Boris Karloff Comes To Mind

Another windy day arrived which had me nearly fit to be tied due to the wind speed and the chill it was carrying with it. Nearly everyone I’ve come in contact with who’ve lived here all their lives, have agreed that to their recollection, these past six months have been the windiest, and me being in full agreement. We’ll all have more sticks, branches and garbage that’ll have to be picked up once it goes down.

My morning was pretty much filled with working on getting one of my listings under contract. The most curious about it all, was that I’d received in my email an offer from one agent early this morning which I presented and nearly immediately rejected by my sellers, and not two hours later, I got another offer emailed to me from a separate agent which I then presented and manged to get accepted. Today’s happenings is just another example of how crazy our market has become. Prior to this morning’s, we had three other offers on it since it was listed but couldn’t seem to come together on price. Truth be told, I believe that home is going to be a perfect fit for those buyers. Good for them.

Today’s closing went very well, and when meeting the buyer, I insisted that he’ll make that home into his own personal savings account as long as he takes his time with the improvements, along with making sure they’re done in a workmanship fashion. For years my mantra has been, “If you’re going to do something, then do it right or don’t do it at all.” I can still hear those words coming out of my mother’s mouth.

Since the seller lived out of town, I had to send her proceeds check in an overnight from our Post Office, so if what they said is true, they should have it in their hands tomorrow. When the seller was at my office several days ago, she commented on how smooth we made the selling of her home, along with thanking us for all we did. That was a nice compliment I wasn’t expecting.

I’m going to be far out in the country tomorrow with an acreage showing which is nearly an hour’s drive from here, so I’m gonna have to get everything I want done that’s not real estate related, in the morn because that one showing is going to take a good three hours out of my afternoon. I’ll have to remember to take my camera with me just in case I see something worthy of a photo or two. Since that place is not far from where the “big farm” was located where I spent the first six years of my life, I may decide to drive those extra miles to have another look. That place is still standing, but definitely not in the condition it was when we lived there. The weights of time and neglect are fully visible.

Last night while paging thru online garden catalogs on the internet, I happened find a company that has been in business for a number of years which specializes more in fruiting plants. I happened to notice they had purple asparagus plants for sale, so I did some extra research on them and liked what I read, so I went ahead and ordered some, just so I can get a good patch of them started. Most don’t know that asparagus takes a good three years of undisturbed growth before it can be picked. Since the plants I ordered are a year old, I’ll only have to wait two years. It’ll be a sort of stepping back in time for me because a very many years ago, we had a nice patch that produced well. From what I read, the purple ones have more sugar content and less stringy. When at a groceteria today, I noticed they had small bunches of them on sale for three dollars, but nothing beats the taste of home-grown asparagus.

The headlines of our area news was talking about more gunshots last night. I have no idea what’s going on with this town to where it seems there’s shots fired nearly every night. I have no doubt that shooting up on the North End several nights ago, was drug related. When speaking with a colleague today, I couldn’t help saying how our City has become infested with drug users along with their peddlers.

With some free time to kill, I went back online to get caught up on the news, and of course I always end up looking for the recent happenings in Ukraine. I certainly hope those air defense systems our Country is sending to them, will be enough to help turn the tide even greater against those barbaric Russians.

There’s been several opposing debates as to why those Russian soldiers were terrorizing and then killing innocent people. One so-called expert believes it was purposely done as a scare tactic which would cause the general public to lose morale. The other guy said it could be the fact that many of those young and loosely trained conscripts got themselves into killing mindsets, and mostly due to the unexpected stress they’d found themselves in, which also made sense because I personally know that long-term stress can bring out the demons in just about anyone. I’m sure we all can remember things we’ve done in the past that we’re ashamed of, and only because we were overly-stressed.

I sure hope Emmanuel Marcon can be re-elected because that crazy Marine LaPenne is something I’d not want to have steering that Country’s boat. There’s no doubt she’s in Putin’s back-pocket, and to think she’s still on the ballot after it was revealed that Putin was helping to finance her election. No matter what anyone says, I still believe Marcon wants the best for France.

It seems every time there’s an election, there’s more of those alt-right and alt-left politicians gaining ground, and sometimes even getting elected. Look at what Victor Orban is turning Hungary into. His rise to power actually reminds me of how Putin slowly but surely took control of Russia. Every time I look at him, Boris Karloff comes to mind.

Tonight’s One-liner is: He who builds according to every man’s advice will have a crooked house.

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