The Truest Characters of Ignorance

What a wonderful gift of above-freezing temperatures Mother Nature gave us which was definitely enjoyed by all. For the first time, I was noticing several “tourists” walking up and down the sidewalks of North Federal while taking photos of the street art sculptures.  I did happen to catch several of them peeking in the front windows of my office, and likely getting a better look at my giant jade plants which always creates a smile within.

While checking my email today, I did notice another Realtor having sent me an offer on 240 – 7th St. SE which I promptly presented to the seller over the phone. Over the course of the day, there were several counter-offers having been sent back and forth, and at the hour of close, we’re still a bit apart, so we’ll see what the buyers are going to do now that they’ve been given their final counter-offer. Considering the few homes we now have available, I’m really not concerned if it doesn’t get purchased by those buyers, because I’m certain there’ll be another entering the scene. Yes, that’s just what’s been happening since our first of the year arrived, and if we don’t have sufficient inventory for this year’s buyers, there’ll be some struggling real estate agents come Summer.

What’s likely going to make matters worse, are those sellers who’re now ready to step up a notch or two in living quarters, but being hindered because there’ll likely be nothing on our market worthy of purchase, so we shall see how this all pans out. I won’t be a bit surprised if some of our big offices will be laying off assistants who’ll have little or nothing to do. I remember it well, because back when the 2008 market crash hit, there were staffing changes.

As I’d planned, most of my day was focused on my 2021 taxes, and in spite of the many interruptions I had, I did get a measurable amount accomplished. Whenever I’m deeply immersed in it, I’m reminded how much it takes to keep an active real estate office running smoothly, and anytime I find someone having the mindset that real estate offices really don’t have expenses, I internally roll my eyes and leave them to their own per-conceived notions.

There were several drop-in’s of dear friends this afternoon which brightened my day, and likely the reason they stopped, was because our weather was pleasant. We had much to catch up on since we’d not had enough free time to talk whenever I’d see them in public.

During a conversation with one of them, I was interrupted with the question, “How is it you can see the little self-promoting games people play when you’re not in the mix of it?” All I could do was smile and say, “Well, I’ve learned a long time ago, to step back far enough to look at the whole picture, which usually enables me to see the game-changing peripherals most dismiss as being unimportant.”

I must say, I’m not always right because that’s all I have to do is remember what an eighty-something person did to me several months ago which I would’ve considered completely out of character at the time. What I must now continue to remember, is the greed factor, which in these times, is the main driving factor. I guess what continues to eat at me, is knowing that person’s age and financial standing. As they’ve always said, “The more they get, the more they want.”

I forgot to mention a conversation I had with a long-time client/customer last weekend about haunted houses. I never realized until then that he absolutely does not believe in ghosts, spirits, haunted houses, poltergeists or anything else having to do with something coming from the other side. My jaw dropped a little after he said that because I know I’ve mentioned the “feelings” I would have a time or two when showing him houses, and especially a home I showed him, which several years later, was confirmed haunted by its new owner. In spite of my reminding him of that, he still insisted there’s no such thing as ghosts.

Since he likes to visit go on long road trips, I suggested he book a tour or overnight stay at the Viscilla Axe Murder House in Viscilla Iowa. In spite of my having read the story about those murders and watched a few creepy videos, I get a shiver or two even thinking about it. Once again, he’d not heard anything about Viscilla, so I nearly insisted he do a little of his own research and make the trip down there. I was being a little wicked when saying, “If you do go, make sure one of those spirits doesn’t take a liking to you and decide to hitch a ride home with you.” Yes, I was being naughty.

It sounds like Emmanuel Marcon’s little meeting with Putin may have finally drilled some sense into that despot’s head. Several days ago I watched a video documentary on BBC News which were random interviews of residents living in a large city in Ukraine’s eastern region which contains a large number of ethnic Russians. All of those interviewed said they’ll be ready to fight to their deaths if Putin’s army crosses their border. Several of them even mentioned their refusal to speak their ethnic tongue, and now publicly conversing in Ukrainian. Let’s hope the Russian public come to the realization that those ethnic Russians living in Ukraine do not want to be “freed” by Putin’s personal expansionistic goals.

Every waking day, I hear or see something some old devil is insisting upon, and only because they believe they’ve got the license to make silly demands on others. Now let’s get this straight. Just because a person’s old, doesn’t mean they automatically deserve respect, because in my book, no matter how old or young we are, genuine respect must be earned.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, pride and arrogance.

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