-off in these strong winds.

After I finished with the brush, I noticed it was already Noon, so I headed out to get something for lunch. I was in shock when seeing the lines of cars at Wendy’s and Hardee’s, so instead of waiting forever, I headed down to Kwik-Trip and grabbed a bratwurst which I doctored-up a little at office before eating, which was enough to hold me over for the remainder of the day.

With my afternoon free, I went back to my project and worked for a good three hours, and thank goodness I was forced to quit because I’d received a call from clients who’d just got back into town and ready to sign their purchase agreement. Just as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed an old car slowly driving by, and when glancing at the driver, I was creeped-out when seeing a very old man driving with a nightmarish appearance of Santa Claus. You can bet I quickly looked away for fear I’d be given the evil eye. The first thing that came to mind was, “He’s just another example of how a person’s outward appearance is a reflection of his inward.” I’m still not understanding why people allow themselves to look they way they do whenever out in the general public.

I got back to office and changed into my street clothes before my clients arrived. After getting everything signed, we had a good chat about what’s been happening around the world since Putin started his war with Ukraine. They both insisted our Country should be doing more to help those poor people. Unfortunately, most don’t understand that we must be careful not to escalate it into a world war, but at least we’re supply the Ukrainians with as much sophisticated defense weaponry possible. The most recent ones they received, should be of great help because from what I’ve heard, that new-to-the-market piece of equipment has the ability to destroy whatever missile-launcher fires a shot at the Ukrainians because in two or three seconds, it has found where it had been fired from, and then fires a missile of its own to destroy it. Wow! Now that’s one yell-of-a piece of equipment that should deter those Russians from firing missiles and randomly killing civilians. I don’t think it’s going to take very long for them to understand that if they fire even one missile, the Grim Reaper will be momentarily standing by their sides. Let’s keep supplying them with the best of our goodies.

Now that two more of my listings have sold, I’m now intensely focusing on 36 S. Illinois. There’ve been a large number of showings on it, but still no offers, so if we don’t get one soon, it’ll be time for us to talk about a price reduction. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that home, but what seems to be the hold-up, is some buyers wanting better access to its rear yard. Now if it were my home, I’d convert that middle bedroom off the front hallway into a family room/den, and install a patio door leading to a new deck. With that basement rec room being so big, I’d convert part of it into a lower-level bedroom after installing an egress window. There’s already a 3/4 bath down there, so that’s all there’d need to be done to keep it a 3 bedroom. Of course this crazy weather hasn’t been helping with its sale.

You can’t imagine how happy I was when hearing Macron won the election in France. Thank goodness Le Penne didn’t win because she would’ve been the fly in the ointment within the European Union and it’s solidarity towards the Ukrainian cause. Someone said she’s now barred from running again because this was her last chance. I wish Macron all the best in the coming five years. I’m pretty sure Le Penne lost because of her connection with Putin, which she should’ve thought about before jumping in bed with him.

While outdoors today, I couldn’t believe how fast the grass had grown, which means we’re going to be back at mowing again. Now that we’re barreling-down on May, I’ve yet to see any of our Spring flowers blooming. Yes, those recent below freezing nights must’ve stunted their growth. I’m just glad I got rid of all those branches today before the grass got any longer. Even though I am a lover of trees, I dare say this cleaning up after them on near-weekly basis is fast growing old.

The above photo is another front page from that little collection of old Globe Gazette newspapers I have. My how differently they presented the news back in those days.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The heresy of one age, becomes the orthodoxy of the next.

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