Blessed are the Meek

It felt like Heaven this morning with there being absolutely no wind along with moderate temperatures. In spite of it being below freezing, the lack of wind made it actually quite comfortable while outdoors. Yes, we can certainly be dubbed “The windy city of the north.”, and certainly due to there being no hills or mountains in our area to block it, or at least slow it down.

With the arrival of another Sunday morning, my first duty was to get my contemplative prayer session completed, and that I did. Today’s session was noticeably uplifting because my mind was easier to get cleared of all the temporal “gunk” which is always distracting. While walking out of my quiet corner I said to myself, “Now that was even more than an uplift for me this morning.” I remind myself as well as everyone else that remaining diligent in whatever form of task or learning you’re undertaking, does in time, produce results.

After getting a few office chores completed, I sat down at my piano and ran thru the music I was given to play at St. Paul Lutheran this morning. When reviewing their schedule a little closer, I discovered they noted that all versus of the four hymns I was given, were to be played, and after looking at the number of versus and the length of several of them, I knew their Service were going to last at least an hour, and that’s exactly what it did.

When I arrived, I mentioned to several of their key people, my possibly in the near future, bringing a friend of mine who’s a cellist who’d accompany me on the organ, just so they’d have a bit more of an uplifting experience with the music being played. They were all for it, and one of them even mentioned how much she liked the sound of a cello, along with another “voice” being more than welcome. Yes, I can say I also like the sound coming from all the string instruments because they’re more mellow instead of the many other musical instruments which tend to be over-powering, and especially in an echoing church.

There were several times in past years where I had to accompany brass instruments in a large church, and let me tell you, it was overwhelming. Not so long ago, I happened to watch a live-streamed church Service where there was a brass instrument being played, and just by the look on the faces of their members, it wasn’t being well-received. I’m glad I wasn’t there in person, because I likely would’ve walked out.

On my way up to their gallery, I stopped and took the above photo of a small stained-glass window on it’s landing. Every time I walk past it, I pause just a moment to admire its beauty and words written. “Blessed are the Meek” is just a part of the beautiful Beatitudes which was given to us by St. Matthew. When living in a world being controlled by a handful of controlling men, I’d say it’s time for some great change.

I did want to mention and then share a link to a short Youtube video which I watched at office before heading over to St. Paul, and the only reason I came upon it, was my casually looking for something being sung by those many amateurs we find on those talent shows. Not knowing, or ever hearing that young man, I looked to see how many times it was viewed, so I clicked on it just to see what made him popular. Oh my goodness! What I was expecting wasn’t what I was hearing. What a performance! I’ve inserted the following link, just in case you’d like a good shocker just as I had.

With so much music to be played this morning, I was near-certain I’d stumble a time or two, but I didn’t, so I guess a good workout on their vintage organ was all for the best. I didn’t go downstairs for coffee because I had an appointment to meet a worker at office, so I headed out to Hy-Vee gas station to grab a cup of java and then drive back to office.

Another creepy-cool experience took place as I was walking out with coffee in hand, because for some reason, I looked back to see who was walking into their store. I just about lost it when seeing a woman I’d just thought about several days ago whom I’d not seen in at least 20 years, so I high-tailed back inside to have a long-overdue chat with her.

She brought me fully up to speed with those 20+ years by telling me she got married and now has three children. Two of her teenagers were there, and after getting a good look at them, I knew for sure it had been many years since we spoke. Because those two boys were looking at me like I was some crazy stranger who decided to strike up a conversation with their mother, I had to stop her for a moment and say to her sons, “Your mother and I go back to where we were both young and semi-good looking. I was happy to hear all was well with her, and ever-glad I caught sight of her. I’m still in disbelief my having thoughts of her only two or three days ago. Too creepy-cool.

I’m sure you already know what my afternoon job was, and if not, I dare say I spent another 3+ hours getting that filthy stove fully cleaned. Without a doubt, that gas stove is one of the top three grimiest I’ve even cleaned, and when finally figuring out how it got so bad, I came to the conclusion its oven was being used as an indoor grill. Believe it or not, I had to use the oven cleaner on it five times, so when adding up my hours spent on that small 20” stove, it was no less than eight hours in total. I swear some people haven’t got but one ounce of common sense. Oh well, everything’s done and ready for the next tenant.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We pay when old for the excesses of youth.

Joe Chodur

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