Here’s Comes Peter Cottontail

As much as I’d planned on getting much done outdoors today, It ended much sooner than expected and only due to that bone-chilling wind. In spite of my having dressed warmly, along with my winter hat on, I just couldn’t take anymore than a about a half hour of it because my fingers were freezing and my cheeks were getting numb. So much for it being the 16th of April.

I went back to office and proceeded to return emails and set up more showings for my two new listings, along with another for 1125 W. State Street. When finding it already the lunch hour, I drove down to Wendy’s and picked up a small chili which I took back to office and gobbled-down.

Between the hours of one to four, I was back to work at my project which had been mothballed during these extreme cold weeks, and by the time I finished, I figured it would take another three or more hours to get one more piece of the puzzle put in place. Now that things are coming along, I dare say it’s going to be worth all the extra money and extended effort. Some day I’ll tell you all the entire rest of the story on that project from Hades.

After leaving my work-out, I headed back to office, cleaned myself up, changed my clothes, and sat down at my piano and played for about a half hour. The last piece I played, was the first three pages of a seven page classic which I’d decided to crack because I’ve been in possession of it far too long and always felt it was too difficult.  Well, I’m getting those first three pages closer to being comfortable, and when they are, I’ll move on to the remaining four, and when they’re fully learned, I’ll combine them and see where it goes. I have to keep reminding myself that those long pieces were written for audiences living back in the 17th Century who were starving for beautiful music, so I guess the longer they were, the more they were appreciated. My how today’s music has changed.

I got a call today from another of my out of State relatives who’d also phoned to wish me a happy Easter as well sharing the happenings in her life since we’d last spoken.  Being the natural gardener that she is, we had much to talk about regarding our plans for this growing season. I did mention I’m likely not going to have nearly as large a garden as last year because I’ll not be growing those hundreds of hot pepper plants I did last year because I have enough ground chili peppers to gift a great number of people. I’m thinking about ordering some spice bottles with labels, just so I can have it already packaged for gifting or maybe even selling. The bottles I found online, really weren’t that expensive considering how costly spices are now in the groceterias.

When I went to leave office this afternoon, I noticed a very many cars on the street and people heading into various taverns. Seeing all those many, reminded me of a recent article I read where all the more people are getting heavy into the giggle water since this pandemic began. I wouldn’t doubt it a bit because back at the height of our China-virus, they were trapped at home with no hobbies other than being plugged into their medias and drinking beer, wine, or the really hard stuff. I can’t help agreeing with what grandmother used to say which was, “Idle minds and hands are the devil’s workshop.”, and believe me, when too much is imbibed, that’s when the demons arrive.

I didn’t do too much checking on the international news today, but what I did read, was several blurbs about the Ukrainian troops already ambushing those Russian soldiers who’re moving into the Donbas. We oft times think of gorilla warfare as being something you’d find in the jungles of Africa and Southeast Asia, but when you think about it, such forms of wars can take place just about anywhere.

If my memory serves me, the Ukrainian farmers don’t have huge open parcels of land they tend, but rather smaller sections surrounded by mature trees which were planted many years ago to help guard against wind and water erosion. Some years ago, I watched a documentary about their farming techniques. I was more interested in it because there’s one type of the richest soil on our earth that’s located here in Iowa and an area in Ukraine, and that happens to be “Clarion Loam”. Most don’t know that Nikita Khrushchev paid a personal visit to an Iowa farm or two, just to see how we farmed. I’m pretty sure he was born and raised in Ukraine, which is likely why he was interested in looking at Iowa farms.

I’m sure Putin has given the nod to start bombing Kiev and Lvov as a pay-back for the Ukrainians sinking his flagship, but of course the Russians deny it was bombed. The more I watch what’s being said by Putin and his spokespeople, I’m convinced they must’ve gone thru some sort of intensive training in the art of lying. It’s almost like it’s in their DNA.

We all know people who’re chronic liars, and believe me, I think every extended family has one or two, just to keep everything stirred up. Speaking about this, while working at my project today, I was reminded of a nasty letter that was sent to me over five years ago which was filled to the brim with lies. Since I’d not responded to it, I think in the not so far off future, I’ll be sending it back to that person with my own notations in the margins of each sentence. Talk about whacked-out liars!

Also while working today, the little jingle “Peter Cottontail” came to mind, so here goes,
“Here comes Peter Cottontail, a-hoppin down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way…”. I wish all of you a memorable Easter Day tomorrow.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far.

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