Everyone’s Afraid of Putin’s Musketeers

As much as I was expecting a complete about-face with this weather today, it didn’t happen because that wind was still coming from the north, so much of my morning was spent enduring another chill. At least our warming trend will be starting tomorrow which will also be the first day of Daylight Savings Time, so be sure to set your clocks one hour forward before going to bed tonight.

I spent some time composing a return email to a dear friend of mine who lives out East, and since I’d not written for at least a month, I had a number of happenings to relay. By the time I sent it off, it was nearing the hour for me to head out of town to a memorial service being held for one of my elderly relatives.

It took me about a half hour to get there, and glad I arrived at the beginning because all I wanted to do was pay my respects, visit with a handful of people, and then head back to the City. I had my reservations about going because I was concerned I might run into several relatives whom I rather not get pulled into any sort of conversation because I’m sure they wouldn’t have liked to hear what I had to say. Fortunately everyone that was there at the time, were those I felt comfortable around, so it ended up being all good.

On my way back, I stopped at Ralphine’s in Clear Lake to drop off a copy of the handout I received at that memorial service. We had another nice chat before I left, but just as I was walking out, I spied some ceramics which I thought were absolutely beautiful, so I took the above photo of them to share with you. Believe it or not, those bowls, plates and mugs were hand-painted in Turkey and shipped here by a person who goes around and purchases them from various families who paint them in their homes. It came as no surprise when hearing them to be big sellers in their store. The rich colors those artists use is what really makes them stand out.

My cousin and her husband have a double storefront on Main St. in Clear Lake, and each time I walk thru it, I continue to have not a clue how they keep track of their inventory because they have a great deal of merchandise. I’m sure once Memorial Day arrives, they’ll be very busy until Labor Day with all those summer residents and vacationers. I congratulate them fully on how well they’ve done with their family business.

When I arrived back at office, I went ahead and composed another letter which needed to go out in today’s mail. As much as some people think a businessperson should forget all about fees owed, I’m not too forgiving when it comes to dealing with those who think they’re deserving of a free ride. Truth be told, even if someone offered me a “free ride”, I wouldn’t take it.

Since the weather outdoors was not to my liking, I decided to do a little shopping and then get back to catching up on the new out of Ukraine. I continue to hope and pray those Ukrainians are able to push those Russian troops back to their borders. I did watch one video where one of the captured Russian soldiers told about how he didn’t even know he was supposed to be fighting in a war with Ukraine, but what was the most troubling, was hearing him say that every platoon of Russian soldiers are being followed by a small group who’re likely mercenaries, and if any of the Russian soldiers attempted to go AWOL, they’d be shot. We can only imagine what sort of morale those young Russian soldiers have right now.

More than once I’ve read stories from people who’ve watched Putin’s movements over these past 20 years, and bottom line is always being, “Putin doesn’t care about the lives of the Ukrainians or the common folks in Russia because it’s all part of his power play.” I can’t even imagine what sort of justifications he makes for what he’s been doing. Truly, Putin has the mind of a monster.  It’s also been mentioned more than once how much all the many would like to get rid of him, but everyone’s afraid of Putin’s musketeers. Well, that’s all it takes is a crack to appear in their ranks and it’ll be all over.

Some of these retarded news feeds coming out of Russia and China about the American government having biological weapons in Ukraine, is just another example of how those two totalitarian governments have to find something to discredit America. That naughty monkey Tucker Carlson should be ashamed of himself for spreading all that fake news on FOX news channel. I’m sorry, but I finding the new anchors on that show to be nothing less than attention getters, and unfortunately we have some really impressionable people living in our midst who eat it all up and later swearing it’s the gospel truth. Shame on Tucker Carlson and all those like him.

One thing I’ve been very thankful for in regards to the arming of Ukraine, are those many thousands of Saber rocket launchers the United States and the European Union has supplied them. From what I’ve read, the Russians are growing all the more wary of them to the point they’re now firing rockets into Ukraine from Belarus and Russia, just so they don’t get destroyed by those rocket launchers. I do hope more able-bodied service men from all over Europe and the United States decide enough is enough, and joint their ranks. I personally feel the same way as many of them because after seeing all those innocent civilians being killed for no reason, that’s when I’d be ready to fight. All we can do is support them in every way we can, and that includes soulful prayer.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.

Joe Chodur

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