Bow To Their Courageous Acts

The fog was pretty thick this morning which hung around until around ten, and in spite of it being above freezing, the dampness from the fog cover caused it to feel all the colder than it actually was. Every time I find myself walking in fog, I’m reminded of the times I was visiting on the West Coast and out walking the beaches at the break of dawn. In certain areas, it’s a near-daily occurrence which is why I wouldn’t like living anywhere near bodies of water where fog banks arrive on a daily basis because they blanket those precious early morning hours of sun which are my favorite.

I have to keep reminding myself that we’re in the midst of Spring Break in our City whenever hearing about people I know being off on vacation with their children and spouses. I must’ve been living a very sheltered life because never once have I opted to go on some cruise or stay at a south-of-the-border resort. There’ve been a number of family members and friends who’ve flocked to those destinations, but never has it been any sort of priority of mine. Now don’t get me wrong when thinking I’ve hovered around North Iowa my entire life, because I’ve done my share of traveling in my younger years to places most have never heard of, which created a very many good and lasting memories.

My mid-morning appointment was to go out and take a look at a home I had listed several decades ago which didn’t sell at the time because of the housing glut we were experiencing. My goodness, did I ever get a shocker when seeing how many costly improvements they’ve made since I was there last. They’re in the thinking stage of moving out of our area, and when I told them what their home would likely sell for, I got an instant “kick-back” with one of them saying, “I never would’ve thought it would sell that high.” Of course I had to remind them that times have changed greatly since they last had it listed, and especially how our sale prices are continuing to spike. Since they’re planning on building if they decide to re-locate, I didn’t bother mentioning how hard it would be to find something to buy in our City if and when it did sell. I would say the highlight of my day was seeing the before and after of that charming home. Yes, I would wager it would sell very quickly if they decided to list.

Since I was still a bit chilled from this morning’s fog, I decided to run down to Wendy’s and grab a small bowl of chili which definitely hit the spot for me because I was comfortable the remainder of my day. Of course I had to throw a few potato chips in it for an added crunch.

Another call came in today from a buyer I was working with last Fall who’s decided to get busy looking for a home for his family before our prices went thru the roof. I do have one scheduled to show them later this week, but unfortunately I’ve already shown it to several people, and it does need work. The only hope for me selling it to them, is knowing the husband is a jack of all trades. The question will be if he’s up to doing that much work.

I had a late afternoon showing of another home in need of some “lipsticking”. It didn’t go as well as I was expecting, but again, they’re yet another couple who’re well-versed on making needed repairs and improvements. I think the home may be a possibility if the buyers are able to get it cheap enough where it would create more of an incentive to purchase it and make those needed repairs and improvements without pricing themselves out of the market in case they’d want to sell it in the near future. We’ll see what they have to say after getting a good night’s sleep over it.

After reading the online news today, I was humbled when reading where three Prime Ministers from the countries of Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland decided to take a long train ride to Kiev to meet with Zelinsky. I’m sure that meeting is going to give another infusion of determination for those Ukrainians who’re out in the trenches fighting for their homeland. In spite of being warned by the EU that such a trip could be dangerous, they set aside their fears just to show Ukriane their solidarity towards their war efforts. I bow to their courageous acts.

That Russian newsperson really got her likely five second or so message sent to the millions of Russian who’re forced to watch those highly censored and “fake” news feeds being promoted by Putin’s inner circle. I’m sure many of those Russians who saw that little clip are now busy trying to get more of the “real” news that’s going on with that war their so-called leader started without provocation.

Another bright spot of news, was reading where Zelinsky openly encouraged those disgruntled Russian soldiers to come forward and surrender while assuring them they’d be treated with respect, along with being fed and housed. He went on to say that they’ve been listening to their mobile “chatter” and knows how they already feel about being duped into going into a war they never wanted any part of.

Several retired generals have come out and said that within ten days, the Russian army will be running out of food, artillery shells and gas, and if Kiev doesn’t fall before then, the Russian army is going to be in a world of hurt, and especially that stalled convoy of tanks and trucks. One of them mentioned how crazy it was for those Russian generals to send that long convoy into enemy territory because they’ve been sitting ducks for the “tank killers” the Ukrainians have been supplied with. Oh well, if by some sort of Divine Intervention the Ukrainians manage to push them back, then Putin indeed will no longer be Russia’s mafia boss. Keep up your prayers in these times of troubles.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life because we either suffer in health, suffer in soul, or we just get fat.

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