A Friend in Need is A Friend

From the time our sun broke on the horizon, I found myself busied with more little to-do’s which I had scheduled for this weekend, so once I finished up with my extended contemplative prayer session, I immersed myself with those little projects. I’m sure you’ve made the correct assumption why my session was longer, because I did spend extra prayerful moments asking for Divine Intercessions which would stop Putin’s army in its tracks.

My first job was to get a refrigerator, washer and dryer moved out of the back of my office and into a home I’m rapidly working on getting readied for occupancy. Of course when moving appliances, it takes patience, foresight and above all, a strong back. All three of them made it into there respective slots, so that was just one more duty accomplished.

The next project, was to get some pieces of furniture moved out of a client’s home before its new owners arrive tomorrow. There were more trips taken than I expected, but one piece of furniture was being beyond difficult in getting it out of the room it was in, and then loaded on a pickup. Hopefully that’ll be the last time I’ll be called to help get an over-sized sofa out of a room without having to tear it apart. There’s no question I’ll be having some aches and pains come tomorrow morning. The owner happened to be there with his cleaning crew which offered some much-needed moral support. I reminded myself more than once today, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”

Two of those pieces of upholstered furniture were already gifted to a struggling young tenant who was more than happy and ever-thankful to get them. I’m confident he’ll take good care of them because if a person were to buy those new, they’d be pricey. Oh well, we got everything that was asked moved, so off I went to find something else to poke my head into until it was time to call it quits for the day.

I spent about an hour or so sorting out “stuff” at my office and setting it set aside for future re-gifting. I already have several young families in mind whom I know would greatly appreciate getting it, and since its all well made and taken care of, should be one more incentive for them to take what’s offered. Most in our general public really haven’t a clue how much harder it is to make ends me on a daily basis, let along going out and buying a relatively expensive piece of furniture. As we all know, the new furniture that’s made the old way, comes with high price tags.

When looking at tomorrow’s calendar, I realized it’s going to be another busy one, and especially since it’s the last business day of the month. As long as those appointments don’t get side-tracked, everything should be fine.

When I had some time this afternoon, I went to the online news-feeds to see what’s been happening with Putin’s invasion of Ukriane. First of all, I’m exceptionally delighted the European Union and especially Germany has chosen to take the path of helping the Ukrainians any way they can, which includes the sending of armaments. I knew there’d be a day when the German people would rise up and say “No” to Putin and his band of thieves. From the sounds of it, the general public in Germany is all for it. We must remember, Germany is the financial powerhouse of the European Union.

I was also delighted to hear the European Union has placed even more financial restrictions on Russian banks, created “no-fly” zones over their countries by Russian planes, and for sure the list will continue on. Good for them, and I bless them for finally standing up to Putin the Evil.

When I read a little clip about that “warlord” puppet of Putin’s who’s the so-called leader of Chechnya, wanting to take his troops over to Ukraine and wipe them out, I thought to myself, “You filthy monkey Ramzan Kadyrov, you are another who should be sent to the eternal fires for innocent lives you’ve taken.” Yes, he’s quite the disgusting creature, and I’m hoping someday like Putin, he’ll be getting what he truly deserves. He’s another who hides behind his religion to give license to his vicious acts. Shame on him. The alliance between Kadyrov and Putin is just another example of “like” attracting “like”, but unfortunately in a very bad way.

After the amount of reading and reflecting on this whole situation with Putin and Ukraine, I’ve come to the conclusion that Putin and his cronies absolutely cannot stand to see Ukraine bettering itself, and just in these recent years, they’ve grown their GDP which isn’t tied strictly to oil revenues. I’m going to stay very positive that Ukraine will beat back Putin’s devils, regain their lost territories, and move forward with building an even greater nation which will more likely than not, be welcomed with open arms into Nato.

Oh when I read where Putin placed a high alert on their atomic weapons system, I was fully convinced that if any of those inner-circle generals and cronies really understand what’ll happen to our world if he starts a nuclear war, because life as we know it will cease to be forever more It sends chills up my spine even thinking that shaved opossum-faced Putin would even think of such a thing. After reading that, I’m convinced his mental problems have grown worse, so don’t be surprised if there’s a military coup taking place because those generals know what the end result of a nuclear war would be. So maybe, just maybe, Putin will suddenly disappear and never to be heard from again.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If we attend continually and promptly to the little that we can do, we shall ere long be surprised to find how little remains that we cannot do.

Joe Chodur

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