The Free World Has Rallied Behind Ukraine

Nearly everyone I talked to today had something to say about our weather along with what’s going on in Ukraine. With the exception of a handful of our “bat-shite” crazy U.S. Representatives, I’d say Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created more of a bi-partisan political landscape greater than I’ve seen in a very long time. Like they’ve said, “War creates either division or unity in a country.” Thank goodness not only the United States, but nearly all of the free world has rallied behind Ukraine.

It was a bit of a slow day in real estate, and I’m sure most of it was due to the biting wind which seemed to radiate a chill well into homes and buildings, but as I said to one of my dear friends, “I’m going to send this day down as being the last arctic blast for the season.” When looking at our 10 day forecast, it may very well be the last one.

With the extra free time I had, I went to work at getting some letters out which I’ve been putting off, so at least I did manage to get those lingering items crossed off of my “to do” list. For some, it’s always a snap to just sit down and write a letter, but for me, I have to be in the mood before I set myself to such a task.

One of my buyers stopped by today asking if I’d be willing to go open up the home I sold him about a week ago so he could get some measurements done, and since I was free, I agreed to meet him over at that vacant home. When we got there, we certainly didn’t do much lingering outdoors, but there was more than enough time spent measuring and making notations. It’s going to be a project, but when it’s done, there’s no question it’ll be the shining star of the neighborhood. I can make that assurance because I’ve seen their work, and believe me, they are meticulous and quality minded.

I’m about ready to write a letter to Alliant Energy regarding how different their natural gas has changed to the point where even though a furnace’s thermostat says 68 degrees, it feels so much colder. I’d say this winter has been the first time I’ve had to crank my heat up a notch or two to keep warm. My first question to Alliant would be, “Are you selling us used gas?” Let’s hope they’re not getting it from Russia because Heaven only knows where it’s been and what’s been added to it.

I’d been meaning to share something I read several days ago which moved me enough to take notes. I’m sure at one time in your lives you’ve heard of the Stoics. Well, the following nine points are some key beliefs which I’m fully in agreement with, and they are as follows:

1. Recognize what you can and can’t control.

Oh how I’ve struggled with this for a number of years, and I think I’ve finally got a handle on it.

2. You always choose how to respond.

This is so true because we oft times think we’re forced to respond in a prescribed fashion. I’ve learned long ago that little said is little mended.

3. See every challenge as a learning opportunity–a test.

Many years ago I came to such and understand regarding challenges, and oh how wonderful it is when a challenge is overcome and something new has been learned.

4. Remember that change and loss are constants.

Now this was a tough one I had to finally accept and understand, and to this day, it was the death of my grandfather that triggered my struggles with change and loss.

5. Don’t spin your wheels worrying.

Since I came by my penchant for worry honestly, I finally learned that worry is OK as long as it’s kept in perspective, rather than allowing it to consume.

6. Keep it to the simple facts.

Oh for sure I’ve managed to learn this early on in my real estate career because there are a very many people who re-write histories based on their own skewed perceptions of what’s real. In these times we call it “Fake news.”

7. Help others and ask for help, but protect yourself emotionally.

Just today I was visiting with a client whose brother was sucked into the darkness by allowing his emotions to get the best of him. I think he actually died trying to help the hopeless.

8. Don’t distract yourself from difficult feelings.

This is another big one because I personally know those who’ll shut themselves down and refuse to face their own misgivings, and instead, fly away to their “happy” places in hopes it’ll all go away. Not.

9. Take the long view and remember that this too, shall pass.

One of my lessons learned from 2020, was to only give my opinion once on something related to real estate, and only because buyers and sellers were refusing to take those long views. This pandemic created a whole lot of impetuous mindsets that absolutely would not listen to reason. Hopefully some day they will learn.

I hope from these nine points you’ve gained a few kernels of wisdom which you can place into action in your own lives.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Life is like riding a bicycle because to keep our balance, we have to keep moving.

Joe Chodur

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