A Milk Bucket Under a Bull

While driving to work this morning, I suddenly realized we are approaching the Vernal Equinox because of how the rising sun was near-blinding while driving east on one of our near perfect “grid” streets. As I’ve mentioned before, the number of accidents increase around the times of the equinox, and only because of the impaired vision of people driving into the rising or setting sun. It was so blinding this morning, I could barely see what color the traffic lights were. The one at the corner of Monroe and Hwy 122 was the worst.

Things were relatively quiet at office today, and about all I managed to get done was follow-up phone calls, returning emails, and visiting with several of my sellers regarding price reductions.

I did take a trip over to Clear Lake where my cousin’s shop called “Ralphine’s” is, which happens to be my “go to” shop for purchasing sympathy cards. In spite of their being more expensive, I’ve found them more worthy than those we find at places like Dollar General. I did spend some extra time visiting with my cousin, and most of what we talked about were the good old days which were at times, not so good. I have to give her and husband credit where credit’s due because they’ve had a good run of it for over forty years and still going strong. Even if she weren’t my cousin, I’d still go there because their business is locally owned.

When I got back to office, I busied myself with additional accounting, and once I receive one last statement, I’ll have all of February’s accounting done. I would’ve been closer to the finish line if one of the banks had sent out my statements on time. I’m still very concerned about this business of “check washing” that’s now started, and I’m afraid we’re going to be seeing more of it. It kinda makes you wonder if some of those USPS workers are up to no good.

I checked the news today to see if Opossum-faced Putin had made any public appearances, and once again, nothing. The more I’ve been reading about his suspected medical conditions, I’ll not be surprised if he’s got more metaphysical issues going on besides Parkinson’s Disease. Some are also saying because his face is getting more rounded, he’s likely on steroids which can quickly cause exaggerated bouts of aggression. His unwarranted invasion of Ukraine would definitely be considered a deranged act.

Every time I see Lavrov with his horse-faced mug spewing lie upon lie, becomes just one more confirmation that everyone in Putin’s inner-circle being chronic liars. The tripe that comes out of their mouths is absolutely remarkable. One thing I’ve learned over the years, is the more people lie, the more they can’t distinguish between fiction and reality.

That fire-red lipped Maria Zakharova who is another one of Putin’s cronies, is another who definitely knows the real truth, but instead she remains in lock-step with all the fake news that comes out of the Kremlin. Just to look at her, reminds me of a shameless hussy who’s long-lost her blossom. They say her husband is a successful businessman, who’s likely funded by her ill-gotten rewards from Putin.

After reading a little about the Russian “Cheka” and the horrible atrocities they committed while they were active, now has me nearly convinced that morphic resonance is in fact real. Just for your information, the Cheka was the very beginning of the Russian secret police, and over the years, it’s changed its name a number of times, but that group is still in power in Russia, and what I read today, the only people Putin likely now fears, are those who’ve been doing his murdering for him and his government. That group of assassins is very large and exceptionally secretive about their nefarious activities, and wouldn’t you know, Putin’s right-hand man Sergei Shoigu was part of that evolved Cheka before his rank was raised. You can be sure he’s still involved in that circle of “siloviki” surrounding Putin.

Since the Communists took power well over a 100 years ago, it seems the Russian people are caught in a vicious cycle of being controlled by totalitarians who refuse to allow free speech, fair elections and an opportunity for their common workers to better themselves without having to go on bended knee to the party bosses. We now see how that group of oligarchs managed to pillage the Russian economy, and given Putin’s blessing to do it as long as they remained loyal while he continued to skim money off the top of their profits. It’s no wonder why the average Russian citizen has become indifferent towards their government because it’s a generational issue which has been taking place since before their revolution. Regardless of what happens in Ukraine, the changing of the average Russian’s thinking will likely take decades. It reminds me of how an indoor cat acts when it happens to find itself outdoors. In spite of their being able to watch everything going on outdoors via their looking glasses on a daily basis, once outside, their sensors kick into overload. Too funny.

I was asked to go and look at a home in a neighboring town tomorrow morning, but still waiting for a time to meet. I’ve already done my research on it, but after seeing what the County Assessor has it valued at, it’s going to be another prime example of a thoughtless assessment by an Assessor. I’ve come to realize that there are very few Assessors in North Iowa who take the time to fully inspect and fairly assess homes the way in which they should be. Believe you me, trying to get some of them to see reason, is about as fruitless as placing a milk bucket under a bull. Yes, it gets that bad sometimes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

Joe Chodur

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