The Enduring Warmth of Wood

It was considerably colder out than I was expecting this morning, but at least it wasn’t well below zero. As our days grow longer and the warming sun steadily creeps closer, it won’t be too many weeks before we’ll start seeing sprouts of greenery pushing thru the soil which will be a welcome arrival for nearly everyone except those winter-lovers who’re freely trespassing on the lands of others with their noisy snowmobiles. Truth be told, I’ve never driven or ridden one in my life, and likely never will.

My first appointment this morning was to get some transfer docs signed by the seller of a home we’re planning on having closed later this week. Since he and his wife own rentals of their own, I shared my recent struggles with getting a unit fully cleaned and readied for a new tenant. We both had a good laugh over sharing several stories of filthy stoves. His most recent was beyond hope to where he had get rid of it and purchase a new one. I did mention I was very close to that point with one over this past weekend which had an oven that must’ve been used as a grill, and one top burner being the holder of some large pan or pot which appeared to have been used on a daily basis. While cleaning it, I was thinking the tenant being a throw-back to the pioneer times where they had a pot on the fire at all times which contained just about anything that was killed or harvested that day. I wouldn’t doubt the answer after being asked “What’s for supper?”, would be, “Whatever’s in the pot Honey.” Believe it or not, many of those poor people living in third-world countries, have similar struggles with keeping their hot-pots filled with something edible. Yes, our Country is littered with many willful wasters of food.

While visiting with a colleague today, we touched on the subject of how common it is for those who freely give of their time, treasures and talents, and more sooner than later, are called on to do more, and only because those doing the asking being of the belief that it’s part of what’s expected of them. I gave just a few examples of such situations in my life, and still glad I’m no longer in their nets of need. Most of us find ourselves unknowingly being pulled into those “help me” circles, and unfortunately once you’re so far in, it becomes an even greater struggle to bow oneself out gracefully. I get the concept of needy, but will never understand those who feel they’re entitled.

Since I managed to get everything I needed done on today’s real estate side, I decided this afternoon would be my time-slot to scrub my office’s wooden floors, so off I went and got my clothes changed and cleaning equipment rounded up. I knew this day was coming soon, which is why I recently purchased a gallon of Murphy’s Oil Soap which I always use on those floors.

It came as no surprise when finding it took me three full hours to get all of them scrubbed, and because the front section of my office gets the most traffic, I had to go over that floor twice because of that sticky road salt clients and customers continue to track in. After having cleaned them all the many times over the years, I managed to come up with the best method of getting them fully-cleaned in the least amount of time.

Afterwards, I decided to take a photo of the front section of my office and share with you tonight, just so you’d have a a good look at my freshly-cleaned office floors. Believe it or not, I’ve not had to make any repairs on them since they were restored to their original beauty over eleven years ago. Can you imagine what an eleven year old commercial carpet in one of our City’s offices must look like right now? In spite of the many hours it took to get my floors refinished back then, I remain ever-glad that I opted not to have carpet installed. Since my office building is well over a hundred years old, I’m sure there’d be some jaw-dropping stories to be told if they could speak.

While scrubbing away, I was busy thinking and planning the things I need to get accomplished once our weather turns pleasant again. I’m sure many believe me a procrastinator with my little/big projects which seem replicate themselves once they’re finally finished. When looking back on those now completed daunting tasks, I’d say the light at the end of my work tunnel is growing brighter which keeps me moving onward and upward.

Please put the word out on four of my listings which haven’t yet sold because as far as I’m concerned, they’re all well within their market price ranges, and those four are: 240 – 7th St. SE, 683 – 16th St. SE, 201 S. Vermont and 1125 W. State Street. As much as I’ve been continually promoting them, they’re still un-sold, so please put the word out on all four of them. An agent from another office showed 240 – 7th St. SE for the second time this afternoon, so possibly I’ll have an offer on it tomorrow.

Now that I’ve got my sale files under control, that rental cleaned up, all the nuts cracked, hot peppers processed, and now my office floors cleaned, tomorrow will be my day to get back at getting my taxes readied for the accountant. I was going to start on them today, but I just couldn’t stand looking at my “cat-tracked” office floors. I’ll be putting my new “work bench” to good use while making journal entries and categorizing bills and payments from last year.

I’ve already been getting inquiries on available rentals, and in spite of my having conspicuously noted my requiring an online application to be filled out, they still don’t seem to see it, which is one more example of how little people read instructions. Someone just recently said, “They don’t read, because when they see the photos, they just click on a tab which sends a message thru that website asking to schedule a showing.” I’d say on average, only one out of ten inquiries see those application instructions. Kinda scary isn’t it?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Friendship is like money, easier made than saved.

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