Billions of Dollars Tucked Away in Swiss Banks

I knew this was going to be one “yell” of a day with the number of duties I had to attend to, along with criss-crossing our City to make various appointments on time. Of course one of the key players was late, which in turn made me race all the more to get to the another’s.

While on the phone with a colleague today, I couldn’t help mentioning how off the wall some of the sellers have recently become to where it’s almost a rule instead of the exception. With four out of the five recent closings I had, there were last minute issues which had to be resolved, and in spite of my having given specific instructions on what they could take and what they couldn’t, it ended up being a verbal battle which never should’ve happened.

Each one of those buyers I profusely apologized on behalf of my sellers because they knew what they were supposed to do and didn’t. Because it’s been happening so often, I’ve come to the conclusion that some of those sellers want to feel empowered by changing oars in the middle of the stream.

Last Friday I’d had about enough to where I wasn’t being much of a gentleman at all, and only because they knew the protocol from previous purchases and sales. As far as I’m concerned, if you say you’re going to do something, then do it, and if not, keep your mouth shut because it causes unnecessary negative feelings which are long-lasting. After today’s illumination, I can once again insist that there’s no good deed that goes unpunished. Such nonsense also gives to the general public a bad image of my office which is regrettable.

After these recent happenings with those closings, I believe I’m going to create a template which I’ll hand to the sellers for them to fill out and return which will hopefully put the brakes on this nonsense. Because I’ve been doing this for a very many years, I can truthfully say, if I were the seller of a given home, I’d have a hard copy created of things the buyers can have if they want, and if not, they’d go to Affordables. That’s it.

I was alerted again today how our inventory has diminished to the point where I’ve personally never seen it like this before, which is going to throw me into uncharted territory. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I’m going to work really hard at keeping the families of old clients and customers under my radar, and make sure they know I’m always there for them.

My last closing of the month took place just after lunchtime, and when I got back to office, I noticed the bank had changed the tax pro-ration by $1.13 to the benefit of the buyers, which always causes me to bristle because some of the banks always take my pro-ration, while other change them on me. Well, the out of State seller sent a bit of a stinging email to me saying he did receive his proceeds in a wire, but the amount I supplied him was $31.13 less than what I had sent him last week, and he wanted an updated accounting. So, there I spent another half hour scanning the closing statement which I placed in a PDF, and then proceeded to explain the difference. The seller didn’t tell me he wanted those proceeds wired until the last day, so there was another $30.00 deduction, along with the $1.13 extra the bank charged the seller due to there being a different number than what I supplied. Do you ever get that feeling sometimes that there are those out there who really enjoy messing with you by creating extra unnecessary work?

Believe it or not, I didn’t have much free time to check the news-feeds other than reading about Switzerland having dropped their long-held neutrality and going with the European Union. I’m sure Putin and his Russian Oligarchs are ready to vomit right about now because there’s no question in my mind they’ve likely got billions of dollars tucked away in those Swiss banks. The solidarity among the European countries is to be highly praised because I’ve never seen the European Union come together as one like they have.

Someone said that Putin’s character is growing more like the leader of North Korea with his off the wall saber-rattling. I truly believe Putin made a very poor judgement call when thinking the Ukrainian people were going to lay down their weapons and welcome his invading army with open arms. I’m now waiting to see what Biden’s next step will be in limiting Russia’s trade and travel. I just mentioned yesterday that many of those Russians with money, thought they were going to go someplace warm and fun during Spring Break. Looks like they have to stay home.

I’m continuing to pray deeply for the deliverance of Ukraine from Putin’s grip, and so far, I’d say nearly everyone’s has been surprised at how diligent they’ve been by keeping them out of their cities. I didn’t quite understand what Elon Musk was doing by offering all the Ukrainians free internet service which is tied into one of his satellites. I’m sure it’s a boon because people are talking about it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Faith — you can do very little with it, but you can do nothing without it.

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