Continuing To Take Place in River Town

It finally happened. We actually had a day without that strong northwest wind sending chills up our spines. There was a breeze out of the north, but nothing like what we’ve had to endure these past days.

My appointment to show a far-away acreage was cancelled by the buyers after I emailed them all the listing information, and the big turn-offs were the selling of it “As Is”, the buyers being responsible for all current and possibly delinquent taxes, along with all fees normally attributable to the sellers with the exception of the real estate commission, all the buyers’ expense. Oh, and any of the personal property left behind was going to be the buyers responsibility to remove. When I looked at the arial map, I could see a line of wind turbines close-by. That property is a classic example of someone buying a pig in a poke where you get what you get and there’s no turning back.

With my morning free, I changed my clothes and busied myself with some chores around the office, and then went outdoors and started picking up all the garbage that had blown into the grassy area behind my office. I’m growing very tired of those dumpster divers looting those dumpsters and because they open those plastic bags, everything they don’t want gets blown in all directions. You pretty much know when things are getting bad when having twice seen them eating food that was sent to the trash. The first time I saw a man and woman doing that, I thought I was going to lose my breakfast. Why don’t they go to Community Kitchen and eat for free?

Several months ago I heard about a “homeless” person who’d created his own little one-man mini cardboard cabin under a loading doc right here in Mason City. From what I heard, he’d been sleeping there on and off for several weeks until the police were called because of the mess he was making. I don’t even want to think about what our town’s evolving into?

For it being a Saturday, I was more than busy with texts and emails from buyers. I must’ve spent a good hour doing some looking up of listings here in our City, along with those in our surrounding towns. Of the eight listings I was given to research, five of them were already under contract, two still available, and one I’m still waiting to hear from the agent.

Speaking of real estate agents, I can’t begin to explain how annoying it is when I call an agent and he or she doesn’t pick up, but when I then immediately text them, they respond. Now what in the “yell” is that all about? Don’t they realize how much time of others they’re wasting, along with it being on the demeaning side? I guess I’m a dinosaur in this land of real estate sales because I always answer my phone unless I’m in the middle of a meeting with a client or customer, and even then, if I’m close to finishing up, I’ll answer, and if it’s just a short question, I respond. Otherwise, I simply tell them I’ll return the call momentarily. Oh well, we’re all going to have to get used to it because we certainly are in the midst of an evolution in the way in which the general public communicates with each other.

Out of today’s calls, I do have an appointment to show one of our office’s listing tomorrow morning, so hopefully they’ll be interested in it enough to purchase it because they’ve already given it a good look on the outside. The interior is much more appealing which should interest them even more. That would be a good sale under my belt.

I’m sure all of you have received your new assessment notices in the mail like I did today, and since I’m not anywhere in the mood to read more bad news, I’ll wait until the morn, because there’s no question in my mind our assessments have gone up, and certainly due to the fact our City needs more money to spend on their idiotic projects which never should’ve been approved. From what I’ve heard, we’re already being charged the highest millage rate allowable, so to get around it, they raise our assessed values. Aren’t they the naughtiest of monkeys? So here we are. Food prices are going up, gasoline is up, gas and electric is up, insurance is up, and now our taxes will be going thru the roof. Do you think we’ll be finding all the more dumpster divers wandering around our town in the near future.

Someone recently asked, “Do all those people working for the City and County also get hammered with high assessments?” All I could say was, “Well, I do know for a fact that one of the “Powers that Be” had their assessment lowered, but not two years later, that very same house sold for well over a hundred grand more that its assessment. Oh, I forgot, magical happenings are continuing to take place in River Town.

When looking at the news today, I was delighted to read where Slovakia sent their one and only big dog missile launcher which can knock an enemy missile or jet out of the sky 80 miles away. Considering how small Slovakia is, I bow even lower to them for their much-needed gift. Perhaps they had to one-up Czech Republic’s gift of their trainload of tanks. Now if Bulgaria would send the missile launcher they have, Ukraine would have two. Just remember, if one’s good, two should be better.

A friend of mine forwarded me a “Telegram” video this morning which was a conversation between a guy living in Russia, and a young man in Ukraine. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the translation. At first I thought it was a joke, but soon after found it wasn’t. Yes, those Russians have been so fully brainwashed, it’s going to take years for them to understand what’s truly going on in the real world. Wow.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Flour always tastes bitter to the mouse that’s had enough.

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