Putin’s Ecclesiastical Minion

The wind was back in full force again today to the point I had to hold onto my car door when getting in and out, just to make sure the wind didn’t rip it off. Yes, that’s how windy it was today. Of course our Downtown wind tunnels make it even worse. I had to laugh to myself when looking at how the wind had started blowing the mulch our City workers placed in the flowerbeds along the street. I knew that’s what was going to happen, and still wondering why they were doing it in the first place. Someone must’ve had a weak idea that went viral.

Considering the wind and gray skies, it came as no surprise when finding very few drop-ins and phone calls at office today, and since Easter is just around the corner, people are likely focusing more on preparing for their get-togethers. Since the death of my mother some years ago, I’ve pretty much grown out of even wanting to be a part of any holiday gathering, so I guess when you’ve had your fill of it all, it’s best to simply move on to more rewarding life experiences.

Part of my afternoon was to do a pre-listing walk thru on a home I’ll be getting listed this week. There were a few more suggestions I made which the seller was more that willing to take care of, so when I do get it listed, I’ll not be surprised if there are multiple offers on it.

While running an errand out on the east-side of our City, I noticed the wind had snapped off a big limb near a house, but luckily it didn’t hit it. I’m holding my breath with this storm that’s supposed to enter our area around 9:00 pm, and not be over until the wee hours of the morning. I personally don’t like those storms in the night because they always seem to be more alarming.

I was back at getting more things done at my office today with the tidying up of work areas and getting rid of all the paper that somehow manages to create piles. When and if our warm weather arrives, I’ll be distributing more stuff that’s long past serving any purpose other than taking up space.

The sidewalk out in front of my office got a good sweeping to the curbside, just so when the rains do arrive, it’ll all get washed down the storm sewers. I get really “issy” whenever having to pick up cigarette butts which were likely thrown by pedestrians in the night, and today’s handful was just a reminder of how little regard people have for their surroundings, as well as Mother Nature.

I happened upon an article today which was a bit of a shock because I didn’t know that most employers can be discriminative when it comes to being over-weight. The photo of the woman who’d been chastised by her employer over her weight gain, didn’t look anything like some of the “hefties” we have working in our City. What surprises me the most, is how young we’re now seeing them. I do know that there are those who have genetic dispositions to weight-gain, but when they start out so young, they’re going to have a fight on their hands their entire lives in trying to keep it under control.

Back when I was in school, there’d be maybe one or two students who were on the plump side, but nothing like what we’re seeing in our schools today. But of course it comes as no surprise because so many of them refuse to get any sort of exercise because they’d rather have their noses stuck in the screens of their smart phones. If we can’t find a cure for diabetes real soon, that’s going to be the next major financial weight on our Government. Even the ones who’re now taking insulin, are continuing to eat the wrong foods, which in time, will start affecting their other vital organs. Yes, I do believe there are the many who’re un-knowingly eating themselves to their early graves.

Of course with more time on my hands today, I got on the news feeds to see what’s been happening with the war in Ukraine. That devil Putin’s little speech at that space center out in the far reaches of Russia today, was another example of how warped his mind is.  Then Lavrov has to add that there’ll be no more peace meeting until they’ve accomplished their task of ridding the Donbas of the Nazi fascists. That whole top circle of murders and thieves has got to go.

I just about cried when reading about an 83 year old woman’s terrifying encounter with a Russian soldier who came into their home, beat her husband and the proceeded to rape her. More than once she tearfully mentioned how much she wished he would’ve shot her because the life she once had will never be the same. How can a human being who’s supposed to be a soldier in an army do something so wicked? I hope he gets what’s coming to him tenfold. My heart goes out to all the women who’ve been violated by those animals.

It came as no surprise when reading that a very many Russian speaking people in Eastern Ukraine are now refusing to speak Russian publicly or in private. One woman mentioned that opening her mouth to speak Russian words would be an insult to herself, her family, and her country. Good for them.

Let’s hope Russian’s Patriarch Kirill does get himself “de-frocked” by the Eastern Council of Patriarchs because of his close alignment to Putin’s belief that Ukrainians need to be de-nazified. When he mentioned something during a recent sermon about the happenings in Ukraine being a war against the anti-Christ, that’s when I was convinced he’s nothing more than Putin’s ecclesiastical minion. He’s another one that needs to go.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Being a hero is about the shortest-lived profession on earth.

Joe Chodur

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