Back in the Middle Ages

It was a rather uneventful day with our chilly temps and overcast skies, and whenever outdoors today, I had to be exceptionally careful when encountering those large patches of ice in and around our Downtown. I think that unusual rain we had about a week or so ago, helped to create those very slick patches, and after hearing about that unfortunate fall my long-time client had, I’m being even more careful.

There were several errands I had to run today which took me over to an attorney’s office to pick up some documents for a closing, and while there, I had a nice visit with one of the attorneys. He made me laugh when saying, “You always seem to be stuck in time because you never seem to change.” Of course my knee-jerk reaction was, “Don’t even get me started on all the gray hair that’s been sprouting which causes many to think I don’t have a lick of sense because of it.” I did go on to say that whenever someone treating me like I don’t understand something, I usually with a smile, say something like, “Just because I have a head of gray hair, doesn’t automatically make me stupid.” They usually step back and realize I wasn’t just making a joke of it.

With having an hour free, I made a few calls to some I’ve not spoken to in many weeks, so I got that little follow-up done, along with getting some more organizing of my office for our hopefully busy Spring market. I still can’t believe how few homes we have coming on our market these past weeks which is definitely not a good indicator of what’s to come.

I spent a good amount of time reviewing a number of files which will be closing at or around the end of this month. There’s no question this month will go down in history as my “fat February” of 2022 which was due to the number of sales I had in January. In spite of many of my peers saying how slow things were since the first of the year, my January was noticeably productive.

While out and about today, I spied a backhoe parked in a yard next to a rickety old house, and by the looks of it, it’ll be soon down and out in the landfill. I’d been in that house several years ago, and all I could say at the time was, “This baby needs to return to the earth.”, and it looks like that’s just what’s gonna happen. There’s a definite line I draw when looking at old houses, and if there’s absolutely no sign of resurrection, my normal reply is, “It’s a scraper and not worth the bother.”

Since this China-virus hit our shores, I’ve seen some very bad structures that were “lipsticked” with all their little pretties, and wouldn’t you know, they sold for big bucks. If I have some time soon, I’ll go back into our MLS and have a good look at all the homes sold since the pandemic started, and I’ll wager there’ll be more than two dozen of them which I would consider their new owners being very much upside-down on their mortgages the moment they closed on their purchases. But you know, we all have to live and learn. Right?

We received an offer on 201 S. Vermont today, so I called the sellers and went over it with them. They said they’d give me a call tomorrow morning after they’ve had a good talk and a night’s sleep over it. I suspect they’ll counter-offer on it, which is their right, so we’ll see what happens with it. At least our general public is finally realizing it’s a darned good house in one of our City’s popular locations.

One of our contractors stopped by today to drop off a bill, and while visiting with him about our market, he mentioned several contractors no longer building new homes in our City, and now cranking out spec homes in Clear Lake. All I could say was, “Well, they must’ve realized they needed to go where there’s a stronger market.” From what was told me today, was how much easier it is to get plans and sites approved by the City of Clear Lake versus Mason City. Yes, I’ve heard similar stories these recent years. All I can say, is if you resist progress, it’ll find other more welcoming cities and towns.

I know I’ve been on this bandwagon before, but I still can’t believe how Clear Lake is growing by leaps and bounds, and we’re doing not more than treading water at best. That crazy Music Man Square, the Rachie ghost hotel, and nearly dead Southbridge Mall, should sensitize the powers that be in our City to alter their thinking as to what’ll make our City grow. Without question, we absolutely must have a good employment base created by new industries which will attract long-term workers, and not think about all these planned “touristy” facilities which will likely be operating in the red into perpetuity. So much for long-term prosperity planning.

It looks like this coming week will be a busy one for me because I already have several appointments scheduled for Monday, and from the sounds of it, I may have a new listing coming on board more sooner than later. I’ve decided that as long as I can maintain even a small bank of active listings this year, it’ll be just fine. Maybe I’ll have a little more time to get some over-due reading done. An elderly client of mine recently gave me the trilogy written by Sigrid Unset, and just today I read a half dozen pages of the first of the three. I actually think I’ll enjoy it because it’s a novel based on life in Norway back in the Middle Ages. I’ll let you know what I think of the first one after I get it read.

Another day has gone by with this stand-off with Putin and the rest of our free world. I think he’s waiting to see who flinches first. That guy has got some serious delusional issues going on in his brain. Let’s hope somebody drills some sense into it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: He who complies against his will, is of his own opinion still.

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