We Must Keep Our Country Whole

For Heaven’s sake! When is this wind going to stop? In spite of it coming from the south today, it was still biting. As I’ve said before, I believe whenever the wind does an about-face in direction, it simply blows all the cold air right back on us. It’s sounding like we’re going to have wind and rain in the night, but so far, the major part of that storm will be moving south of us, but will continue on into tomorrow and possibly turn to snow. Let’s hope not.

I had to stop at the drive-thru at a bank this afternoon, and my favorite teller mentioned this nasty wind, and of course wicked me had to add, “We can blame it on the Russians.” After getting a good laugh, I then said, “Well you know, when the northwest wind is blowing for days, I swear I can smell a Russian.” She got a good laugh out of that as well. But, when thinking about it, the jet stream does circle northern Russia.

My only appointment for the day was an after hours showing of a home one of my buyers wanted to look at. As I was expecting, it didn’t go well because the buyer can see past those “make-a-quick-buck” improvements so many of our sellers are doing. Oh well, it was just another home with which to draw comparisons, and in the end a good thing because once the right home does come along, there’s no wasting of time deliberating.

The bulk of my day was putzing around at office with little to-do’s, along with making a few phone calls to clients, customers and colleagues. I did mention to one of my colleagues how proud I was of myself for not losing my temper after getting snapped at by a banker. I know now why so many people take their frustrations out at the gym.

A client of mine alerted me today that they’ll be listing their home with me in a fortnight which will likely sell right out of the gates because it’s awfully hard to find a decent home with a double garage priced below 100K. I already have several buyers in mind for it, so perhaps I’ll hit a home run by selling it myself.

There’s no question our market has spiked at least 20 – 30% in the single family residential sector, but what’s the real mind-blower, is seeing what the prices of acreages are doing. In spite of our being well on our way out of this pandemic, the acreage sales are still rocking which is why I’m noticing our County Assessors raising the assessed values on those country homes across the board. Going forward in time, we’ll be hearing some angry words being said by those owners when they get their tax bills in the mail. There’ll be no more living “on the cheap” in the country.

I don’t know if many of you are watching the mortgage interest rates, and if you aren’t, just today the 30 year fixed rate is now at 4.75% which is just shy of five. I’ll have to look back and see what year and month we had a five percent interest rate because that’s going to give some guidance as far as looking forward in time. Those five percent rates didn’t happen overnight, but what’ll be interesting, is to see how fast they dropped to that rate. If they dropped quickly, then it’s likely our current rates will be rising similarly. Like they’ve always said, “What goes up will come down, and visa versa.”, so if you’re a contrarian with vision, you’ll likely a good player in our financial markets.

I have another appointment on Friday to do a pre-listing tour of a home which’ll likely hit the market before the first of May. For sure I’ll have to be pulling the most recent sales statistics because the price range of that home is one that’s also been hot. I’m just hoping there won’t be anything major to be done to it by the seller before we list it. In spite of our having such a short inventory this year, I continue to be very thankful for the business I’m continuing to generate during these turbulent times.

After reading today’s news out of Ukraine, I was glad to hear they’re making progress with their peace negotiations, but even more so when finding nearly everyone in NATO is saying, “We’re not going to believe anything coming out of Russia until we start seeing some real movement in the right direction.” Considering how many innocent lives were lost, buildings and infrastructures were destroyed, I wouldn’t hold my breath until those troops are out of their country and all treaties have been ratified.

I’m not sure if it was an article on BBC Online or not, but what they published was the five reasons why Ukraine will likely never forgive Russia for what they’ve done to their country. And to think Putin continues to believe Ukraine was always a part of Russia, which is another confirmation that he’s growing all the more delusional with his re-inventing of the past. It’s interesting how a leader of such a large country can govern when knowing he’s living in a past that was fabricated in his mind.

For sure there are many of you who’ve had relationships with those who also live in the past, and with me, I’ve always found it interesting how they can look you in the eye and recall a past that never existed. A number of years ago I got into it with a nameless person regarding all the poisonous lies she was spreading, but what really got me, was her saying, “If I don’t want to hear something someone’s trying to tell me, I just close my mind and I don’t hear it.” After I heard that out of her mouth, I pretty much closed off all communications with her, which I continue to believe was appropriate. In the end, I was glad I heard those words out of her mouth because I’d often wondered prior to that if she was playing with a full deck. Now I know. It kinda makes me wonder if Putin does the same thing whenever being confronted with the real truth.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We must keep our country whole, as the best strategy of war, is to divide the enemy.

Joe Chodur

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