Continue To Lose Morale

I’m sure you all of you living in North Iowa have stories to tell about the storm we had last night. Wow! When looking at the photos posted on KIMT of the destructive force of that wind, I’d say we had another near-repeat of what we got this past December. I was trying to see how much rain Worth County received because while driving up to Northwood this morning, some of those rural areas appeared more flooded than I’ve seen in years. I’m beginning to think there were sections where the clouds simply opened up and dumped. I know we got quite a bit, but I’m certain they received much more. Every time I see or hear about raging storms, I think of what Edgar Cayce said about what was going to happen with our weather as we approached what he called the end of our earth’s five thousand year cycle.

I had a busy day with getting two new listings signed up, measured and photos taken, and since I was running late with getting them posted online, I decided to wait until early tomorrow morning, so be sure to watch for them.

The first one I listed is located at 804 N. Jackson which is near Hoover School. It’s a 2 bedroom one-story offering a large updated kitchen and bath, a roomy main floor laundry room, and a double garage. I have it priced at $82,900 which is a good range for any first-time buyers wanting to get out from under the yoke of their landlords. The interest rates took a dip-down under five percent today, so it would be a good time to get locked-in.

The second one I listed is located at 36 S. Illinois which is right across the street from the High School. It’s a roomy three bedroom which has a good 1,200 square feet of living area on the main, a big kitchen dining area, finished basement with 3/4 bath, a double attached garage along with a fully fenced rear yard with no neighbors behind. We have it listed at $189,500 which is well within the price range of what like-properties have been recently selling for. Considering how our population is aging, the ranches seem to be the most sought after in North Iowa. With Easter around the corner, wouldn’t either one of these homes make a good Easter bunny gift for a buyer or two?

When visiting with a client of mine, I was shocked when hearing she’s not able to get someone to come and install carpet until July. What in the world is going on with these tradespeople? Another one mentioned that they’re having to wait until next week for a plumber to do a quick fix on something that wouldn’t take more than an hour. What I read about a year ago regarding the coming scarcity of plumbers, electricians, along with all the other trades we’ve always had available, is coming to pass because that shortage has already been forecasted. Ouch.

A customer and I got some good laughs today while on the subject of being left-handed, and it all started when seeing him sign his name left-handed. Of course the story-teller in me had to mention my being chastised by a teacher when I began writing on a blackboard back when I was six years old. I can still remember her saying, “Don’t write with your left hand! Use your right!” Ok, that was all fine and good, but over the years I found that I naturally favor my left hand over my right when doing certain things.

Well, my customer then mentioned he’s actually ambidextrous because he also favors his left when performing certain tasks, and especially when it has anything to do with sports. I then said, “Hmm..perhaps I am more so than I thought.” I then laughed and went on to say, “I could never understand why right-handed men put their wallet in their right back pocket because I’ve always kept mine in my left.” He laughed while saying, “For sure you’re ambidextrous and you didn’t even know it.” Yes, we did get some good laughs regarding the favoring of one hand over the other at various times. I did forget to tell him that I use my left hand when drinking coffee or tea out of a cup, but my right when drinking water from a glass. Isn’t that crazy? Maybe I subconsciously don’t want to wear either one of them out due to over-usage.

I didn’t have much time to read about what’s happening in Ukraine, but I did take the time to read the full story about another one of Putin’s minions by the name of Viktor Medvedchuk who tried to escape to Russia but the Ukrainians caught him. There’s no question in my mind that Putin’s plan was to take over Kiev and have that creep installed as his personal mouthpiece to run his new “government”. After reading about how he took every advantage to line his pockets at the expense of the Ukrainians, it’s no wonder Zelensky easily won their election because he insisted on getting rid of all their rampant corruption. It sounds like all the Ukrainians have been celebrating over his capture.

Each time I read about more governments stepping up the the plate and offering more weapons to the Ukrainian military, I’m filled with all the more hope that they will drive the Russians completely out of their territories. Let’s continue to pray that the Russian soldiers who’re still there, will continue to lose morale and lay down their arms. I’m convinced there are far more Russian conscripts who’ve jumped ship than either side wants to admit because I believe the Ukrainians are keeping a tight lip over it for fear the Russian commanders will start shooting them as they’re running away.

While at a groceteria late this afternoon, I managed to find a very good buy which was a leg of lamb. Since I personally like lamb very much, I watch its price more closely whenever they have it available. I’ll have to cut it into sections before sending it to the freezer because it is a big one. I think my tastes run similar to my grandmother’s because she also liked a good piece of lamb. For me, it tastes best when slow-roasted.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The more you observe politics, the more you’ve got to admit that each party is worse than the other.

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