Putin The Spook

Oh my goodness! The wind today was enough to make a person want to go out and spit three times. Of course with it being a westerly, made it feel all the more like one of those evil straight-liners that’ve done so much damage in the past. Yes, we are definitely living in the windy City of the north.

I did manage to get my two new listing disseminated out into the cyber universe, and it certainly didn’t take long for the phone calls and texts from agents wanting to show them. 804 N. Jackson has had three showings on it, while 36 S. Illinois has had seven so far today, which comes as no surprise considering the shortage we have on three bedroom ranches with double attached garages.

Shortly after opening time, I had to run out and meet a plumber at one of my listings to replace a vertical drain line that had popped a leak. Thank goodness my office has a very good plumber on call who always seems to make time for those annoying little plumbing issues that crop up. One thing I have to give him credit for, is his keen understanding of everything having to do with fixing plumbing problems the right way, the first time.

One of my clients who’s working on getting a home readied for sale, called and asked if I wanted to stop out and see his progress, so off I headed. When I got there, I noticed he’s been rapidly working on getting the walls and ceilings prepped for painting. Unfortunately the ceilings in the living and dining room had that popcorn texture on them, which had to be scraped off and then skim-coated smooth. I know he really didn’t want to do it, but I had to remind him that most buyers in these times, find them repelling. I was glad to find him still in good spirits regarding his turning that long-neglected home into something that’ll be eye-catching when completed. I truly wish more of those in the younger crowd would start learning how to make such improvements because I’m finding all the fewer who’re up to it.

While I was getting rid of more old notes I’d posted on my spindle, I ran across a first name of a woman whom I’d worked with some years ago. It all started when she mentioned that her given name wasn’t Bonnie which she went by, but rather Chebonai. I was so much intrigued by such a first name, I had to ask her why she was named Chebonai. Well, from what I remember, one of her mother’s relatives had that name, so she decided to give her that very name after she was born. The way she pronounced it sounded more French or possibly Creole. With that said, I think if someone wanted to name their newborn daughter Chebonai, that would be quite the super-special name. I searched a little for it online, and came up with nearly nothing, so I guess it would indeed be a unique woman’s name. Isn’t it always fun to go searching for the rest of the stories of such curious things?

Another agent sent over an offer on 683 – 16th St. SE today, so I called the sellers and managed to get them to counter-offer at their bottom price. I then called the agent and relayed what their price would be. I’m hoping the buyers will accept it because they’re definitely the right-fit for that home. From what I was told, they’re of those few who’re both willing and capable of making improvements on their own instead of having to hire everything done. I’m hoping it’ll finally get sold after the many offers we’ve had on it since it was listed.

Even at this hour, I’m still getting text messages from agents wanting to show one or the other of those two homes I listed today. When recently speaking with other agents who work markets outside our area, the same stories are being told regarding the spiking prices and inventory shortages. One thing I have noticed of late, are a couple of agents posting listings which have “highest and best” offer deadlines about four or five days out, which I believe would turn some buyers off because there’ve been many times I’ve had buyers walk away from any sort of “auction” or “bidding wars”. Personally, I would likely do the same thing because there’s been rarely a time I’ve ever wanted anything that bad to where I’d find myself making an overly-emotional decision, which oft times ended up being regrettable. Perhaps that’s why I really don’t like going to auctions.

When reading the international news this morning, I was delighted to read where the Ukrainians managed to bomb Russia’s Black Sea flagship which soon-after sank. I’m sure the Ukrainians were dancing in the street after hearing the news because that will increase the morale of their troops even more so.

I also read a short article written about an interview of someone who’s been following Putin’s rise in power over the years, and mentioning that he’s becoming more of a spook to the point where even those close to him are finding him un-readable. I’d say if he continues to behave in such an erratic fashion, he’ll likely be called Putin the Spook by his own people.

Let’s hope Finland and Sweden do decide to join Nato because that’ll be one more thorn in Putin’s side because what he thought he was preventing in Ukraine, will be created on his long northern borders. I had to laugh when Medvedev came out and threatened them with possibly installing nuclear weapons at their border, when in fact those Baltic countries already know they have them in Kaliningrad. How silly can they be with their saber-rattling?

As long as the West continues to supply Ukraine with arms, I’m of the belief the Russians will be pushed back across their borders. Let’s keep praying.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Things ain’t what they used to be, and never were.

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