Happy Valentine’s Day of 2022

Another chilly day arrived, but at least it started back on another warming trend this afternoon. When talking about the coming potholes, there’s already two of them on the highway in front of Walgreens which I made sure to go around because one of them looked pretty deep. It’s almost magic when seeing how quickly they appeared, so let’s hope the DOT will be out there getting them filled before someone’s suspension gets damaged.

It was a relatively quiet Monday, so I busied myself with the pre-Spring clearing out my office of un-necessary paperwork, along with getting some long-overdue emails sent out to people I communicate with on a regular basis. I usually try to get them answered at least once a month, but when looking back at when I received the last ones, my responses were well over a month late. I blame most of it on the number of listings and sales on which I had to focus most of my attention this past month.

I met with a prospective tenant today to show him an available unit. He’d followed all of my instructions regarding the filling out of my online application, and when he arrived, I noticed he had his father with him which was good because I’ve known his father’s family for many years. He was more interested in a six month lease rather than a year, but I stood my ground by saying I’m not going to have another vacancy in six months. Well, after listening to his father’s advice, he was more accepting of a longer term.

That young man’s concept of time was just another example of how our younger generation view the passing of days. Knowing he’s just moved back to our City and recently landing a relatively good paying job, he’ll soon realize that starting all over in a new City takes time and money to get back on one’s feet. It saddens me so when seeing the day-to-day struggles all the many have when trying to stay ahead, and especially now with the spiking in prices of our goods and services. I didn’t have any sort of bad impression of him, so once he gets the rest of the funds needed, he’ll be enjoying his new digs. When I meet with him to sign his lease, I’ll be sure to mention the fact that he’s starting at ground zero with his new life, so what he makes of it, will be his alone. Like I recently said, “Soulful encouragement of others, does help far more than we realize.”

Having to make a stop at First Citizen’s Bank main office, and then another stop at their Downtown branch, I ended up with two fine pieces of chocolate they were passing out to customers. There’s no question First Citizen’s Bank is noticeably more giving than I normally find with our other financial institutions, which I believe is very good for their public relations.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I did ask a number of people what their plans were for this evening, and it sounded like just about every one of them would be celebrating with family or friends. I had to laugh to myself when seeing the biggest vase on a woman’s desk containing at least twenty-four red roses. Since she’s not one of my favorites, I didn’t dare go over and ask where they came from because I pretty much knew without asking. I really do “get it” when others show outward signs of affection, but to carry it into one’s workplace, becomes a “look at me” situation. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

I had to go back and open up those closed books on last years taxes because I found a bill that had managed to slide down between my workstation and a file cabinet, so I posted it in my journal and filed it where it belonged. I guess it was a good thing my day was light because I was feeling a little numbed by all the numbers I’d been dealing with these past weeks. My calculator was acting up yesterday, so I went and found one in storage which I’ll be using from here on out. As much as I’ve been told it being far easier to buy the software for my real estate accounting, I still prefer to do it by hand because one never knows what could happen if my computer gets hacked into by one of those off-shore naughty monkeys. Since it’s worked just fine for me these many years, I think it best to stay on the same track.

One of my colleagues called today to ask about showing 201 S. Vermont tomorrow afternoon, so I made sure all the information regarding it was emailed over. I can’t believe that home hasn’t yet sold, but I have to remember it came on the market right before Thanksgiving arrived, which was the beginning of our dead time. There’s another agent who has a buyer interested in it, so perhaps we’ll have multiple offers on it. That home happens to be located in one of my favorite districts, and since it’s a two story, I like it even more.

Every so often, I get asked what my favorite type of home is, and my knee-jerk response being, “A two-story”. Of course they always have to ask why, so I explain to them that for the strangest of reasons, I sleep better in bedrooms that are upstairs rather than on the main floor. I kiddingly say, “The farther I’m up from the earth, the better I sleep.” I’ve even mentioned a time or two my few attempts at sleeping in tents which would create near sleepless nights. I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s the smell of damp soil that keeps me awake. Isn’t it interesting how we have our quirky little hard-coded preferences? Another oddity of mine, is my oft-times unknowingly opening up a newspaper and working my way backwards from the last page. Not sure how that happened, but I do catch myself doing it far too often.

Tomorrow’s going to be well above freezing, so let’s get out and enjoy it as much as we can.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Evil is like water, it abounds, is cheap, soon fouls, but runs itself clear of taint.

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