After They Take Their Dirt Naps

What in the world are we going to do about all these windy days? Oh that’s right, there’s nothing to be done other than adjust our lives around them. I couldn’t believe my car’s outside temperature gage read sixty-six degrees around mid-afternoon. Whenever outside where there was noting blocking the wind, it sure felt colder than that.

With it being a Sunday morning, my first duty of the day was to get my contemplative prayer session completed. As I’ve mentioned before, they’re lasting longer because of the extra time I spend praying for the Ukrainians. I have to remind myself of the words of a monastic which went something like, “Forced prayer gets you nowhere.” I’m glad to be far and away from that sort of mentality.

My first appointment was to show one of our listings, and from the sounds of it, the buyers were showing strong enough interest in it to where they were saying they’d be getting in touch with their banker to see about getting pre-approved. Considering the husband’s good job, I would think he’ll be approved unless they’re deep in debt or their credit is bad. Unfortunately, the banker they’re working with is slower than a ten year itch. Let’s hope it’s not sold before they get approved.

My following appointments took me up to Worth County, then over to Hancock County to show a home to some buyers I’ve been working with these past weeks. What’s really got me concerned over these rising listing and sale prices, are the staggeringly high prices they’re getting for homes in those small towns out in the middle of nowhere. There are a number of such towns in North Iowa which if I were forced to live in one of them, I’d be crawling the walls to get out.

On my way back from Hancock County, I purposely took a detour to drive down several stretches of gravel roads which I’ve never traveled. Oh my goodness. I couldn’t believe the number of very expensive and recently built country homes I found, and one of them is currently under construction which is just north of Hwy 122 between Ventura and Clear Lake.

Curious me had to double-back and take another gravel road to drive past it, and without a doubt, when that ultra-modern house is finished, their entire setting including the 70+- acres it’s situated on, will have cost them well over a million bucks because it also has two huge storage buildings they recently built. When they purchased just the land back in 2019, they paid $535K, so it doesn’t take much of a numbers cruncher to say they’ll likely have a million in the build-out of those buildings, the house and landscaping. If I’m not mistaken, they’re the ones who have that “pick your own” field of pumpkins. Next time you’re over to Clear Lake, give it a drive-by because that house is definitely one you’d normally find pictured in a coffee table magazine. I sure wouldn’t want to be paying the taxes on that piece of property once it’s been fully assessed. Such are the lifestyles of the landed gentry we now have living in North Iowa.

When I got back to office, I returned some calls that came in while I was gone, and then I went over to my piano and practiced for about a half hour. I think I’ve got that quirky Easter hymn I’m supposed to play the first Sunday in May, pretty much cracked. I’m now working on a classical piece I’ve had for years but never considered myself good enough to even attempt it. There are seven pages, and instead of trying to get thru the whole thing at once, I’m taking three pages at a time which keeps me from being totally overwhelmed by it. Once I have it “public worthy”, I’ll have to play it as a prelude at St. Paul Lutheran.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and while there, I did notice their prices were hiked, which doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. We’ve been hearing how our farmers are already financially struggling because of the spiking of fertilizer prices. I heard that some of them who’d planned on planting corn, are going to plant beans because they don’t need all those extra nutrients. In spite of their struggles, we all should be very thankful we’re not living in the many countries who’re dependent on cereal grains from Ukraine because if that war becomes an extended one, there’ll be millions upon millions of people affected. I think our President should press the Secretary of Agriculture to free up all that land that’s in set-aside, and make those farmers plant cereal grains like wheat, barley and rye. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?

After reading about the new general Russia assigned to the war in Ukraine, I’m hoping the “Butcher of Syria” will be quickly taken out. How can any true general give orders to torture, rape, and kill civilians? I guess when you have the mentality of “scorched earth”, then anything goes. After such sub-humans take their dirt naps, I’m hoping their souls will be sent to agonizing places they never would’ve considered existing on the other side. I’m of the belief that every time a person pushes the button or pulls the trigger on innocent people, their souls begin to darken, and after a while, they’re nothing more than killing machines. Sounds a little bit like mad dogs, doesn’t it?

I was glad to see where Macron came out in the lead, but that Marine La Penne had enough votes to create a run-off. I’m hoping the French people have enough common sense to keep Macron in power because I believe he’s done a good job considering the number of outside pressures he’s had to contend with since his election. I’m hoping his campaign manager really pounds on the public about La Penne’s cozying up to Putin. She’s a prime example of how Putin has been working at negating democratic principles.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Those who digs pits for others, will someday be thrown in one themselves.

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