Hired Assassins In Uniform

The cloudy skies and rain returned once again, so I guess yesterday’s sunshine and warmth was just another one of Mother Nature’s teasers. I did notice my least favorite trees which are the Silver Maples, have miraculously budded and now dropping their bud-heads on our City streets. That was a definite over-night happening with those nasty things. Every time I see a Silver Maple growing on private or public property, I so badly would like to ask the respective parties, “Don’t you realize those things never stop growing, and every time the wind blows, there are branches to be picked up?” Once in a while I spy an old giant which would cost likely upwards of $5K – $8K to take down because they’re in tight spaces with little access. Keep in mind, they are not native to Iowa or even North America.

I kept myself more than busy today with running errands for others, and meeting with two different sellers to go over the offers that came in on their homes. We did get one of them under contract around mid-afternoon, and the other after hours, so it looks like today was my double-header day with office sales. Once again, I’m continually thankful for having those loyal and faithful buyers and sellers who’ve for generations, kept Holtz Realty’s doors open business.

After reviewing the sold and closed properties which were posted today, it’s looking like more of them are selling at asking price or more. I never would’ve thought I would see the day where a simple ranch home in a working-class neighborhood containing less than a thousand square feet on the main floor, selling for close to $150K. All I can say is, “If we suddenly have a dip in values because of this possible rapid interest rate hike, there’ll be millions of homeowners across our Country that’ll be upside-down with their mortgages.” We must continue to remember what matters most, is not what buyers are willing to pay for a home, but rather how much of a monthly payment they can afford. I just heard today where the Federal Reserve is being pressured to raise the interest rates more quickly in order to help slow down inflation.

I spent another hour working at clearing out the rear of my office which I’d been putting off, and for sure, more “stuff” was sent to the trash. Unfortunately, I have to seriously think about getting rid of some pieces of furniture which I’ll likely gift to someone in need. I’ve decided I am bit of a hoarder when it comes to old furniture that was entirely made out of solid woods. About four years ago I purchased from an old client, a very simple but definitely old small three drawer chest of drawers which was last painted a bright pink. I know it’s made from a hardwood, but not sure if it’s a combination of walnut and maple because of the distinct difference in grain and color of what I can see underneath once the drawers are pulled out. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or give it away because I can still see in my mind what it would look like once it’s stripped and varnished. Just looking at the way it was made, I’d say that piece is well over 120 years old. I’ll have to make a decision on it more sooner than later because it’s taking up space.

I have another one which I purchased from her which is a larger chest that’s painted robin egg blue. Now that one is more ornate and definitely original because it still has all of its fancy brass pulls and key slots with their brass rings. The brass on that baby survived the call for brass by our government from both world wars. Wow!

Have you ever noticed how some antique pieces appear to have had their pulls switched out? Well, according to my grandmother who lived thru both of those wars, said there were grass-roots drives to collect brass for the war effort. Keep in mind, all that brass was melted down to make shell casings for bullets big and small. You may possibly now have the answer to why the scrap prices are continuing to go up on copper and brass, and all thanks to Putin’s war with Ukraine.

While visiting with a friend of mine today, we somehow managed to get on the subject of people we’ve crossed paths with who were pompous and high-sounding whenever we’d be pulled into a conversation with them. The one we both know, is now retired and thankfully so because he used to get on my nerves shortly after opening his tatur-trap. As much as I’d send those subtle signals of my dislike of him, he’d continue on until I’d almost have to end up being rude. I remember one time when he in his chronic grandiloquent fashion, went on and on about what should or shouldn’t be done with the resurrection of real commerce in our ailing Downtown, and believe you me, he had the answers for it all. Well, about ten years later, we’re still in an economic decline and not one of his so-called “top-drawer” ideas have come to pass. Unfortunately we still have a number of others in our midst who’re filled with hot air while running around trying to promote their own hair-brained ideas.

After reading an article today regarding Putin’s end-goal, I shook my head and said to myself, “That devil will have sent his country back into the stone age by the time he wrests control of Ukraine’s entire coastline of the Black Sea. If indeed that be his plan, then without a doubt, he’s got some exceptionally serious mental problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on a mixture of drugs that’s making him all the more delusional.

I’m sure Macron got a boost in the polls when the French Government uncovered a plot by those Russian mercenaries to pin the death of those people in Mali, onto the French forces, when indeed it was those mercenaries who killed them. I’m growing all the more convinced those seasoned Russian soldiers and mercenaries have absolutely zero respect for human life. To me they’re nothing more than hired assassins in uniform.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Most accept advice only if it agrees with what they wanted to do anyway, which is why it’s better to save your breath to cool the soup.

Joe Chodur

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