Not At All In Like With Putin Right Now

It was quite the about-face with our weather today with the cold, rain and overcast skies.  Didn’t we just enter the official beginning of Spring yesterday? Starting today, we’ll be finding the days growing longer at a more rapid pace which is why I’m already seeing tulips sprouting out of the ground. I’ve personally never been a fan of tulips because their blooming period is so short, and of course the deer and rabbits love munching on them. One of my dear ones said some time ago, “Deer love eating plants that are crunchy.” So are such plants the human version of potato chips where you get started eating them and can’t quit? Sedum is one of my most favorite of late summer and Fall flowering plants, but again, if there’s deer around, they’ll have them eaten all the way to the ground. Back when I was tending my mother’s small flower garden, I finally gave up trying to keep those devils away from her sedum, and once again, likely because they have “crunchy” leaves and stems.

It was a bit of a slow day at office with this rain, so I busied myself with getting some additional files readied for another “burn”, and once they’re up in smoke, I’ll have more much-needed file drawers for future storage. Isn’t it amazing how we humans manage to accumulate so much paper? It’s turned into a monthly event where I’m getting rid of no longer relevant real estate print-outs and publications. I have to laugh to myself when walking into some of my colleagues offices and finding stacks of files on their desks which certainly aren’t being reviewed on a daily basis. Back when I first started selling real estate, the broker I worked under made a point to have stacks of files on his desk, only to impress customers when they were seated across the desk from him. I once asked him why he kept them there instead of getting them filed, and that’s exactly what he told me. It seems everyone has to have their little props.

Several months ago, I delivered two burner grates to a welding shop which were in need of repair, so I called the guy and asked if they were fixed. He hadn’t even started on them which caused me to internally bristle. After he mentioned something about not knowing exactly how to fix them, I then said, “Well, back when I was growing up and one of the grates of my mother’s stove had a piece broken off, it got delivered to someone in town, and when it came back, it was fully repaired.” “Oh”, he said. “They must’ve brazed it.” So badly I wanted to say, “I wouldn’t have a clue because I’m not a welder like you.” Ugh! I’ll wait a couple more weeks and if they’re not fixed, I’ll go and pick them up and send them off to a company that does. Whether we want to believe it or not, there’s a huge brain-drain of know-how in North Iowa, and each year I find it all the more troubling. I just now had an inspiration to go online and check on YouTube where they have all the millions of “how to” videos.

With having some moments free, I decided to record myself playing a very old, yet quite moving Lutheran hymn which I then emailed to that budding cellist, just so he could play it while he’s practicing the cello accompaniment to it. After I emailed it, I sent him a text telling him it would be helpful with his comfort level when playing together with an organist or pianist. I got a nice “TY” back from him. I mention this only to encourage people to put their computers to good use instead of bad.

My afternoon appointment was with a couple who’re thinking about selling their home, and the only reason they called, was because the husband works with one of my long-time clients. After having a good look at their home, there’s no doubt it will sell because it’s in a very good neighborhood and spotlessly clean. They’re leaning more towards selling, so I do hope they call me because it is a beauty.

We’ve been getting a great amount of activity on 683 – 16th St. SE of late, which is making me even more hopeful we’ll have an acceptable offer on it. That home has definitely been under the radar for far too long. I still believe that basement has never had a drop of water in it which is a rarity in this City.

Isn’t it crazy when hearing about all the recent fires and thefts that’ve been taking place? First there was LD’s, then Burke’s 2, and finally that damage and theft at the car wash on 12th St. NE. Just these past two days I’ve seen fire trucks running around our City, and some of them have three or four trucks show up. What gives?

Even though I wasn’t out of office that much, the people driving around seemed to be going far faster considering the rain and wet streets. While driving home I had to really watch those that were zig-zagging in the four lanes when attempting to get a car or two ahead. Yes, that’s how intense the drivers were.

When reading the news out of Ukraine today, it sounded like the Ukrainians had driven back the Russian army from a key city that’s close to Kiev, along with the Azov Militia in Maripol still hanging in there considering that city having been almost fully destroyed by the non-stop bombardment from the Russians.

It was interesting to hear that the Russians are having a problem communicating with their troops because in their infinite stupidity, they bombed Ukrainian transmission towers, so the generals have to travel to the front lines to give orders which makes them sitting ducks for the Ukrainian snipers. Now if they knock-off a few more, they’ll be in a whole lot of hurt due to lack of leadership. Sorry, they deserve what they’re getting for ordering the killing of those innocent women and children.

I had a creepy-weird feeling today that Belarus’ leader Lukashenko will finally come to his senses and stay out of that war Russia stared, because I’ve followed him enough to understand that he’s always wanted to have a “back door” to the West if all “Yell” breaks loose in Russia. I truly believe he’s not at all “in like” with Putin right now. I think tonight’s one-liner is a “calling-out” for the world to help Ukraine as much as possible.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.

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