He Went On To Warn The World

It looks like the wind is going down with the sun, so hopefully we won’t have another day of biting-cold tomorrow. I am beginning to worry about this wobbling of the jet stream, and especially if it’s during our normal growing season. Can you imagine what it would do to our corn crops if we’d be having repeated cold snaps during its growing season. Most don’t realize that normal growth of corn requires over-night temps to be warm, which is why you can almost see it grow when we start having those hot and humid days and nights. We’ll see what happens this summer.

Because I had an early morning appointment at office, I made sure I had time to get my extended contemplative Sunday morning prayer session completed before my customer arrived. Besides my normal petitions, I focused very hard on the plight of the Ukrainian people who’ve endured a month of Putin’s terror. I continue to pray that they’ll be able to push the Russian army back across their borders. I’m hoping and praying that they’ll be able to take back the land which was taken from them including Crimea. Unfortunately Putin got away with open theft of those lands back in 2014, and if I had anything to say about it, he wouldn’t have been able to keep them.

My appointment arrived on time, so I proceeded to go over the final documents, along with having a check written to the selling office’s trust account. I spent some time going over the whole process, which included what they’ll likely have to get copies of for their banker. Since that sale took place on a weekend, I sat down and calculated what their payment will likely be which included their taxes and insurance. It was another pleasant surprise when I showed her what it would be. With a broad smile she said, “We can certainly handle that.” Without a doubt, going forward in time, that couple is going be very appreciative of their new home.

After she left, I noticed it was still a bit early to be working outside, so I decided to seat myself at my office piano and run thru a number of hymns. I have a two-volume book which I was given some years ago, which I use to practice from because of the various types of hymns they contain. Different key signatures, different times, and certainly different styles. Most of the time I was simply playing a piece once or twice, and then turning the page to the next one. I’m now supposing that statement made by a client who’d taken years of keyboard lessons, mentioning how well I sight read. I’d say I’m still working on it because I’m definitely not even close to being a soloist for public performances. My niche will likely remain that of an accompanist.

After playing for a good forty-five minutes, I decided to change my clothes and call my acquaintance to see if he’d allow me to burn those remaining boxes of files containing personal information. He told me to wait about an hour before driving to his place because he had some chores to get done, so around eleven I was pulling into his driveway and heading in the direction of his burning pile.

I couldn’t believe I was there for over three hours, and mostly because I had to make sure all eight of those boxes filled with files were fully burned. So many think burning papers is easy, but when you have thick stacks of them, it becomes a long ordeal.

Perhaps I’m sounding a bit “out there” when saying that after they were all burned, I had a much lighter feeling, and likely because I knew deep down that another door to my past was fully closed. I wasn’t keen on storing those at the time, but “easy” me went along by granting the request. I was exceptionally thankful to my acquaintance for allowing me to burn them because I just didn’t feel right about having them shredded by those companies that visit our City from time to time. Much of what was contained in those files needed to be sent back into the ether instead of being shredded and dumped off at a landfill. Yes, that was a big and long-overdue job finished.

After returning to office, I changed back into my street clothes, and then checked for messages and emails. There wasn’t anything needing my immediate attention, so I closed everything up and headed home.

I spent about an hour getting caught up on this weekend’s news, and while searching, I happened to find an independent Belarusian news site which is in English, and when researching it more, I found it’s actually located in Poland where they’re able to to publish un-censored news. This is the website: charter97

I now have a French news site I read, a German one, a British one, and a Belarusian one. It didn’t take me long to realize how much that news site is so much against Lukashenko, and for good reason because he’s another despot that needs to go sailing off into the sunset.

The article which bothered me the most, was one about a Syrian man who’s gone before the Human Rights Council in Europe, and exposed the atrocities which had taken place in his Country. When he was telling about the thousands of people who were tortured, and then murdered, and later hauled off to a deep ditch where each day, there were hundreds of bodies dumped.

He went on to warn the world that what Putin’s doing in Ukraine right now, is exactly what he did with the aid of Assad’s thugs in Syria. I will go to my grave wondering how those murderers can live with themselves. Killing one person is bad enough, but to give the nod on the killing of those hundreds of thousands since they decided to rise up against Assad. It’s no wonder Mother Nature’s growing all the more discontent with the human race.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I live on good soup, not on fine words.

Joe Chodur

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