Can Anything be Stupider

Another windy day in North Iowa happened, and if this is any sort of preview of what lies ahead these coming months, we’re going to be in for an interesting growing season, because we all have to remember, is when it’s warm and the wind is blowing, plants dry out all the faster.

When I arrived at office this morning, I busied myself with getting some much needed research done which I’ve been putting off, and the reason why, is because I’m trying to get a better idea as to what direction our market is heading these coming months. Of course one thing I’m certain of, is the fact that our real estate buying public is shying away from any and all homes in need of cosmetic updating which I find troubling. I keep asking myself, “What are all these people doing in their free time?”

After reading the news today about yesterday’s happening up on the North End, I’d say those two new liquor stores are bringing out the worst in that district. I feel sorry for some of those long-term residents living up there because back in the day, there were hundreds of hard-working families whose parents either worked at Decker’s or the two cement plants. Back when I was young, that two-block stretch was just like another main street where you’d find a bank, a grocery store, a drug store, cafes and the list goes on. Now look at it. I’m sorry to say that district has gone past the point of no return.

An offer came in on one of my listings today, so I busied myself with preparing a final estimated closing statement and then headed over to meet with the sellers. I took my time explaining all the costs, along with sharing my thoughts about it. After we were finished with what I went there for, we had a good chat about the happenings in our Country and Ukraine. I was glad to find we were all on the same page regarding our feelings about that invasion. One of them compared Putin to Hitler, but I had to interject by saying that Stalin was worse that Hitler because he remains at the top of the list of those who’ve created the deaths of millions of people. They didn’t know that, which didn’t come as any surprise because most have not idea that Stalin purposely starved millions of Ukrainians because he felt them to be untrustworthy. Those poor people have suffered greatly for generations, and I believe it’s time they get the freedom they deserve because they’ve been Russia’s pawn for far too long.

I placed several over-due phone calls to two elderly people who’ve been popping up in my mind of late, and after hanging up the second call, I was happy with myself for taking the time. One of them made me a little sad when she said, “Oh, I’m doing fine except for the bouts of loneliness I have, but that’s to be expected when you get old.”
After hearing that, I told her to call me whenever she’d like a visitor, along with promising that I’d not wear out my welcome. I hope she does call because I fully understand what it’s like when trapped indoors for days on end. Unfortunately she’s now having mobility issues which makes it even harder for her to get out and about.

We have a closing scheduled for tomorrow, and since I’ve got everything readied, pretty much all I have to do is issue a check for the buyer’s earnest money, over to the bank and then head out. First Security Bank out of Charles City seems to be making inroads with our local market because this will be the third closing we’ve had with them this year.

With a little free time to kill, I sat down at my office piano and ran thru those hymns I was given to play over at St. Paul Lutheran the first Sunday of May. There’s one I’m going to have to really work on because of the way it’s written. Each time I practice it, I continue to have a “feeling” there’ll be few if any who’ll be singing along. Yes, it’s that quirky. I had to laugh to myself when playing one of their Easter hymns which is a re-skin of another church’s Christmas hymn. I think it’s amazing when finding some of those old hymns’ lyrics being changed to fit another season of the church year. You can be sure I’ll be thinking of Christmas while playing it.

The wife of one of my relatives called today, and while on the phone, she spoke about how several of her siblings have become combative and unreasonable after her father’s death. I could tell she was quite upset over it because they were a very close-knit family. The only comfort I could give her, was that fact that nearly all families go thru those turbulent times after the last parent dies, and sometimes they get back together after years of healing have passed, while others will remain dis-connected the rest of their lives. My final words on the subject were, “Forgive them, wish them well, and walk away because indifference is sometimes the best medicine to keep one from being pulled into their darkness.” After a moment of silence she said, “I know you’re right but I’m just not there yet.”

I was delighted to read that Russia was kicked off the UN’s human rights council, and likely so because that devil Putin and his circle of thugs have no license to be sitting on such a council. To me it would be like allowing a wolf to be herding sheep. No thank you.

Once again today, I read where the Ukrainian government has more reason to believe Russia has now sent mobile crematoriums into those areas under their control. There’s no doubt in my mind they’re doing it to get rid of evidence, and certainly due the global out-cry that’s taking place over the atrocities they found in Bucha. When you really think about it, animals don’t even treat their own kind in such a fashion. Like I said yesterday, they’ve been brain-washed for so many generations, it’s now in their DNA.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Can anything be stupider than a man believing he has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarreled with him?

Joe Chodur

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